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On the Road to World War III.

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Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near.  

Breaking News

Iraqi War II: Iraqi Air Force runs out of missiles - ISIS Controls the Borders - Shiite clerics threaten US troops ~ link ~  
As ABC reports, the Iraqi military ran out of Hellfire missiles six days ago, and though the U.S. is rushing more missiles into the country, Iraq has only two modified Cessna aircraft to launch them in their battle against the radical Islamic militia ISIS.
  ISIS has damaged 28 tanks and shot down three helicopters, a significant percentage of the government force, and the militia killed an entire Iraqi Security Force brigade in the last couple of days at the border with Syria, which ISIS now controls. The losses have left the Iraqi military with no offensive capability, and no real air force. 

Iraqi War II: Four key Iraqi towns fall to ISIS ~ link
Qaim, Rawah and Anah all fell to rebels fighters yesterday, while civilians in the town of Rutba are negotiating a surrender after units stationed on the outskirts threatened to start shelling.

The towns, the first to fall in the mainly Sunni province of Anbar, were captured as Shiite volunteer soldiers marched through Baghdad as the country heads towards sectarian war.

Iraqi War II: ISIS seizes 4 Iraqi towns in 2 days ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~
"Army troops withdrew from Rawah, Anah and Rutba this morning and ISIS moved quickly to completely control these towns," an unnamed military intelligence official told Reuters after the three had fallen. 

The militants captured the three towns in Iraq’s western province of Anbar, Reuters reported. Later in the day, militants seized two border crossings – one with Jordan and one with Syria, Iraqi officials told AP. 

Iraqi War II: Analyst - War has nothing to do with Sunni and Shia ~ link ~ No but the Globalists and Zionists desperately want it to appear to be a sectarian based conflict.  Stirling   

US Senator Rand Paul: US is arming ISIS terrorists ~ link ~ America under the Globalist/Zionist puppet masters behind the Obama Administration has become a horrible place, a upside down world where the US Constitution means nothing, where the Government funds/controls radical terrorists, etc., etc.  God Help US!!!   Stirling    

Earlier this week, an independent news website, WND, reported that ISIS members have been trained by the CIA at a secret base in Jordan in 2012 to fight the Syrian government.

There were also reports by the Reuters and the British newspaper and, The Guardian, that the US, Britain and France provided training to Syrian insurgents.

Meanwhile, Turkey’s main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) accused the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) that the government provided logistical, military, and medical support to ISIS militants fighting the Syrian regime. 

Judge who sentenced "Saddam Hussein" to death has been executed by the ISIS ~ link ~ The real Saddam Hussein most likely left Baghdad the night before the   invasion of the Iraq War (I) on a Russian Air Force transport plane (no doubt having paid billions for his long term freedom); The one executed had bad teeth ... hundreds of photos of President Saddam Hussein showed had good teeth; the real one and the fake one had different jaw lines (one had a slight overbite; the other a slight underbite) hence they kept the fake one with a beard; Mrs. Saddam Hussein stormed out after being showed the fake one and said, "Don't you think I know my own husband, this one is a double.".  I don't know if they really hung the fake one; but the real Saddam Hussein was NOT the one they tried and "executed".  Just one more lie from the corrupt bastards in Washington and the Globalist/Zionist puppet masters pulling their strings!!!  Stirling  

Putin discusses Kiev junta's "peace plan" with Germany and France ~ link
In a three-way telephone call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande on Sunday, Putin talked about Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko’s 15-step peace plan and a unilateral ceasefire in east recently ordered by him.

Putin reiterated the need for talks between Kiev authorities and pro-Russia protesters, adding that the intentions announced by the Ukrainian head of state must be supported by an actual ceasefire. “The need was stressed to immediately launch talks between the Kiev authorities and representatives of the protesting regions,” the report of the press service says.
Russia has previously warned that the peace plan should not be used as an ultimatum against pro-Russia protesters.

Porky warns of "detained Plan B" if Ukraine junta's ceasefire fails ~ link ~ His "ceasefire" is little more than an ultimatum to surrender or else packaged to look like a peace offer ... typical Zionist  gangster crap!!!  Stirling  

Ukraine junta's "peace plan": Porky's PR more in the form of a Ultimatum ~ link
Ukrainian leader’s 15-point peace plan is in fact a demand for unconditional surrender, under a threat of extermination, Mark Sleboda, Moscow State University’s international relations expert, told RT. 

Obama's Ugliest Crime (Ukraine Coup) Exposed in a 4 minute video ~ link 

Hundreds of toddlers caught crossing border alone as SURGE if illegal aliens continues to cross US/Mexican border ~ link ~ There are many analysts, including myself, who believe that this recent massive surge in illegal crossings is part of a Globalist/Zionist plan to bring in large numbers of Mexican gang members.  They intend to use these gangsters to cause mass violence in cities and towns all over America, when the US currency fully crashes, in order to declare Martial Law.  That we are likely to also be in WWIII by then, will be all the more excuse to take Americans guns from them so that they will be powerless to fight the absolute fascism and interment camps that are planned.  Stirling      

How a Country Dies ~ link ~ Good One!  Do take a minute to read this one and check out the graph Stirling  
Had enough 'Big Lie' crimes from US "leaders" to demand arrests, or do you need even more death, debt, lies? ~ link ~ Good one, do take the time to read it at the link.  Stirling 
The solutions are pretty obvious:
  1. Stop the war-murders and arrest the War Criminals.
  2. Enact monetary and credit reform to end public debt, have full-employment, and create the best infrastructure we can imagine.
  3. Arrest corporate media liars and communicate comprehensive facts.
The gap between these elegantly powerful solutions and our planetary tragic-comedy can be assessed in one way by public demand to arrest OBVIOUSLY criminal “leaders” in government, debt/“money”, and corporate media. The extent the US public recognizes crimes that annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions so as to demand arrests is a key indicator of how close we are to victory.
End the Fed demonstrations are Exploding throughout Germany ~ link
This is a fascinating development and one that I had no idea was happening until today. It seems that rallies are spreading throughout Germany protesting the corrupt and dying global status quo. One of the key targets of these groups is the U.S. Federal Reserve system, which as I and many others have maintained, is the core cancer infecting the entire planet. 
The US Healthcare System: The Most Expensive yet the Worst in the Developed World ~ link ~ The American "healthcare system" is little more that organized crime extorting the masses, especially the ill.  It is beyond shameful and is reflective of the total moral collapse of America under the Global Banksters and Zionists who are running things behind the scenes!  Stirling   

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