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One Second To World War III


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On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 


28 May 2014

One Second to World War III

We appear to be moving towards the beginning of military action in what will be known as the Third World War. With the Ukrainian coup junta's mass attack on the Donbass Region, home to 4.5 million Russians, yesterday, that killed over 100 including over 50 civilians in their homes and involved the deliberate slaughter of wounded separatist troops, things are now at the point that Putin cannot ignore. 

Late yesterday, Russia once again demanded the immediate end to the Ukrainian junta's war on Russian speaking citizens. 

Today Russia is saying that it is receiving a large number of desperate calls from civilians for help. 

Russia is "requesting" that the coup junta allow it to provide humanitarian assistance and offering to do so in a reasonable way. 

It is highly likely that the Ukraine junta, with its new central bank Zionist oligarch president, will reject this out-of-hand. This will result in Russia "going in" on a "humanitarian" intervention/invasion.  

Once Russian military forces are tied down in the Ukraine, the massive multinational war games in Jordan and Israel may go hot with intervention in Syria.  

Remember that the Saudi and American governments are fueling the 'problem' that resulted in the Parliament in Lebanon not being able to elect a replacement President of Lebanon (old one left office two days ago)in five attempts. This will complicate any Lebanese diplomatic and military moves to defend its territory from Israeli attacks on Hezbollah missile launch sites. 

Any Middle East General War will involved massive use of Weapons of Mass Destruction and with the NATO - Russian clashes in eastern Europe, and possible clashes in Asia involving the Chinese and Japanese, will 'go global' into the Third World War.  The possibilities are getting scarier daily!   

Tim Earl of Stirling    


Anonymous said...

2025 might be harsh but until then the cold war will become a cash cow for the military industrial complex and the growing private and state security complex.

Keep blogging that information!

Anonymous said...

Brother Nathanael...The battle for the Ukrain