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On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 


7 May 2014 ~ Second Update


Russian troops are withdrawing from Ukraine border in latest Putin peace overture ~ link ~ Putin is going all out in his peace overture.  However, so far the West and its puppet coup junta in Kiev have violated every agreement that they have made and show NO INTEREST in reaching a true peace deal with Moscow.  This may be the last effort that Putin makes before using military force; or it may result in a peaceful settlement.  The key is will the West (read: the Global Banking Cartel and the Netanyahu Zionists) be willing to reach a compromise to end the nightmare that they created!  I am doubtful that they will, but only time will tell.  Putin is the most resourceful national leader of his time and if anyone can out maneuver the globalists/Zionists it is he.  In any case, if the peace effort fails, he will be shown to have made another major effort, before he sends the Russian Armed Forces into combat.  Stirling     

Russia has pulled back its troops from the Ukrainian border, president Vladimir Putin told diplomats as he urged insurgents in south-eastern Ukraine to postpone their planned referendum on autonomy.

In a meeting in Moscow with Swiss president Didier Burkhalter, Mr Putin said the Russian troops have been pulled back to their training grounds and locations for "regular exercises", but he did not specify whether those locations were in areas near Ukraine. A Defence Ministry spokesman declined to say where the troops are now positioned.

Mr Putin also called on Ukraine's military to halt all operations against pro-Russia activists who have seized government buildings and police stations in at least a dozen towns in eastern Ukraine.

Putin pulls a Fast One: NATO says no Russian troop withdrawal ~ link ~ Putin is the master of the geo-political chessboard.  Take a minute to read the comments on this article.  Stirling   

Putin calls for end to Kiev junta's military op, ostponing referendum in east Ukraine ~ link ~
Ukrainian right-wing groups are behind the recent events in the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, adding that Kiev has not disarmed them. He also called on anti-Kiev protesters to postpone a May 11 federalization referendum. "Russia believes that the crisis, which originated in Ukraine and is now actively developing in accordance with the worst-case scenario, is to be blamed on those who organized the coup in Kiev on 22-23 February and still do not care to disarm the right-wing and nationalist elements," the president said.

Direct dialogue between Kiev and anti-government protesters in southeast Ukraine is key to ending the crisis, Putin said. It is now essential to create “to create the necessary conditions for this dialogue,” he added.

Putin tells Ukraine anti-coup forces to delay referendums ~ link ~ President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday told pro-Russian rebels fighting in east Ukraine to halt plans for independence referendums and said his troops had been withdrawn from the border, a potential breakthrough in the worst showdown between Moscow and the West since the Cold War. 

The Russian leader also hailed a planned May 25 presidential election in Ukraine, previously criticised by the Kremlin, as a "move in the right direction". 

Vladimir Putin calls on Ukraine to postpone referendum ~ link ~
Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for a planned May 11 referendum on autonomy in south-east Ukraine to be postponed.
In a meeting with his Swiss counterpart Didier Burkhalter, Mr Putin also called on Ukraine's military to halt all operations against pro-Russia activists who have seized government buildings and police stations across at least a dozen towns in eastern Ukraine. The Russian leader described Ukraine's upcoming presidential election - planned for May 25 - as a move "in the right direction", but repeated Russia's long-held stance that constitutional reforms must precede any nationwide vote in Ukraine.
Putin tells pro-Russian separatists in the Ukraine to postpone referendum and pulls back troops in first breakthrough in crisis ~ link ~ Putin has also described Ukraine's May 25 presidential election as a move 'in the right direction,' and said his talk with Burkhalter, who is chairman-in-office for the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe, encouraged him that 'our approaches (to Ukraine) coincide'.

The Russian leader still repeated Russia's long-held stance that constitutional reforms must precede any nationwide vote in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin urges east Ukraine separatists to postpone referendum ~ link ~ A bargain may now be possible whereby the referendum is shelved in return for Kiev calling off the military offensive in Donetsk. 

However, Ukraine will hold a presidential election on May 25 that is highly unlikely to be put back. Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin's spokesman, said that Russia might consider this to be legitimate if the government in Kiev were to negotiate directly with the pro-Russian leaders in Donetsk, as well as cancelling all military operations. These decisions "may allow Ukraine to escape a situation that is currently only deteriorating," said Mr Peskov, according to a Russian news website. 

Putin urges eastern Ukraine referendum delay ~ link
The move was announced after a Kremlin meeting with Swiss president and current Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) chief Didier Burkhalter on Wednesday.

"We ask the representatives of the southeast to postpone the referendums planned for May 11 in order to create the conditions necessary for dialogue," Putin said after the meeting.

Odessa Massacre survivor: "Many people strangled after escaping the fire" - with video ~ link ~
Radicals set the building with innocent people inside on fire in Odessa, then strangled the survivors and finished them with bats, while police did nothing to prevent the bloodshed. That’s the scary picture a survivor of the massacre told RT. “First of all, nobody expected such cruelty, and secondly, it was too late to escape,” Tatyana Ivananko told RT’s correspondent Alexey Yaroshevsky about the Odessa tragedy on May 2, after which at least 46 people died in flames, when radicals set ablaze the local House of Trade Unions with anti-government protesters trapped inside.

According to the witness, pro-autonomy activists wanted to hide from the radicals by barricading themselves in the building. 

Anti-Kiev protesters regain control of city council building in Mariupol ~ link ~
Despite claims by Kiev that the city of Mariupol in eastern Ukraine is under the control of Interior Troops, the flags of the People Republic of Donetsk and Russia have been again raised by anti-Kiev activists above the local administration building.
Early Wednesday, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry said that the city council in Mariupol had been cleared of the supporters of the People’s Republic of Donetsk. “The city is under full control of the authorities,” the interior minister in Ukraine’s coup-imposed government, Arsen Avakov, announced. “Mariupol is unblocked; the traffic in the streets and access to all administrative buildings have been restored.”
The interior troops used toxic gas as they stormed the administration building in Mariupol, one of the protesters told RIA-Novosti news agency. As the self-defense forces abandoned the city council fearing for their lives, around 60 armed men began shooting in the air, he said. The use of poison gas by the radicals is also believed to be the reason for the death of 46 people in the Ukrainian city of Odessa on May 2.

Russian stocks, bonds and Ruble are soaring on Putin's 'Diplomacy' ~ link 

New Russian subs, warships, SAMs, and troops to be deployed in the Crimea ~ link ~
The Russian Defense Ministry is planning to deploy additional forces in Crimea as part of beefing up the Black Sea fleet under a $2.5 billion program. The need for new deployment emerged after the formerly Ukrainian peninsula joined Russia.

“Before year’s end we will form new units of air defense and marine troops at the sites of our fleet’s deployment,” Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said Tuesday. “The fleet will receive new submarines and surface ships of new generation this year. This requires our attention.”

Gasprom boosts Ukraine overdue invoice to $3.5 billion after Kiev junta "forgot" to pay April bill ~ link ~
Looks like Ukraine won't be buying that gold with IMF loan proceeds after all. 

Moments ago, in what has become a monthly tradition, Gazprom reported that Ukraine has once again forgotten to pay its latest monthly, April, gas bill. As a result, the total amount of money now due rises from $2.2 billion which was the invoice through the end of April, to $3.5 billion. As RT reminds us, and as was reported previously, this means that in June Ukraine might receive Russian gas only on the condition of advanced payment.

Syria Conflict: 'Rebels' evacuated from Old City of Homs - with video ~ link ~ There is a direct connection between the war in Syria and the conflict in the Ukraine.  Russia has had a large number of jet fighters and airborne troops on reserve, in the event that the "West" and Israel attempted to save their failing war on Syria by a direct military attack on Syria.  By delaying any invasion of the Ukraine, Putin not only shows himself to be trying very hard to achieve a peaceful solution to this crisis, but is maintaining his freedom of action with regards to Syria!!!  Stirling    

Hundreds of rebels have been evacuated from their last stronghold in the central Syrian city of Homs.
Two convoys of buses have so far left the Old City and taken fighters to rebel-held territory to the north.
The withdrawal is part of a UN-brokered deal that will also see rebels release dozens of captives and ease two sieges.

Kansas records 100F temperature ~ link ~  Following a hard winter in North America, I suspect that we will have a very hot summer.   Stirling   

China sending its own police to Paris to protect its tourists from Roma gangs ~ link ~
Chinese police are set to arrive in Paris to protect their tourists from attacks by Roma gangs. The development follows a huge increase in aggressive begging and stealing in and around world famous tourist sites.

Sir Richard Branson to develop hypersonic commerical airplanes that could travel 19,000 mph - NYC to Tokyo in 1 hour ~ link ~ This IS possible!  Good going Sir Richard!  Stirling    

Vatican reveals that it has disciplined about 3,500 priests since 2004 for raping and molesting children and 848 of them have been defrocked ~ link ~ But they still have not ended the 800 year old man-made rule of mandatory celibacy in the 2,000 year old church!  Until they do this, which could be done overnight, I will NOT believe that they are serious about cleaning up this nightmare!  Stirling   

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