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Holy Shroud of Turin

Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
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On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 


12 June 2014 ~ Third Post


Iran Deploys Revolutionary Guard To Fight ISIS Militants In Iraq ~ link ~ Iran is stepping into the 'bear-trap' that the Globalists/Zionists have set for them!!!  A trap that is designed to ignite a General Middle East War and shortly thereafter World War III.  However, do keep in mind that the Globalists/Zionists have not had a very good success rate lately in their strategic plans, so time will tell.   Stirling   

Evacuations in Iraq as CHAOS SPREADS ~ link
A growing sense of panic was gripping Iraq last night as the al-Qaeda uprising in the country’s north led to US contractors being evacuated from the region and European countries ordering their citizens to leave Baghdad. 

Three planes carrying American diplomats and contractors stationed at a training mission at an Iraqi airbase in Balad, north of Baghdad, flew out amid fears that the base could be surrounded by the militants. Germany ordered all its citizens to leave the Iraqi capital, as did Turkey, which has already had 80 people kidnapped by the militants, including the consul to the northern city of Mosul. 

Iraq's terrorists are becoming a full-blown army ~ link ~ Of course they are, we and the Saudis have been training, supporting, funding and leading them for years!  Stirling   

General Najim al-Jabouri, a former mayor of Tel Afar, which is a little more than 31 miles from Mosul, told The Daily Beast the bases seized by ISIS this week would provide the group with even more heavy weapons than they currently control. “The Iraqi army left helicopters, humvees, cargo planes and other heavy machine guns, along with body armor and uniforms,” the general, who is now a scholar at the National Defense University, said. He said he was able to learn about the equipment from soldiers and other politicians in and around Mosul with whom he keeps in touch. 

Medieval Sharia Law imposed on millions in Iraq by ISIS ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~
The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shams (Isis) has imposed a strict set of Sharia laws on the citizens of Nineveh province just days after capturing the provincial capital of Mosul.

In a document circulating on social media attributed to the group, Isis warned tribal leaders and sheikhs not to "work with [the Iraqi] government and be traitors" while proclaiming that women should only go outside if absolutely necessary. 

Thousands of Iraqi soldiers, men and boys captured by ISIS - videos ~ link

On the brink of Hell itself: ISIS beheads protestors as they seize Iraq ~ link ~  
In a terrifying 48 hours of mayhem armed Islamist militants seized former president Saddam Hussein's home town Tikrit, only 95 miles north of the capital Baghdad.

They also took control of the country's second city Mosul, as security forces dropped their weapons and fled with 500,000 terrified refugees.

Baghdad Is Next: ISIS chief warns 'We will bring rage' to Baghdad ~ link ~ The ISIS have been funded, controlled, armed by the US CIA and the Saudis.  This is all a plot, a strategic game, to take war to Iran and all the Mideast.  The White House has refused air support, while publically saying that it supports the Iraqi Government and "all options are on the table"...usual Obama lies.  Stirling   

Baghdad could be the next city to fall to militants in Iraq, with the chief of the extremists who have swept the north of the country vowing to bring "rage" to the capital. Across the country, the Iraqi army has abandoned its position. Iraqi Kurdish forces say they are now in full control of the northern oil city of Kirkuk, the only bulwark remaining against the insurgent sweep. "The whole of Kirkuk has fallen into the hands of peshmerga [Kurdish fighters]," Kurdish spokesman Jabbar Yawar told Reuters. "No Iraq army remains in Kirkuk now."

The Iraqi government is believed to have privately asked the US for help including possible airstrikes and drone attacks to drive back the militia.

Britons and much of the world face soaring gasoline prices as Iraqi Air Force bombs ISIS troops ~ link
Escalating violence in the unstable country has kept oil prices at an almost three-month high, with the Iraqi air force today bombing insurgent positions in and around the northern city of Mosul, footage aired on state television showed. 

Pete Williams, head of external affairs at the RAC, said: “Fuel traders are watching the worsening situation in Iraq with a strong sense of trepidation as the Kurds have seized the oil city of Kirkuk.

'All options open to fight insurgents' says Obama ~ link ~ As usual he is full of shit!  We trained, funded and control the ISIS.  This over-the-top BS earns Obama the 'dreaded' Five BS Flag Award.  Stirling  
US President Barack Obama says his government is looking at "all options", including military action, to help Iraq fight Islamist militants.

Iraq Government asked for US air support against ISIS but the White House said NO ~ link ~ They trusted Obama ... a bad mistake.  Stirling   

Iraqi Army colapsed in Mosul ~ link ~
The fall of Mosul is typical of the Arab culture of fighting, which is largely based on tribal raids.  Stirling  

Russia-Ukraine Gas War: Europe wonders what is in store ~ link ~
Russia has again extended the deadline before Kiev starts using a prepayment system, but if Ukraine doesn’t pay its gas debt by June 16, Moscow could pinch the energy vein that provides for a third of the total gas needs in Europe.

Russia has turned off gas supplies through Ukraine twice, in the winters of 2006 and 2009, after Kiev was late paying. Halting natural gas supplies not only hurt Ukraine, but also squeezed European neighbors, as prices shot up and millions of European homes were left without heat. Both periods lasted about three weeks.

Medical facilities in eastern Ukraine in deep trouble as hundreds die ~ link
Musiy stressed that a dozen of medical facilities in these two regions were not operating normally due to combat actions in the area.

“Today, ten hospitals in Donetsk and Luhansk regions are completely out of order or are unable to operate normally. Moreover, there are problems with ambulances in Sloviansk and Kramatorsk, which lack car fuel”, the minister said, stressing that all these problems will continue until Ukrainian troops end their operations in the restive regions.

There is 'No Water, No Power, No Nothing' in eastern Ukraine ~ link ~
For the past week, since fighting between pro-Russian rebels and government troops led to the destruction of the water supply, a trip to the fountain on Lenin Square has become a daily routine for many people in Slavyansk.That's the price they have to pay for living in a city which has been a stronghold of pro-Russian insurgents since April.

It's a fate that they have to share with millions of others in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine, where the water supply has been curtailed or halted entirely.

Comparing the Shanghai Cooperative Oganization to the Mongo Empire ~ link ~ Good One!  Stirling 
Alasdair Macleod the other day compared the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to the empire of Genghis Khan whose name in English is just Great Leader. The Mongol Empire reached its height under his grandson Kublai Khan. The Mongol Empire combined economic and military power into the hands of one man. The modern SCO works cooperatively as a competitor to NATO and the European Union. Ankara, the capitol of Turkey, is 4,806 miles (7,734.5 kilometers)  from Shanghai. Yet the Turkish government is exploring membership in the SCO because their EU acceptance is stalled and the EU looks a lot less attractive. Who wants to wind up like Greece anyway? Doctors and nurses work for months without paychecks. They’ve had riots just about every week for 150 weeks.

The European Central Banks have announced a negative interest rate policy which is designed to inflate their currency, the euro. The Turks have historically been a center for trading gold for anything of value in the Mideast for a very long time. They are smart enough to figure out that holding gold or a gold backed currency is a better deal for them than taking their savings and investments and exchanging them for euros which are being inflated. And then there is the policy decision of the ECB to allow the Bankers to seize deposits to pay off their bad loans. Who wants to put their money in that bank?

The SCO is a cooperative military alliance that needs to be compared to NATO. The Russians recently sold their S-400 anti-aircraft system to China. The Chinese will sell their version of the S-400 to Iran and their other SCO allies. The US has been trying to sell the F-35 to its NATO allies. Canada has refused the F-35 because it would endanger the lives of their pilots. The man who created the F-16 said the F-35 cannot win a dog fight against a MIG-21 from the 1950s.

New NDAA bill means indefinite Guantanamo style detention for Americans in America ~ link
Top senators thought you wouldn’t notice. Behind closed doors, they wrote up new indefinite detention and Guantánamo provisions in the annual defense policy bill, and then waited 11 days to quietly file the bill.

But we now have the bill, and everyone can read it. And everyone should understand what is in this new National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) before the full Senate makes a big mistake and paves the way for Guantánamo-style indefinite detention being brought to the United States itself.

The Economic-Corporate Oligarchy of the World ~ link
Today’s world is ruled by a myriad of multinational corporations and financial institutions that belong to a network of private round table organisations that stretch across the planet. There exists an international ruling elite that has been building an economic-corporate empire for over a century, which oppresses any dissent to their agenda.

A recent study conducted by Northwestern and Princeton University on America’s political system supports the thesis that political systems are not directed by the people of the country, but rather by a network of “economic elites” and “business interests”. The study concluded that the US political system is an oligarchy, where the “wishes of corporations and business and professional associations” are the driving forces behind policy decisions within the government.

EPA's forced closing of US power plants will disrupt food supply and cause empty shelves at grocery stores ~ link ~ Another Globalist Population Reduction Program in the works!!!  Stirling    

With President Obama's direction and approval, the Environmental Protection Agency has just issued new rules supposedly aimed at reducing "harmful emissions" but which critics say will do nothing but force a dramatic increase in energy prices and an overall decline in production of food and other commodities.

12 Numbers about the Global Financial Ponzi Scheme that shoud be burned into your head ~ link
The numbers that you are about to see are likely to shock you.  They prove that the global financial Ponzi scheme is far more extensive than most people would ever dare to imagine.  As you will see below, the total amount of debt in the world is now more than three times greater than global GDP.  In other words, you could take every single good and service produced on the entire planet this year, next year and the year after that and it still would not be enough to pay off all the debt.  But even that number pales in comparison to the exposure that big global banks have to derivatives contracts.  It is hard to put into words how reckless they have been.  At the low end of the estimates, the total exposure that global banks have to derivatives contracts is 710 trillion dollars.  That is an amount of money that is almost unimaginable.  And the reality of the matter is that there is really not all that much actual "money" in circulation today.  In fact, as you will read about below, there is only a little bit more than a trillion dollars of U.S. currency that you can actually hold in your hands in existence.  If we all went out and tried to close our bank accounts and investment portfolios all at once, that would create a major league crisis.  The truth is that our financial system is little more than a giant pyramid scheme that is based on debt and paper promises.  It is literally a miracle that it has survived for so long without collapsing already. 

When Americans think about the financial crisis that we are facing, the largest number that they usually can think of is the size of the U.S. national debt.  And at over 17 trillion dollars, it truly is massive.  But it is actually the 2nd-smallest number on the list below.  The following are 12 numbers about the global financial Ponzi scheme that should be burned into your brain...

WHO confirms MERS in Iran ~ link ~  
The World Health Organization (WHO) today confirmed the first two MERS-CoV cases in Iran, reported recently in the news media, while another media story said Kuwait has found the virus in five camels. 

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