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Holy Shroud of Turin

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On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 


12 June 2014 ~ Second Post


Iraq: Kurds take Kirkuk, ISIS surges toward Baghdad ~ link
Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, a spokesman for the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, said the al Qaeda-inspired group would advance on Karbala and Najaf, as well as the capital Baghdad, the Associated Press reported, citing an audio statement.

However, as we showed yesterday, the final ISIS target is none other than the city of Baghdad, and the overthrow of the Iraq government entirely.

President Rauhani of Iran: Iran shall not tolerate violence in Iraq ~ link ~ This is the "bear-trap" for Iran that the Globalists/Israel/GCC states have set up.  If Iran intervenes all hell will break lose!!!  Stirling   

Iran’s president says the Islamic Republic will not tolerate violence and terror as foreign-backed Takfiri militants wreak havoc in northern Iraq.

“As the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, we will not tolerate the [acts of] violence and terror and we fight violence and terrorism in the region and in the world,” President Hassan Rouhani said on Thursday. 

The Iranian president said Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) will hold an immediate meeting to review the developments in Iraq as the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) pushes ahead with its offensive in Iraq’s northern cities.

Iraq delays vote on emergency powers (due to lack of a parliamentary quorum - rats deserting a sinking ship) as war spreads ~ link ~  

The Iraqi parliament has adjourned a meeting to vote on declaring a nationwide state of emergency amid the raging violence in the country after the legislative body failed to reach a quorum.

According to Iraqi government officials, the parliament’s Thursday emergency meeting ended without voting after only 128 out of 325 lawmakers showed up in the session.


ISIS in Iraq offensive: RT LIVE UPDATES ~ link 

US silence on ISIS offensive dubious ~ link ~ I disagree with some of this article's analysis.  The Saudis are NOT acting on their own in this, in opposition to American policy.  They are acting WITH the Obama White House and Israel in funding the ISIS extremists.  This entire offensive is driven by the desire to destroy Iran and Syria and to begin the Third World War.   Stirling    

Iraq: Streets lined with the decapitated heads of police and soldiers in jihadi takeover ~ link
The decapitated heads of policeman and soldiers are lining the streets of Iraq's second biggest city, a displaced Iraqi woman has revealed today. Speaking from a refugee camp to which she fled after jihadists from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant invaded the northern city of Mosul yesterday, the woman told how the victims' heads were in placed in rows - a trademark, trophy-style execution favoured by ISIS militants. 

It would appear the occupation of Mosul was easier by the fact a reported 30,000 soldiers fled, leaving behind tanks and firearms as just 800 fighters approached.

Russian FM Lavrov: Iraq developments show total failure of American-British 'adventure' ~ link ~  
“It has been reported that the UK foreign minister declared that the events in Iraq are, according to him, an illustration that terrorism is rampant in the region due to the absence of reconciliation in Syria,” Lavrov said.
“We’ve known that our English colleagues have a unique ability to twist everything. But I didn’t expect such cynicism, because the events that are taking place in Iraq are an illustration of a complete failure of the venture started by the US and the UK that allowed it to spiral out of control completely.”
“We express our solidarity with the Iraqi authorities, the Iraqi people who should restore peace and security in their country, but the actions of our Western partners raise a lot of questions,” Lavrov marked. 

Kiev junta says 3 Russian tanks have entered eastern Ukraine ~ link ~ link ~ I bet the tanks have insignia on them from the newly declared (the Donetsk and Luhansk regions) republic NOT Russian insignia.  I have been expecting something like this, as Russia needs to provide advanced war fighting equipment to the 'separatists' without actually sending Russian Army and Air Force units in.   Stirling    

Ukraine's interior minister has said three tanks have crossed the border from Russia into rebel areas of the east and that fighting is under way.

The tanks entered Ukraine along with other armour through a checkpoint controlled by rebels in the Luhansk region, Arsen Avakov said.

Russia sends 24 warships and bombers to its Baltic "drills" as NATO stages "war games" in the Baltic ~ link ~ Very dangerous and a part of the NEAR WAR global geostrategic environment!  Stirling   
Russia has deployed 24 Baltic Fleet warships and vessels, along with heavy fighter jets and bombers, as reinforcement for military drills in the westernmost Kaliningrad region while NATO stages its own war games across the border.

The ministry added that the newest Su-34 Fullback fighter bombers and Su-24MR reconnaissance aircraft have also taken off from their air base in Voronezh region to join the war games in Kalinigrad.   "Tu-22M3 long-range bombers are in the state of readiness to patrol the area of the exercises. An A-50 long-range airborne warning and control system aircraft is involved in the drills for reconnaissance purposes."

USAF fighter jets scrambled twice as nuclear-capable Russian strategic bombers fly within 50 miles of California coast ~ link ~ Sending a message to Washington!!!   Stirling    

Fighter jets had to be scrambled twice after Russian bombers practised off the coast of Alaska and then came within 50 miles of California, it emerged today.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command confirmed U.S. air defense systems were triggered twice by nuclear-capable Tu-95 Bear H aircraft last week.
A spokesman said incursions began on Monday at around 4.30pm Pacific time when radar detected four bombers approaching the U.S. air defense zone near the far western Aleutian Islands.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

Last week, the US administration mentioned that they might leave Europe alone in the future.

I felt uncomfortable for a few minutes.

What if the US leaves Europe and the Russians take control of the continent?
Russia is mafia-crony capitalism.

We have to make a decision in Europe. Do we want to stay in the western alliance or do we want to go our own way?

Islamism and Islamic djihadists threaten our western cultures.

The only question is:

Them or us?

As a European I have made my decision.
I will fight for our western values.
I will fight together with the USA for our culture.

What do we want to be?

Hammer or anvil?

The Islamists and BRICS are not better than our governments.

Hammer or anvil, that is the question.

I have changed my mind.

I do hope that others will follow.

I have learnt that cooperation with the US is good for the European peoples.

Hammer or anvil.

Yours, in Jesus Christ

Joaquin, Germany

Anonymous said...

As plan A (starting a regional war through Syria) failed now the western imperialist launched the plan B ( starting the war through dividing Iraq)..
1. ISIL launched by CIA and logistically supported by Turkey..
2. The Iraqi military fleed the cities without any major battle..The Iraqi generals who ordered the flee are trained by CIA and on their payroll..
3. To divide Iraq, first the central goverment has to collapse.. Now Iraqis are forced to believe the regional warloards like Barzani to annouce their independence..
4. The target is to capture the oil fields in Kirkuk and Mosul by Barzani. This was going on over 2 years between the central goverment and Barzani.
5. Today Barzani captured Kirkuk..Most probably Mosoul will be captured by Barzani and he will be announced as a hero.. Openning the doors for an independence of northern Iraq 6. There are still over 200,000 Us military force in Iraq and yet AlQaida which never existed in Iraq before the invasion can capture the second biggest city of the country.. By the help of Magic powers or unseen hands...
7. Dividing Iraq in to 3 smaller bits in order to swallow easier..Syria into two inwhich the northen side will eventually taken by Barzani as a corridor for pipelines required by Barzanis northern Iraq state..
8. Turkey will also be divided into 3 smaller states. One will join Barzanis will become islamists and the one will eventually join the euro (western parts holding the acceess to the Blacksea.
10. Final stage will be the division of Iran