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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin

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On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 


22 May 2014 ~ Second Update


Coup junta says it's ready for 'FINAL STAGE' of its Military Operations in eastern Ukraine ~ link ~ This 'final stage' is coming shortly before many tens of thousands of NATO troops enter the Ukraine for "War Games" in June and July.  The Globalists and Zionists want ... and I mean really want ... war with Russia but they want to frame it in the minds of the sheeple as 'Russia's fault'.  These are very dangerous times.  That is why I continue to have a "War Warning Third World War" sign posted on this news blog.  Stirling  

Acting President Aleksandr Turchinov says Kiev is ready to “clear eastern Ukraine of terrorists” in a final stage of their military operation, dubbed punitive by Moscow. This comes just after the parliament’s call for immediate troop withdrawal.
"We have just held a meeting with [national] security forces, we are ready for a final stage of the anti-terrorist operation. In the coming time we are ready to mop up Donetsk and Lugansk regions from terrorists,” Ukraine’s coup-imposed president, Aleksandr Turchinov, declared on Wednesday. 

NATO urges major military build-up ~ link ~ The global banksters, who make trillions from war and the threat of war have got to be stopped if the Human Race is to survive!!!  Find out when your Congressman or MP will be speaking or meeting the public next and go there and raise hell about what is happening.  If you don't at least try to do something, you will feel really bad when you meet your Maker someday!   Stirling   

Germany and other European NATO members are using the crisis they provoked in Ukraine to justify an intensive campaign of rearmament. NATO representatives, defence politicians and journalists are closely interacting in this campaign.

The leading role is being played by outgoing NATO General Secretary Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who in a number of interviews over recent weeks has been promoting the deployment of NATO combat forces to Eastern Europe and a massive increase in national defence budgets.

China calls for Security alliance with Iran and Russia ~ link ~ This is right out of the Bible and what will happen in the End Times!!!  Further, it is apt to light a fire under the Israelis to act soon.  Stirling  

Well, it looks like Obama the Peacemaker image took another hit today. China, which has no overseas military bases and no carrier battle groups sailing the seas to defend its customers, considers itself a target and not a threat. Imagine that.

The US "divide and conquer" ploy with the Asia Pivot is turning into Obama's Asia Boomerang. The land of freedom and democracy has turned into the major stimulus on the planet for forming defensive military alliances.

Replacing the Russian manufactured Atlas and Antares rocket engines will take four years for NASA ~ link ~ When Obama screws up he does it big time!  Stirling   

Aerojet Rocketdyne has studied what it would take to replace the Russian-built RD-180 and AJ-26 rocket engines used in the Atlas V and Antares launch vehicles.
The answer is at least four years, with enough money, said Julie Van Kleeck, Aerojet Rocketdyne vice president for Advanced Space & Launch Systems, when asked what it would take to develop new engines domestically if Russia shuts off the supply over the Crimean crisis.

Connecting the 'Nuclear Child' ~ link ~ A good overview of simple nuclear weapon technology.  Stirling   

South Africa and Brazil developing A-Darter SRAAM air-to-air missile ~ link ~ These are both BRICK nations; it appears that currency reform is not the only thing that they intend to cooperate on.  Stirling   
In South Africa, the A-Darter will equip the SAAF’s JAS-39 C/D Gripens, serving alongside the European IRIS-T. The SAAF’s Hawk Mk. 120 trainer/ light attack aircraft points to a larger export market, given the Hawk LIFT’s global popularity. Hawks are trainers, but many countries use them as light fighters and air policing aircraft. Even NATO planned to use them as airfield defense planes, in the event of a Soviet invasion. An integrated A-Darter would offer operators of advanced Hawk models a significant SRAAM upgrade, and might even become a reason to upgrade older Hawk models.

In Brazil, the A-Darter will also begin serving on JAS-39C/D Gripens, which will be leased in time for the 2016 Olympics. It will transfer to the F-X2 program’s JAS-39E/F Gripens once deliveries begin. They will also replace indigenous Mectron MAA-1 Piranha and AIM-9H Sidewinder missiles on some Brazilian aircraft. At present, official FAB announcements target only Brazil’s upgraded A-1M AMX subsonic fighters within the current inventory.

USA not ready for an EMP attack ~ link
Civilians around the world are not ready for the catastrophic effects of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) type of event that would cause widespread electrical blackouts, though such blackouts could be preventable, say experts.

One such expert, Peter Vincent Pry, the executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security and director of the U.S. Nuclear Strategy Forum -- both of which are congressional advisory boards -- says improving our technology to avoid an EMP disaster, as well as upgrading the United States' electrical grid, is a financially viable endeavor. But it doesn't seem to be one that lawmakers and policymakers are willing to take.

Lusitania: The Pearl Harbor of WWI - How the Illuminati banksters goaded America into the First World War ~ link ~ Notice how 'history' repeats itself.  The grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the bastards that did this are still at it.  Getting the Goy to kill the Goy and making a fortune off of it.  Stirling   

Swiss voters reject Gripen fighter purchase ~ link ~ The Gripen is a well made Swedish 4.5 generation fighter.  Not quite as good as the Eurofighter Typhoon or the Dassault Rafale or the latest Su-27 family aircraft.  Stirling  

Obama moves to CHOKE OFF American firearms manufactures and gun sales ~ link ~ What could be more telling than this.  When taken together with several False Flag events (the kindergarten mass murder only days before the Christmas before last, the Boston Marathon False Flag bombing, etc., etc.) designed to provide 'cover' for a drive to remove guns from the citizens, this shows a very strong drive to denude the American population of the ability to defend themselves from a out-of-control fascist future!!! Stirling    
Obama’s goal is nothing less than to crush the Second Amendment movement — and outlaw the possession of firearms in America. Now we have the “smoking gun” (so to speak). Obama has now moved to shut down every gun dealer and manufacturer in America by cutting off all credit from any financial institution — in addition to eliminating any ability of an FFL to process payments through the banks.

In a front-page article Monday in The Washington Times, reporter Kelly Riddell described this concerted effort by the Obama administration to choke off gun manufacturing and sales in the United States by drying up credit to gun dealers and manufacturers.

The effort starts with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which has lumped gun dealers in the same “high risk” category as pornographers. Coupled with Eric Holder’s Justice Department Operation Chokepoint, the FDIC’s action has encouraged banks to destroy the gun industry by dropping dealers, freezing their assets, and refusing to process their on-line sales. Already, thousands of gun dealers report being victimized by this administration effort to destroy the Second Amendment by regulatory fiat.

US Congress guts anti-NSA spying bill beyond recognition ~ link ~ US Senators and Congressmen ... the best political whores that money can buy!  Stirling   

Obamacare (CPS) sponsored child abductions ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this one in full at the simply cannot make this stuff up!   Stirling    

Is the Tea Party Dead? ~ link ~ YES ... remember that most of America votes on computers and the votes are counted by computers ... such a system CANNOT BE MADE SECURE! He who controls the source code controls the outcome of the election!!!  Stirling   

Do you remember when the pundits were talking about how the Tea Party movement was going to transform American politics?  Do you remember when establishment Republicans in Congress were scared to death of having Tea Party challengers come after their seats?  Well, those days are over.  In primary after primary in 2014, it has become abundantly clear that the establishment is in full control of the Republican Party once again.  And recent polling data also supports the theory that the Tea Party movement is losing steam.  Back in 2010, 31 percent of all Americans supported the Tea Party.  Today, an all-time low 15 percent of all Americans do.  So is the Tea Party dead?  Perhaps not yet, but without a doubt it is on the ropes.

Ever since the last election, Tea Party activists have been pointing toward 2014 as the year when top establishment Republicans would finally be held accountable for acting like liberal Democrats.  But instead, establishment Republicans have been crushing their Tea Party opponents in contest after contest.

US Shale Oil "Miracle" Disappears ~ link

As recently as yesterday, the much-publicized Monterey formation accounted for nearly two-thirds of all technically-recoverable US shale oil resources.
But by this morning? The EIA now estimates these reserves to be 96% lower than it previously claimed.
Yes, you read that right: 96% lower. As in only 4% of the original estimate is now thought to be technically-recoverable at today's prices:

Is there a Plan to use Land out West to Pay US Debt to China? ~ link ~ Any political or Wall Street crook that tries this should be hung for treason!!!  Stirling   

America's homeless: The rise of the Tent City USA - with video ~ link ~ Another thing to thank the global banksters and their Wall Street agents and political whores for!!!   Stirling    

Formed as an alternative to shelters and street-living, these makeshift communities are often set up off of highways, under bridges and in the woods. Some have "mayors" who determine the rules of the camp and who can and can't join, others are a free-for-all. Some are overflowing with trash, old food, human waste and drug paraphernalia, others are relatively clean and drug-free.
The National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty documented media accounts of tent cities between 2008 and 2013, and estimated that there are more than 100 tent communities in the United States -- and it says the encampments are on the rise. 

Sears to close 80 stores as troubles mount ~ link ~ The "recovery" from the "recent recession" continues ... NOT.  Stirling  

Sears, controlled by hedge fund billionaire Eddie Lampert, has been shedding assets and closing stores as it battles the operating losses and weak sales that have plagued the company since 2005, when the two chains were merged.

The company said last week it was exploring a sale of its 51 percent stake in Sears Canada Inc .

Historic Sino/Russian Trade Deal Signed ~ link ~ Forming the alliance that the Bible warns about in the End Times.  Stirling  

Who needs the USA? Not Russia and China ~ link  

The Battle for Africa: US Military Involvement vs Chinese Investments ~ link ~  Take the time to read this one at the link.  Stirling   

Honeybee population collapse continues ~ link ~ Without the honeybee, we humans are in very deep crap!  Stirling  
During the 2012-2013 winter season, US bee populations plummeted by nearly a third (30.5 percent), raising serious questions. How can key vegetable crops survive and reproduce long-term as the pollinators disappear? Why aren't pesticides being rigorously studied for the damage they do to honeybee immune systems and their role in disrupting ecosystems?
With less pollination activity taking place, crops like apples, almonds, watermelons and beans suffer the most. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA_ estimates that honeybee pollination adds up to $15 billion dollars to the agriculture sector in the US.

Can Cancer be stopped in its tracks? Even Cured? ~ link ~ YES it can.  Stirling   

Jazz on the Tube ~ link 


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