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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin

Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
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On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 


5 May 2014 ~ First Update


Europe tries new peace bid for the Ukraine as coup junta warns of war ~ link ~ European leaders are desperately pushing a new peace bid for Ukraine as the country slipped towards what its interim president warned Monday was already a "war" in the face of spreading violence.

Dozens injured with fatalities on both sides as Kiev coup junta's military op continues ~ link ~ There were fatalities among both Kiev loyalists and local militia members after governmental troops renewed their crackdown on the defiant eastern Ukrainian protester stronghold of Slavyansk. The death toll may be over 20. 

Ukraine War: Pro-Russian activists freed ~ link ~
“Russians won’t abandon their own!” militants chanted as they smashed windows and broke down the gate at the compound, where their comrades had been held since Friday. Others shouted “Russia! Russia!” and “we will not forgive!”

Odessa police said 67 activists were allowed to walk free. Some officers were offered the black and orange St George’s ribbon, a Russian military insignia that has become a symbol of the revolt, and were cheered by the crowd of several hundred.

Ukraine War threatens peace in Europe: Russia ~ link ~
In a statement released on Monday, the Russian Foreign Ministry called for immediate action concerning the current turmoil in Ukraine to prevent “destructive consequences for Europe’s stability and development.”

"Joint efforts by the Ukrainian people and the international community should as soon as possible put an end to racism, xenophobia, ethnic intolerance, (and) the glorification of the Nazis," the ministry added.
It also accused Ukrainian “ultra-nationalists” of committing massive rights violations across the former Soviet state. President Vladimir Putin has already called for dialog between the Kiev authorities and pro-Russians, who are currently in control of more than a dozen towns and cities in eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine War: Anti-coup/pro-Russian forces pull back in Sloviansk ~ link ~

Pro-Russian militants just outside Sloviansk have retreated amid attacks by Ukrainian troops, reports say. Government forces took control of a TV tower in the suburbs and rebels were pulled back deeper into the city, the Russian Interfax news agency said.

Earlier reports told of heavy gunfire, apparently closer to the centre than in recent days. But a BBC team which has recently reached the centre of Sloviansk says the city is currently quiet.

Dozens of FBI and CIA agents in Kiev 'assisting' coup junta ~ link ~ Your tax dollars at work Americans!!!  Stiring up something really big that just might lead to the wholesale slaughter of American families in a nuclear WWIII.  The Global Banksters and Zionists, in an ultimate "adding insult to injury" are using the tax dollars of Americans in a bid to destroy them!!!  Stirling 

Belgium police attack anti-Israel gathering ~ link ~ People arround the world are waking up to the real dangers to their very lives posed by tiny hyper-racist Israel and the Global Banksters.  Of course, governments are generally all bought-and-paid-for by Zionist and Globalist money.  But still, when your very future and the lives of your family are on the line, people will tend to get off their butts and raise some hell about what is happening, and this is now beginning to happen in a much more pronounced way in Europe.   Stirling   

Riot police in Belgium used water cannon to disperse an anti-Israel gathering in the capital, Brussels, an event that French comedian Dieudonné M'Bala M'Bala was to address.

The police on Sunday fired water cannon on a group of several hundred people while they defied a ban on rallying in Brussels’ district of Anderlecht.
Belgian officials had banned the meeting, calling it a threat to public order.

The crowd had gathered outside the “Salle Akdeniz,” where the meeting was planned to be held, in the hope that the ban would be overturned by the Belgium’s top administrative court.

However, while the group was waiting for the court’s decision, the riot police water-cannoned the crowd to disperse them for refusing to leave the site. “What we just faced is the evidence of anti-democracy… I just want to know why they made us wait for seven hours in front of that building to just water us like dogs when the state council had not even come to a decision. It’s just nonsense,” said Laurent Louis, an independent member of Belgium’s Federal Parliament.

The event, organized by a group called “Stand up Belgians, was meant to bring together a string of figures who are opposed to pro-Israel lobby groups.

 Belgian police use water cannons to disperse "anti-Semitic hate fest" - with video ~ link ~ The old saying that "if you want to know who really rules you, just look to who you cannot criticize" seems to be true!   Stirling    

However, Louis, an independent member of the French Parliament, was unhappy with the dispersal, seeing it as “a total demonstration of anti-democracy… We are in the Soviet Republic of Belgium! All our rights are flouted,” he told supporters afterwards. 

The event itself, visited by guests from several neighboring countries, was meant as an opportunity for prominent far-right figures to exchange ideas, including the French comedian, whose string of accusations include anti-Semitism and inciting racial hatred. He has already had shows banned by local authorities in native France. Additionally, Dieudonne is seen as a proponent of the 'quenelle,' a salute which is thought to carry anti-Semitic overtones for looking like an inverted version of the traditional Nazi salute. The actual movement, however, defends it as a simple anti-establishment pose – and Dieudonne himself has denied all accusations of anti-Semitism.


Everyone is under government surveillance now - Snowden - with video ~ link ~ This is the ever growing high-tech police state that the Global Banksters and Zionists have brought us...Why do we put up with it???  Stirling  

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