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On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 


16 June 2014 ~ Second Update


Russia halts natural gas supplies to the Ukraine ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ This is NOT what Russia wanted but they refused to sell natural gas at a major discount to the Ukraine, so the corrupt oligarchs in the coup junta could turn around and resell same in Europe for a nice profit!!!  You will not hear that from the Globalist/Zionist mainstream news media!  The economic impact of this cutoff, which likely will include gas transiting the pipelines through the Ukraine to Europe, may be dramatic considering the current state of the world's economy.  This could be the trigger for the coming collapse, one the Globalist/Zionist mainstream news media will blame on Russia.  Stirling 

After weeks of worthless foreplay whose outcome was known from the beginning despite just as worthless EU middleman Oettinger assuring everyone a deal was imminent any second now, overnight we got the long-anticipated mutual defection outcome and - as we warned - negotiations between Gazprom and Ukraine/EU fell apart with the Russian energy giant halting supplies to Ukraine unless Kiev prepays any and all gas deliveries from now on. Gazprom said it hadn't received payment for a debt it put at $4.458 billion by the Monday deadline it had set. "Ukraine will receive gas only in the amounts it has paid for," Gazprom said. 

The reason for the collapse in talks: Kiev wants to pay $268.5 per 1,000 cubic meters of gas - the price it had been offered when Yanukovich was in power - but, in a compromise last week, said it would agree to pay $326 for an interim period until a lasting deal was reached. Moscow had sought to keep the price at the 2009 contract level of $485 per 1,000 cubic meters, but had offered to waive an export duty, bringing down prices by about one-fifth to $385, which brings it broadly into line with what Russia charges other European countries.
In other words, the delta was less than $60, and certainly a "fair" offer to Ukraine considering it is what Europe pays. However, it wasn't low enough for Kiev, which certainly is out of money once again having to spend the bulk of its IMF/EU aid to keep its military armed, and the only logical outcome - one in which the country would no longer receive something for nothing - transpired.

Russia cuts junta's natural gas supply after deadline passes ~ link ~ link ~ link ~
Russia has cut off gas to Ukraine in a dispute over unpaid bills that could disrupt supplies to the rest of Europe and set back hopes for peace in the former Soviet republic.

After weekend violence that included the loss of 49 troops in the downing of a Ukrainian plane, Russia said Kiev missed a deadline for a $1.95bn (€1.44bn) debt payment and it would now only get gas paid for in advance.

Iraq Conflict: ISIS seizes Tal Afar city (200,000 population) ~ link
Sunni militants have seized the northern Iraqi city of Tal Afar, officials and residents say.  

US Congressman McCaul: ISIS greatest threat to America since 9/11 ~ link ~ Yet another lying Zionist - Globalist bought-and-paid for mouthpiece doing his best to blow up the world!!!  This over-the-top bit of bullshit earns this bum the 'dreaded' Five BS Flag Award.  America and its allies have/are funding and arming and commanding the ISIS.  Stirling   

The chairman of the US House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee says militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) pose the greatest threat to the US since the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Citing former US ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker, Michael McCaul (R-Texas) warned Sunday against the great national security threat to the US by ISIL militants in Iraq, saying they have nearly $1 billion and a trove of new weapons after they took control of Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city.

 ISIS seize Tal Afar, city of 200,000, enlarging its control of Iraq ~ link ~  
The Sunni militants fighting to make an Islamic state in Iraq have scored another victory in their move to control more territory. They captured Tal Afar, a city of 200,000 residents in north-west of the country.

The city was taken just before dawn on Monday, Mayor Abdulal Abdoul confirmed to AP. The report was also confirmed by residents on the phone. 

Iraq Conflict: RT LIVE UPDATES ~ link

London Mayor: 'Blair has gone mad' ~ link ~ Phony Tony has lived in such a sea of lies for so long, he no longer knows what the truth is!  Stirling    

Tony Blair’s essay on how the Middle East should blame its own religious dynamics for its troubles – instead of Western attempts at intervention - has seen London Mayor Boris Johnson launch a scathing attack on the “unhinged” former PM.

Johnson’s strong condemnation is a reaction to the arguments made in the former British Prime Minister’s piece entitled 'Iraq, Syria and the Middle East,' where claims range from placing blame on the Shiite government in Iraq to the inherent religious dynamics within the Middle East region, even to Syria for allowing the recent attack on Mosul to take place from within its borders, as well as Shiite fighters from Iran – all to explain why militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/ISIS) are making such progress these days. 

But perhaps the most off-the-wall remark that has sent everyone, from the British press to Blair’s former party mates, to Boris Johnson, over the edge was Blair’s claim that Britain should be thanked, not blamed, for the 2003 invasion of Iraq. 

ISIS executes 1,700 Iraqi soldiers - with graphic photos ~ link ~ Western tax dollars at work!!!  Shameful.  Stirling  

Polls show surge in support for Scottish independence ~ link ~ All the latest BS from Tony Blair is not factored into these polls, but they are reminding the Scots of the bought-and-sold corrupt nature of the London governments.  I say again: Unless the economic depression is over by the time of the election in September, I expect Scotland to become independent and the UK to effectively cease to be!!!  Stirling   

'Cluster of Central Banks' have secretly invested $29 TRILLION in the market ~ link ~ No wonder the number of billionaires continues to rise and those with mass wealth continue to expand on that wealth at fantastic rates while the Middle Class in Europe and North America is DYING!!!   Stirling    


Anonymous said...

Ukrainian PM Yatsenyuk calls residents of south-east 'subhumans'
16.06.2014 | Source:

Ukrainian PM Yatsenyuk calls residents of south-east 'subhumans'. 52958.jpeg
AP photo

Arseny Yatsenyuk, Rada-appointed Prime Minister of Ukraine, used the Nazi word 'subhumans' in relation to residents of the south-east of the country in official comments on the webpage of the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States.

One of Yatsenyuk's quotes contains the word "subhuman." In the same statement, the so-called prime minister promised to destroy all those, who kill Ukrainian military men and then "cleanse the earth from evil," Lifenews reports.

Yatsenyuk expressed condolences to the families of the Ukrainian military men, who were killed near Lugansk, fighting against their own people. The prime minister called them heroes.

"They lost their lives because they defended men and women, children and the elderly who found themselves in a situation facing a threat to be killed by invaders and sponsored by subhumans," he said. "First, we will commemorate the heroes by wiping out those who killed them and then by cleaning our land from the evil," Yatsenyuk's message posted on the website of the Ukrainian Embassy in the USA said.

Noteworthy, the word "subhumans" has a German equivalent - "untermensch," which translates from German as a person of inferior race. Such vocabulary and beliefs are inherent to Nazi ideology.

Yours, in Jesus Christ, our Saviour

Joaquin, Germany

P.S. I cannot read your "Please prove you're not a robot"
It is horrible.

Anonymous said...

Noteworthy, the word "subhumans" has a German equivalent - "untermensch," which translates from German as a person of inferior race. Such vocabulary and beliefs are inherent to Nazi ideology.

Well, it should be "Untermenschen", because the singular is "Untermensch", which is subhuman in English.

But subhuman is not an inferior human race, it means that the person is a worthless creature, like an insect or a rat...

The German fascists often used rats (in films and texts) to describe/show so called "subhumans".

It's interesting to see that fascism is not only a German construct, but that it is universal, controlled by unconscious drives, unfortunately.

You should study:

Mass Psychology of Fascism, by Wilhelm Reich

In the introduction to his book W. Reich writes about German "machine humans". Quite an interesting construct/expression, isn't it?
You can find machine humans (brainwashed humans)everywhere.

Go back to 1979. The war between China and Vietnam.
China used her soldiers to clear mine fields. The soldiers marched in a line across the mine fields, without any protection.
They did it for the REVOLUTION.
(they did not defuse the mines, no, the mines exploded under their feet)

Joaquin, Germany