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Holy Shroud of Turin

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On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 


17 June 2014 ~ Second Update


I am sorry that the photos of the billboards about Obama, that I posted last night did not show.  They were showing on my computer but not on others.  Thanks to those that emailed me about the problem. I have had to take down that post.  Tim Earl of Stirling  

ISIS Execution Photos FAKED ... Photoshop Mistake and Wardrobe 'Malfunction' ~ link ~ You have got to check this article (and the next related one) out.  The evil crooks, the Global Banking Cartel and the Netanyahu Zionists who are behind the war in Iraq and the war in the Ukraine and who control the mainstream news media, are trying to play us for fools again!!! Why are they doing this???  To create a demand in the public for western intervention in Iraq, to attack the ISIS terrorists "who are killing innocent people".  Now I am sure that the ISIS are really a bunch of cutthroats and have committed many a war crime.  But WHY would they film themselves committing a massive war crime and release it to the world???  This all goes back to the connections between the Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Russia, etc.  We are being played by these demonic scum who are setting up a horrific new global war, World War III Armageddon!!!  See my analysis from a few days ago CONNECTIONS ~ link  

Iraq Crisis: Are ISIS Execution Photos Fake? ~ link ~  
The pictures appear to show masked Isis fighters loading captives into flatbed trucks before taking them to a shallow ditch, forcing them to lay face-down with their hands tied behind their backs. The final images show the bodies of the captives soaked in blood after being shot.

Isis captioned the photos with the claim that "hundreds have been liquidated", and boasted on a militant website that the horrific images provide evidence that 1,700 Iraqi government soldiers have been killed by Sunni fighters. Meanwhile Iraq's chief military spokesman, Lt. Gen. Qassim al-Moussawi, confirmed the photos' authenticity.

However Erin Evers, Human Rights Watch researcher in Iraq said: "We're trying to verify the pics, and I am not convinced they are authentic.

Islamic gunmen who Executed Christians 'kidnapped women' in Kenya ~ link ~ One of the advantages of reading several hours of news per day, as I do for this news blog and my time on the Nutrimedical Report Show, is that you get a good overview of the 'flow and patterns' of global news.  I have noticed lately a sudden upturn in Islamic extremists attacks on Christians and otherwise innocent people ... or to be more precise, on coverage by the mainstream news media about such attacks.  In some cases, such as the large abductions of women in Africa by Islamic terrorists, there are substantial indications that the kidnappings are faked and the local governments know this.  Which all goes back to "laying the groundwork", that is psy ops, for coming actions/war involving Islamic nations.  Again, we are being set up and played for fools by the Globalists and Zionists.  Stirling     

ISIS rebels drive closer to Baghdad - US considers its options ~ link ~ America and allied nations ARE BEHIND ISIS!!!  While we "are considering options" the psy ops continue to be played out to encourage a demand that we at least "bomb the terrorists bastards".  Game ON.
The extremist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is tightening control of Iraq's Sunni Muslim heartland, attacking the strategic city of Baqouba, less than 40 miles from Baghdad. The U.S. is sending up to 275 military personnel to bolster its embassy in the capital; President Obama is also reportedly weighing airstrikes.

"ISIS is one of the most extreme Islamist organizations globally," NPR's Leila Fadel reports from northern Iraq, for our Newscast unit. "It's so extreme that even al-Qaida ."

Iraqi Conflict: British ISIS fighters "biggest threat to national security" says PM Cameron ~ link ~ This is a link to The Telegraph's LIVE UPDATE so if you go to this link, you may have to scow down to read it.  This is such total bullshit that it earns the Prime Minister the 'dreaded' Five BS Flag Award for over-the-top BS.  Stirling  
Foreign fighters in Iraq and Syria including Britons who could try to return to UK "biggest threat to national security that exists today", says Prime Minister, as Isis moves closer to Baghdad 


Towards a World War III Scenario: America's Contingency Plan To Attack Iran With Nuclear Weapons ~ link ~ Reposting.
“What is unfolding (in Iran) is the outright legitimization of war in the name of an illusive notion of global security. America’s mini-nukes, with an explosive capacity of up to six times a Hiroshima bomb, are upheld as a ‘humanitarian’ bomb, whereas Iran’s nonexistent nuclear weapons are branded as an indisputable threat to global security,” Chossudovsky writes.

He points out that a U.S.-Israeli strike against Iran would probably not be limited to Iran’s nuclear facilities but likely would be “an all-out air attack on both military and civilian infrastructure, transport systems, factories and public buildings.”

Employed would be “the entire gamut of new advanced weapons systems, including electro-metric weapons and environmental modification techniques (ENMOD),” Chossudovsky writes.

Obama The Destroyer: A Tale Of Two Cities ~ link ~ If you don't read anything else here today, do take the time to read this one in full at the link.  Stirling  

Obama will have done the job Wall Street sent him to do. When the Dollar Dies, prices will double overnight. Apart from high prices, the only thing Native Born Americans will be able to see would be Nationwide Food Riots with the Amnetized illegals leading the charge. Quite a few black Obama voters will do their share of looting. After a week of rioting, the dollar will totally collapse. And then it will be Child’s Play for intelligence agents to get America’s Racial Civil War going big time. That way Wall Street can keep the $40 trillion they stole from us and steal another $20 trillion or more on the Day the Dollar Dies. Then the Bankers will be safe in their bunkers knowing that no American politician will ever be able to successfully mount a campaign to arrest them and to seize their assets. And then the pump will be primed for a few plagues to be released to reduce the population of the world by a few billion.

Seven Dead in Monrovia Ebola Outbreak ~ link ~ Ebola is a man-engineered virus, that is brought out to test it and now to give 'cover' for it as a 'natural' disease.  Stirling

The deadly Ebola virus has killed seven people in Liberia's capital, Monrovia, health officials have said. These are the first deaths reported in the city since the outbreak of the contagious virus in several West African states. Among the dead are a nurse and four people from the same household, including a baby, officials said.

Guinea has been worst-affected by Ebola, with 208 deaths since the outbreak was first reported in March. There is no cure or vaccine for Ebola - one of the world's deadliest viruses.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry that the photos of the billboards about Obama, that I posted last night did not show. They were showing on my computer but not on others. Thanks to those that emailed me about the problem. I have had to take down that post. Tim Earl of Stirling

I have seen the photos!

If you know how to use a search engine you can find them!

It is always Obama's picture, but each time you can see a different slogan.

Dear Lord Stirling,

please repost the article.

Joaquin, Germany

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Anonymous said...


The stage is being set for World War III

Today, every American, everyone in the West needs to step away from their backyard barbeques and pool parties and pay close attention, look long and hard at what is being engineered in Iraq, for life as we know it will soon change. For Americans, Iraq is a half a world away. For others, it much closer. For everyone, though, it’s soon to become very personal for all of us.

America, the West and the world is bearing witness to one of the most significant geopolitical events of the last century taking place in Iraq and throughout the Middle East. But few fully understand the enormity of what they are seeing. Even fewer understand the big picture or thinking big enough, as all is not what it appears. We are witnessing the second act of the play about which I’ve previously written, which is the setting of the stage for World War III. Our world as we know it will soon change, and no one will be left untouched by the events that have been orchestrated by the globalist screenwriters and directors.(...)

Interesting article.