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On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 


20 June 2014


Obama sends "military advisers" to Iraq; Aides say USA COULD STRIKE INSIDE SYRIA  ~ link ~ I am the first person, that I can tell, that said the ISIS attack on Iraq was a strategic ruse, directed by the Global Banking Cartel and the Netanyahu Zionists, to act as a backdoor to attacking Syria.  That such an attack was itself a backdoor to war with Iran and Lebanon and a General Middle East War.  That such a war would begin World War III.  Sometimes I hate it when I am right!  Stirling  

The United States is already flying manned and unmanned aircraft over Iraq to collect intelligence, a senior administration official said. As part of the ramp up in US aid, American drones could eventually be used to hit ISIL targets — even if some of those targets reside in Syria.

ISIS in Iraq TO BE USED TO JUSTIFY INVASION IN SYRIA   ~ link ~ See my article CONNECTIONS about the link between Iraq, Syria, Iran, Ukraine and a General Middle East War and World War III ~ link ~ Stirling   

Recently, I wrote an article entitled, “The Clandestine Reasons For ISIS Taking Over Iraq,” where I suggested that one possible reason out of several for NATO powers to direct ISIS fighters in their rampage across Iraq and subsequent seizure of large swaths of territory in that country was the ability to set the stage for a NATO bombing campaign in Iraq that would immediately lead to the same in Syria.

No sooner than this article was published did we see the first rumblings out of the Western mainstream media and government mouthpieces suggesting that a bombing campaign in Iraq and, indeed, Syria is an option that should be put on the table. 

Iraqi Conflict: Fierce battles for Baiji and Tal Afar ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ link
Islamist-led militants and pro-government forces are engaged in fierce battles for the Baiji oil refinery and Tal Afar airport in northern Iraq.

Baiji, Iraq's biggest refinery, is surrounded by the rebels, who say they have seized most of Tal Afar airport.

Is the ISIS really Sunni? ~ link
The corporate media casts the fighting in Iraq as a Sunni vs. Shia conflict. The Sunni side, according to these reports, is led by ISIL – a group that was expelled from al-Qaeda for being too extreme.
But is ISIL really Sunni?

Many experts say “no.” Some question whether ISIL has a right to call itself an Islamic group at all.

ISIS domestic terror threat created by CIA and US military ~ link ~ Unless and until the people of the West take back their nations from the global banksters and Zionists who now own them, the level of horror and war will continue to increase until it kills most of us!!!  Stirling  

Syrian War: Car bomb in Hama Province kills dozens ~ link
A car bomb has killed at least 34 people in a Syrian government-controlled village in central Hama province, state media say. More than 50 people were reportedly hurt in the attack in Horra village.

The End of Anglo-American Hegemony ~ link ~ Its NOT over yet, they are likely to destroy the planet in their madness!!!  Stirling  

Oligarchs and their fascist gendarmes having seized Ukraine, Islamist ISIS rebels have now retaken cities in Iraq. The BRIC nations – led by the now-evil-once-again Mr. Putin – busy themselves preparing for the ongoing unraveling of the Anglo-American financial empire.   The Rothschild/Rockefeller banking/energy/arms/drugs oligopoly which has enslaved humankind and decimated planet Earth for the last few centuries is coming apart at the seams.  The arrogance and stupidity of the self-proclaimed “illuminated ones”, who operate their matrix from the City of London, is being writ large for all to see. 

Former senior American spy predicts revolution and multiple mass catastrophes ~ link 
The founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity and former CIA hand Robert David Steele is predicting Arab Spring-style revolutions in the US and UK and that the 1% will be overthrown. He puts it this way in a must-read interview in The Guardian:
I see five major overlapping threats on the immediate horizon,” he continues. “They are all related: the collapse of complex societies, the acceleration of the Earth’s demise with changes that used to take 10,000 years now taking three or less, predatory or shock capitalism and financial crime out of the City of London and Wall Street, and political corruption at scale, to include the west supporting 42 of 44 dictators. We are close to multiple mass catastrophes…”
“Revolution is overthrow – the complete reversal of the status quo ante. We are at the end of centuries of what Lionel Tiger calls ‘The Manufacture of Evil,’ in which merchant banks led by the City of London have conspired with captive governments to concentrate wealth and commoditize everything, including humans. What revolution means in practical terms is that balance has been lost and the status quo ante is unsustainable. There are two ‘stops’ on greed to the nth degree: the first is the carrying capacity of Earth, and the second is human sensibility. We are now at a point where both stops are activating.
- See more at:

 Ukraine War: Porky's 14 point 'peace plan' details emerge ~ link ~  
The document, calling for disarmament in eastern Ukraine, appeared in Ukrainian media overnight.
It comes after Mr Poroshenko held his second phone conversation this week with Russia's President Vladimir Putin.

Heavy fighting is continuing between government forces and pro-Russia rebels, with new reports of military hardware entering Ukraine from Russia.

Ukraine junta says border with Russia under control but fighting still rages ~ link

Ukraine's defence chief said on Friday government forces had regained control of the border with Russia and could stop supplies being sent to arm pro-Russian separatists, but fighting raged for a second day.

A spokesman for government forces said about 300 separatists had been killed in fighting on Thursday in an eastern area about 100 km (60 miles) from the border where fighting continued on Friday. Ukrainian forces had lost seven servicemen.

US border agents quitting over the 'catch and release' of known Mexican gang members ~ link ~ The monsters behind the Obama Administration are setting us up for a domestic nightmare that will result in Martial Law and death and destruction all across America!!!   Stirling   

Pope Francis joins efforts to warn the world about coming global economic collapse ~ link ~
And yet, in a new message to the masses, the pontiff is making observations that have been made for at least the past couple of years by other observers of the global economy who have been derided as conspiracy theorists: Things are not good, and in fact, they are looking more dire by the day.

The pontiff recently launched a scathing attack on the global economic system, warning that it is nearing collapse due to a "throwaway culture" of greed and licentiousness, as well as the "atrocity" of youth unemployment.

Deadly swine virus may kill 2.5 million pigs in USA in coming year ~ linkYes, but again all these new viruses coming at a time in human history that we now have genetic engineering is just too coincidental!  What if this is just a first wave and the second wave is a mutation that kills humans ... all planned by the same bastards that are driving us to the ultimate population reductions program ... World War III/Armageddon!!!   Stirling  

Bulgaria flooding kills at least 10 ~ link
Forecasters said that the equivalent of a month's worth of rain fell in the regions of Varna and Burgas over the last 24 hours.

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