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On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 


13 June 2014


Iraq signals intent to fight as two Iraqi towns fall to ISIS ~ link ~ It appeasrs that the Globalist Banksters and the Zionists have finally found a trap that Iran feels that it has to step into!  BAD SIGN...REALLY BAD SIGN!!!  Stirling 

The fast-moving rebellion, which also draws support from former Saddam-era figures and other disaffected Sunnis, has emerged as the biggest threat to Iraq's stability since the U.S. withdrawal at the end of 2011. It has pushed the nation closer to a precipice that could partition the country into Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish zones.

The assault also threatens to embroil Iraq more deeply in a wider regional conflict, already feeding off the chaos caused by the civil war in neighboring Syria. Iran's official IRNA news agency on Friday reported that former members of Tehran's powerful Revolutionary Guard have announced their readiness to fight in Iraq against the Islamic State, while Iranian state TV quoted President Hassan Rouhani as saying his country will do all it can to fight terrorism next door.

ISIS advances on Baghdad and imposes Sharia Law along the way - videos ~ link 

Iraq Crisis threatens to ignite Regional War ~ link
The crisis threatens to plunge Iraq into a sectarian civil war on the scale of the one provoked by the US and its allies in neighboring Syria and to engulf the entire region in bloody conflict.

A force that the US military spent $25 billion and nearly a decade to train has proven incapable of halting the advance of what are estimated to be only 2,000 to 3,000 ISIS fighters. Videos posted online showed ISIS fighters herding columns of hundreds if not thousands of soldiers taken prisoner.

Connections by Lord Stirling ~ link ~ How the ISIS war on the Iraqi Government is a Globalist/Israeli plot to entangel Iran in a Regional War that will likely become WWIII and how this follows in the failure of the Ukraine War to entangel Russia in a war that would prevent it from blocking a US/UK/French/Israeli invasion of Syria (with the goal being a Regional War...). I was the first to make these connections and now many others are seeing the linkage.  Stirling   
NATO'S Terror Hordes in Iraq are a Pretext for a Syria Invasion ~ link ~ The Satanists ... that is the Global Banking Cartel families and Bibi 666 Netanyahu and his government ... are determined to get their General Middle East War and World War III.  They have tried several times in the last couple of years and failed but this time they just may succeed!!!  Do take the time to read all of this one at the link.  Stirling  
All roads lead to Baghdad and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is following them all, north from Syria and Turkey to south. Reading Western headlines, two fact-deficient narratives have begun gaining traction. The first is that this constitutes a “failure” of US policy in the Middle East, an alibi as to how the US and its NATO partners should in no way be seen as complicit in the current coordinated, massive, immensely funded and heavily armed terror blitzkrieg toward Baghdad. The second is how ISIS appears to have “sprung” from the sand dunes and date trees as a nearly professional military traveling in convoys of matching Toyota trucks without explanation.

In actuality, ISIS is the product of a joint NATO-GCC conspiracy stretching back as far as 2007 where US-Saudi policymakers sought to ignite a region-wide sectarian war to purge the Middle East of Iran’s arch of influence stretching from its borders, across Syria and Iraq, and as far west as Lebanon and the coast of the Mediterranean. ISIS has been harbored, trained, armed, and extensively funded by a coalition of NATO and Persian Gulf states within Turkey’s (NATO territory) borders and has launched invasions into northern Syria with, at times, both Turkish artillery and air cover. The most recent example of this was the cross-border invasion by Al Qaeda into Kasab village, Latikia province in northwest Syria.   
Invading northern Iraq will allow NATO to then justify cross-border operations into eastern Syria. In reality what NATO will be doing is establishing their long desired “buffer zone” where terrorists can launch attacks deeper and more effectively into Syrian territory. With western Syria returning to peace and order after a series of victories for the Syrian government, the last front NATO’s proxy forces have is Al Qaeda’s arch of terror running along Turkey’s border and now, across eastern Syria and northern Iraq. NATO’s presence in northern Iraq would also provide an obstacle for Iranian-Syrian trade and logistics. 
Iraq In Chaos as CIA-linked ISIS 80 miles from Baghdad - video ~ link ~ Notice the long line of identical Toyoda pickup trucks!  Stirling   
ISIS militants: Tools of Zionists ~ link ~  
Takfiri militants currently wreaking havoc on Iraq are operatives of the Israeli regime, an analyst writes for Press TV. 
“The Takfiri terrorists afflicting Iraq – like the American invaders – are tools of the Zionists,” Kevin Barrett wrote in an article for the Press TV website.

The analyst was referring to the extremist militants from the al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) that reportedly captured two provincial capitals this week, namely Tikrit in the Salahuddin Province and Iraq’s second city of Mosul in the northern province of Nineveh.

How America is arming BOTH SIDES of the Iraqi Conflict ~ link
USS George H. W. Bush heading 'toward' Iraq ~ link 
US 'urgently' mulls attacks ON SYRIA and Iraq  ~ link ~  
The US government is ‘urgently’ considering air assaults on Iraq and Syria in an attempt to flush out the al-Qaeda-linked Takfiri militants operating in the two countries, a US official says.

The unnamed official, quoted by the Guardian, said on Friday that the White House was “urgently and expediently” considering military action to halt the rapid advance of the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).
Lord Stiring (Tim Alexander) and Dr. Bill Deagle on the Nutrimedical Report Show ~ link ~ Click on the First Hour Thursday June 12, 2014 - go to 14:30 into this hour; also click on the Third Hour Thursday June 12, 2014; also click on the Third Hour Tuesday June 10, 2014.

Iraq under attack by USA, France, Saudi Arabia (etc.) ~ link ~

The Islamic Emirate in Iraq and the Levant is led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on behalf of Prince Abdul Rahman al-Faisal, the brother of the current Saudi Foreign Minister and of the Saudi ambassador in Washington. He is funded and supervised jointly by U.S., French and Saudi officers. Over the past month, he has received new weapons from Ukraine, where Saudi Arabia has acquired a weapons factory, and via Turkey, which has created a special rail line alongside a military airport to supply the IEIL.

How did 800 ISIS fighters rout 2 Iraqi divisions? ~ link
The extremist group seizing vast swaths of Iraq this week is most likely fielding a small force of less than 1,000 fighters equipped with little more than small-arms weaponry and soft-shelled pickup trucks.

But the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, apparently has routed an estimated 30,000 Iraqi Army soldiers who were trained by the U.S. military and given billions in sophisticated American military equipment.

Evacuations in Iraq as Chaos and Panic Spreads ~ link ~ A growing sense of panic was gripping Iraq last night as the al-Qaeda uprising in the country’s north led to US contractors being evacuated from the region and European countries ordering their citizens to leave Baghdad.  

Obama says 'all options on the table' to aid Iraq, but others say that's not really true ~ link ~ Those of us with a brain figured out a long time ago that Obama always lies...he is totally full of crap!!!  Stirling   

ISIS offensive in Iraq - RT LIVE UPDATES ~ link  

INDICATIONS THAT THE US IS PLANNING A NUCLEAR ATTACK AGAINST RUSSIA ~ link ~ This would NOT work as key elements of the Russian triad (ICBMs being land and rail mobile; SLBM at sea; and mobile bomber based stealth cruise missiles) are designed to survive such a sneak attack.  Stirling  

On Wednesday, June 11th, CNN headlined “U.S. Sends B-2 Stealth Bombers to Europe,” and reported that “they arrived in Europe this week for training.” Wikipedia notes that B-2s were “originally designed primarily as a nuclear bomber,” and that “The B-2 is the only aircraft that can carry large air-to-surface standoff weapons in a stealth configuration.”

In other words, the primary advantage of the newer, “Stealth,” version of B-2, is its first-strike (or surprise-attack) nuclear capability. That’s the upgrade: the weapon’s ability to sneak upon the target-country and destroy it before it has a chance to fire off any of its own nuclear weapons in response to that “first-strike” attack. The advantage of Stealth is creating and stationing a nuclear arsenal for the purpose of winning a nuclear war, instead of for the goal of having continued peace via “Mutually Assured Destruction,” or MAD.

Ukraine's junta's demand for gas prices below$385 leads to deadlock - Putin ~ link ~ Also see ~ linkThe Globalists may try to use the impact of a Russian natural gas shutoff to blame Russia for the coming Global Economic Collapse!!!  Stirling 

Russia has offered Ukraine a final gas price of $385 per 1,000 cubic meters, and if Kiev continues to ask for a lower price, rapport between the two countries will fall apart, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday.
“We believe our proposals offered more than a partnership aimed to support the Ukrainian economy during its difficult period when it was in need. But if our proposals are rejected, then we move into a completely different stage, it’s not our choice,” Putin said at a meeting with government officials. 

The price has now been set at $385 per thousand cubic meters, $100 less than the previous $485 price Moscow set but more than the $268.50 price Kiev demanded.
“Gazprom has offered its Ukrainian partners the exact same conditions that the government had under Viktor Yanukovich - a $100 discount on the contract price, with a final price of $385 per thousand cubic meters,” Putin said. 

USA is blocking a natural gas settlement in the Ukraine to prolong conflict ~ link
Washington is making Ukraine stall on a gas settlement agreement with Russia to try and draw out the conflict, journalist and broadcaster Neil Clark told RT. Moscow offered Ukraine a 25 percent discount on gas, but Kiev insists this is not enough.

Ukraine War: Kiev junta's forces win back Mariupol ~ link ~ Government troops in eastern Ukraine have won back the port city of Mariupol from pro-Russian separatist rebels after heavy fighting.

Ukrainian junta's army resumes mortar shelling of Slavyansk ~ link ~ Also see ~ link 

Over 9,000 Ukrainian refugees have entered Russia's Rostov region TODAY ~ link ~ The Globalist/Zionist coup junta is doing all it can to provoke Putin to step into the bear-trap of intervention.  This is tied in to the Mideast and to WWIII.  Stirling   

Ukrainian junta APC with troops breaches Russian border ~ link ~  
At least one Ukrainian armored vehicle crossed the Russian border with Ukraine Friday overnight and stopped in the Rostov Region, according to Russia’s Security Service. The military abandoned the vehicle and returned to Ukraine.

In response to the incident, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the “illegal act” will not promote a peaceful resolution of the conflict. The ministry has also demanded an end to “provocations” on the border, which are making dialogue between the two countries much more difficult. The ministry directed a note of protest to Kiev on Friday. 

There are also reports that there was not one, but two armored vehicles. A source from the FSB told LifeNews Channel that two armored vehicles crossed the Russian border. 

'Unprecedented': 13 Aircraft mysteriously disappear from radars in the heart of Europe ~ link ~ Sounds like a 'warning' or a 'test' (re: False Flag) to me!  Stirling  

The Baltic Dry Index is having its WORST YEAR EVER ~ link ~ That is VERY BAD ECONOMIC NEWS as the Baltic Dry Index is a very good indicator of where the global economy is headed!  Stirling   

Eric Cantor's defeat is also Netanyahu's ~ link ~ GREAT!  I am sick and tired of this bought-and-paid for Congress that caters to the Zionists and the Global Banking Cartel at the expense of the American people.  One jerk down, many more to go!  Stirling  

Of course it isn’t yet clear what Eric Cantor’s stunning and decisive defeat at the hands of an unknown challenger with one twentieth the campaign funds means for direction the House GOP. On domestic issues, including immigration, Cantor has been a chameleon—an establishment figure, a reformer, a “young gun,” a Tea Party insurgent with legislative tactician skills, a supporter of immigration reform (aka amnesty), and then a professed opponent of the same immigration reform. (I should note there was a time, in the 1990s, when immigration “reform” meant tightening the borders and tinkering with the legal immigration system so it was more skills-based, less based on “your brother’s wife got in a few years ago, so you are now eligible for a visa.”) The only ads I’ve seen from David Brat, the surprising victor, attacked Cantor’s readiness to hang out with big-money immigration boosters (Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg) while ignoring the labor market and wage impact large-scale immigration has for voters in his district.

One issue wasn’t talked about, though I wonder if it subliminally registered with some anti-Cantor voters. Cantor in 2010 more or less presented himself as Bibi Netanyahu’s congressman. Newly Elevated by the GOP House takeover as the incoming majority leader, he held a private meeting with the Likud leader at the New York Regency. No other Americans were present; Netanyahu was joined by Israel’s ambassador and national security adviser.

The big loser in Cantor's defeat ~ link
The biggest loser in the surprise primary election loss of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is the Israel Lobby. Cantor lost by a double-digit margin to former World Bank consultant Dave Brat, the candidate of the Tea Party. It is ironic that a former employee for such a bugbear for the Tea Party as the World Bank would become the “anti-globalist” Tea Party’s latest hero.
It is serendipitous that WMR finds itself reporting on Cantor’s loss from Abilene, Kansas, the birthplace and final resting place of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Ike” rattled the cage of Israel and its supporters when he pressured Israel to withdraw its troops from the Sinai and Suez Canal during the 1956 Anglo-French-Israel attack on Egypt. The United States, by failing to support Israel, gave Egypt’s President Gamal Abdel Nasser a major victory over the twin global threats of colonialism and Zionism.

But back to Cantor. the vanquished House majority leader, who organized a number of congressional delegations to Israel, was the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and billionaire casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson’s best hope to become the first Jewish speaker of the House of Representatives or vice president of the United States. Those plans now lie in tatters. Not only did Cantor receive tons of cash from Adelson, but he benefited by huge financial support from the Rothschild investment front operation, the Blackstone Group, and billionaire Larry Ellison’s Oracle Corporation.

House of Lords Select Committee on the Constitution Report: Scottish Independence - Constitutional implications of the referendum ~ link 

17 Years after gun bans in Australia ... Police say Gun Crimes are Out-of-Control ~ link ~ "When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns!" ... an old saying but a true one!  Stirling  

Scientists recreate extinct Spanish Flu virus that killed over 50 million ~ link ~ Also see ~ linkAnd you can count on the fact that many Advanced Biowar labs are working to make this virus even more deadly!!!  There will be two main methods of killing ... of "reducing the herd of unnecessary eaters" by several billion human beings ... in the Third World War: Global Strategic Thermonuclear Warfare and Global Strategic Advanced Biological Warfare.  In fact the last book of the Christian Bible says, that in Armageddon, a third will die from 'Wormwood' (which is the translation for Chernobyl) and a third will die of 'plague' (which sounds like Advanced Biowar to me).  Stirling  

Below normal temperatures cover 90% of the North Atlantic ~ link ~ This is due to the death of the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico from the BP Oil Disaster and its effect on the Thermohaline circulation System.  I predicted this about three years ago!  Stirling   

The Big Beer Cover-Up Exposed ~ link
Less than 24 hours after the Food Babe launched a petition demanding beer companies publicly disclose their ingredients (yes, beer ingredients are a long-kept secret and they are not required by the FDA to disclose them), the MillerCoors company has been caught deceiving the public over its use of corn syrup derived from genetically modified corn.