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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 


29 June 2014

Breaking News

The General Middle East War, which is only developing, is expanding to Gaza and may end up with Syria/Lebanon/Hezbollah and Iran moving to defend the people of Gaza and Palestine while US/NATO/GCC states and their allied terror organizations, such as ISIS, battle Syrian/Iraqi/Iranian forces newly re-armed with Russian and Belorussian jet fighters. There may well be a False Flag or a major Ukrainian Junta attack on Russian civilians in an last ditch attempt to tie down Russian forces.  We are moving deep into WWIII preparations now!!! It will be interesting to see if the attempt to rally the two main camps of Islam against one another can survive another major Muslim/Jewish war!!! The timing of the beginning of the Third World War with the 100th Anniversary of the trigger event for the First World War may have significant occult and demonic aspects to it!!!  Stirling   

Israel preparing for another Gaza War ~ link ~ I have always suspected that the case of the three missing teens was yet another Israeli False Flag lie, to inflict yet more ethnic cleansing on the poor Palestinians.  Way way beyond shameful!!! Of course this all ties in with the growing GENERAL MIDDLE EAST WAR ... a war that has long been the strategic goal of Bibi 666 Netanyahu, the most dangerous man on Earth!!!   Stirling  

Israel is getting ready to launch an all-out war on the impoverished Gaza Strip as the world’s attention is focused on the acts of terrorism being perpetrated by Takfiri militants in Iraq and neighboring Syria.

Informed sources, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said that Israeli armored brigades have been instructed to be prepared to join the Gaza Division.

The Israeli Air Force has also deployed additional Iron Dome missile systems.

On Saturday, the Israeli regime carried out multiple airstrikes on the central and southern parts of the Gaza Strip, injuring two Palestinians. Another two Palestinians were wounded after Israeli tanks shelled the tiny coastal enclave late on Saturday.

PROVOCATION: Moscow slams Ukraine Junta's shelling of Russian border checkpoint ~ link ~ The fascist Globalist/Zionist puppet government is doing all it can to provoke a war with Russia, in order to tie Russia down and prevent help going to Syria/Iran/Iraq/Lebanon.  This is going GLOBAL slowly but steadly!!!   Stirling   

Mortar shells from Ukraine have again hit Russian territory, damaging a building at a border checkpoint and creating holes in the ground in two villages. The Russian Foreign Ministry has protested the “provocation,” demanding that Kiev investigate it. 

Over 20 killed in bloody Slavyansk Battle despite "ceasefire" ~ link ~ The fascist Globalist/Zionist coup junta is showing itself to be as good at lying as its overlords/puppet masters are!!!  Stirling   

A long and bloody battle has been raging near the eastern Ukrainian city of Slavyansk despite Kiev’s ceasefire. Self-defense fighters claim to have killed a whole platoon of Kiev’s National Guard, while the latter claim to have destroyed a militia tank. 

The Ukrainian forces shelled the outskirts of Slavyansk on Friday and hit the city with artillery fire, say reports from the scene, quoted by RIA Novosti. Following heavy shelling, Ukrainian troops took over a checkpoint seized by the self-defense overnight, witnesses said. 

Iraqi troops push back ISIS forces in Tikrit as PM under western pressure to resign ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link

Flashback: Israel deploys three German-manufactured nuclear-armed subs off the Iran coast ~ link ~ This story is from earlier this month.  The Iranians have an Advanced Biowar response to a massive Israeli attack on their cities, one that will destroy Israel and perhaps much of the world!!!  Such a MAD (mutually assured destruction) counter-force in normal times would be enough to checkmate any nuclear attack on Iran, but we are NOT dealing with normal people when dealing with the Global Banking Cartel families and Bibi 666 Netanyahu.  We are dealing with a strong demonic element that is driving their actions and strategy!!!  Stirling   

Italians protest austerity measures ~ link ~ The people of Europe are getting really fed up with the lies, the corruption, and the gutting of their lives by the global banksters and their bought-and-paid-for political whores!!!  Stirling   

Thousands of Italians have taken to the streets of the capital Rome to protest European Union-backed austerity measures.

Protesters on Saturday marched peacefully in Italy’s capital Rome chanting slogans against Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and his EU policies. "We want to say to Renzi that we expect him to change European policy, which at the moment is based on sacrifices and cuts imposed on all European countries," said a protester.
"This is the Europe of banks and strong powers. You could ask an English, a French or a Dutch person the same question and get the same answer: Europe is not unified and it is not like it should be," said another protester.
The latest protests come as Italy preparers to take over the presidency of the 28-nation bloc next week.

West African Ebola outbreak becoming widespread ~ linkDo keep in mind that Ebola is NOT a natural disease, that it came from an Advanced Biowar lab and that the current widespread outbreak at this time in history is NOT an accident!!!  Stirling  

Retired USMC Colonel states that the Department of Homeland Security is building a Domestic Army ~ link ~ Remember all those massive buys of ammo by verious US government agencies!  Total police-state fascism is coming ... that is why several domestic False Flag events (such as the Sandy Hook "mass murder") took place in a failed bid to get the public behind the disarming of the American public!!!  Stirling     

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