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On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 


24 June 2014 ~ Second Update


Self-defense militia down Junta helicopter near artillery emplacements shelling city of Slavyansk ~ Nine dead ~ link ~ Most western mainstream news media are reporting this as a pro-Russian violation of the "ceasefire" but the truth is the site was near/at where the Junta's forces were engaged all day in shelling the city of Slavyansk and the transport helicopter may have been flying in more artillery rounds!  Stirling  

The Ukraine’s National Guard fighters told the Ukrainskaya Pravda newspaper that the Mi-8 helicopter was downed during takeoff from Karachun Mountain (a strategic high point near Slavyansk where the Ukrainian army’s artillery is deployed).

The Ukrainian forces continued shelling the village of Semyonovka on the outskirts of Slavyansk on Tuesday night and during the day, the self-defense forces of the People’s Republic of Donetsk told ITAR-TASS news agency earlier. The heavy artillery fire has prevented the self-defense forces from recovering the bodies of two of its troops killed the previous day, they said.“There’s no living thing left in the village. Everything is devastated, including factories and railway crossings,” the self-defense forces stressed. “The houses are abandoned. Nobody is harvesting crops from their gardens.”

Ukraine Junta helicopter shot down ~ link ~ link ~ The "ceasefire" was actually a ultimatum by the Zionist gangsters running the coup junta, a ultimatum rapped in PR hype about a "ceasefire".  Now both sides are claiming to be for the "ceasefire".  Stirling  
The Ukrainian military says one of its helicopters has been shot down by pro-Russian rebels in the east, killing all nine people on board. 

It says the Mi-8 helicopter, used for transporting military cargo, was hit by a rocket shortly after take-off outside the rebel-held city of Sloviansk.

Ukraine President "Porky" threatens to revoke ceasefire and Putin wins again ~ link
As more sectorally focused Russia sanctions loom as AFP reports Petroshenko is consider revoking the cease-fire over the helicopter downing (and Iraq appears set to light the blue touch paper and retire), we thought UBS analysis of the impacts (gains and losses) on the world's nations from sustained higher oil prices would be worthwhile. As Larry Hatheway notes, an increase of USD 10 in the price of a barrel of oil - driven by supply shocks - will shave around 0.2 to 0.3 percentage points from global growth. Every USD10 per barrel increase in the price of oil typically transfers around 0.5% of global GDP from oil consumers to oil producers. So who gains the most? (Spoiler Alert: ryhmes with usher) And is $115 the tipping point for global growth? 

Putin renounces the March 1 parliamentary mandate allowing him to send troops into the Ukraine ~ link ~ Hopefully there has been some backroom deal to end the Ukraine conflict; that or this is just PR positioning before all hell breaks loose!   Stirling  

President Vladimir Putin asked Russia's upper house on Tuesday to revoke the right it had granted him to order a military intervention in Ukraine in defence of Russian-speakers there.

Minutes before he spoke, Kiev said pro-Russian rebels in east Ukraine had shot down a military helicopter, most likely killing all nine on board. It was the most serious breach of a temporary truce agreed in talks between government and rebels less than 24 hours earlier.

Ukraine War: Putin removes threat of military intervention after ceasefire ~ link ~ Also see ~ link
Vladimir Putin formally took Russian military intervention in eastern Ukraine off the table as separatist leaders agreed to a ceasefire, proposed by Kiev, in the region.

But both the government and the rebels accused each other of continuing to open fire after the ceasefire was agreed Monday evening, and the reported downing of a Ukrainian helicopter Tuesday evening, killing nine, raised further questions about the possibility of ending the bloodshed quickly.

American Analyst: Terrorism is the modern way of US warfare ~ Claims that the ISIS have access to nuclear weapons  ~ link ~ Actually I would say that the use of "terrorism assets" by the US Government reflects the evil nature of those 'behind the throne' in Washington, not military necessity.  I am very doubtful that the ISIS have any nuclear weapons and in fact, I see any such claims as serving the interests of those who are behind the use of ISIS to open the door to US and allied (Israel/UK/France) action against Syria!!!  Stirling  

“The US has proved that traditional warfare does not work. Iraq was a dismal failure for the US; Afghanistan was a failure for the US. The only effective means they have to flex their muscles and to force policy out there now is terrorism,” Mike Harris, Editor of Veteran’s Today, said in an interview with Press TV.

He added that the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia are accountable for terrorist measures in Iraq. The analyst emphasized that US Secretary of State John Kerry is trying to parse his words “very carefully” because Washington seeks to pretend that it is fighting terrorists and not aiding them across the world.

The commentator pointed to a further complication of US policies, saying it has been revealed that the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) Takfiri militants have access to nuclear weapons.

“This is probably from the missing US inventory – the 350 missing nukes that were stolen from US inventory due to be de-commissioned,” he added.
Harris described the situation as “very frightening,” arguing that it shows the level of corruption within the US intelligence and also security apparatus. 


US drones strike ISIS targets says BBC - Pentagon denies it ~ link ~ The USA is not the only one with drones!   Stirling    
Moments ago, in what would be a clear escalation in the Iraq war, and confirmation that the US has finally gone "kinetic" as it warned on several occasions in the past it would, Iraq state-sponsored Iraqiya TV reported that US drones had struck ISIS targets near the Iraq-Syria border attack without giving details or saying how it obtained the information. 

The Perfect Storm: Amnesty, Hyperinflation, Food Riots and Race Wars ~ link ~ Brought to you by your friendly Global Banksters and Zionists!!! Do take the time to read this in full at the link.  Stirling   
Americans were able to buy $8 trillion of free things from overseas by just having Greenspan, Bernanke and now Yellen print more dollars. This has impoverished men and women all over the world because the dollars they received are daily becoming less and less valuable. But no more. Jim Rickards says we will have a series of events devaluing the dollar 20 to 30% at a time until it has lost 80% of its purchasing power. This will increase the cost of imported goods 500%. It will also allow foreigners to buy all the food off our shelves.

Mexico used to have stringent border controls on its southern border which were subsidized by the US government. Those subsidies were cut in 2011. Mexico used to jail illegal aliens from Central America for six months. Today illegal aliens from Central America ride in groups of 50 on the top of each box car on trains across Mexico to the American border. In the old days of Bush and Clinton’s ‘Let’s pretend we have a border’, the illegals were caught and sent back over the border to Mexico to come back over again the next day. Now the Department of Homeland Security gives illegal aliens bus tickets to destinations deep inside America.
The Zetas are capable of devising and executing plans. When the riots start, any unskilled, unemployed person can commit a burglary with impunity.  But a gang leader who was trained by US Special Forces could come up with a better plan. Make a list of all the banks in town worth robbing and add to that the gunshops. Amidst the riots set off a few bombs at high value targets that draw police attention. Organize snipers. Then send in teams to simulataneously rob the 30 banks and the five gunshops. If there is a police response, have the snipers start firing at their cars before they get as close as 100 yards. Use EMP weapons to take down drones and helicopters. The robberies will be over in minutes. The Gangs will have all the money and the guns in town. The News Media will start reporting that these systematic city wide take downs occurred all over America.


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