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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin
Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
AVE MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link
AVE MARIA by Katherine Jenkins - video ~ link 
AVE MARIA by Mirusia Louwerse - video ~ link
Orthodox Cherubim Hymn - video ~ link  
AVE MARIA by Perry Como - video ~ link 

On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 


7 May 2014 ~ Third Update
8 May 2014 ~ First Update


No evidence of Russian troop pullback - NATO; Coup Junta's PM dismisses Putin's Peace Proposal - with important video  ~ link ~ I believe that this is the answer from the Globalists/Zionists to Putin regarding his peace proposals of today!!!  Stirling   

Ukraine’s acting Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk reacted to Putin’s remarks about postponing Ukraine’s referendum on autonomy, saying it was “hot air”.
Putin had appealed to pro-Russian protesters in Ukraine’s eastern regions to postpone the May 11 referendum on autonomy.

End of Violence is the Main Condition for Launching Dialogue in the Ukraine ~ link ~ Russia demands that the current Kiev administration immediately halt all military operations in the southeastern regions of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin said. Russian President Vladimir Putin says the end of violence is an imperative condition for settling the Ukrainian crisis. "An imperative condition of the beginning of this dialogue is the end of any violence: the engagement of both the armed forces - which is absolutely unacceptable - and illegal armed units of radicalized elements," Putin told a press conference.

"Russia demands that the Kiev administration immediately halt all military punitive operations in the southeastern regions of Ukraine," the Russian president told a press conference following negotiations with his Swiss counterpart Didier Burkhalter, Interfax reports.

Huge build-up of tanks, artillery, and missile systems near Slavyansk - video  ~ link 


NATO continues eastward aggression ~ link
NATO’s military deployment in the Baltic region under the pretext of protecting Ukraine against Russia is in line with the US-led military alliance’s eastward expansion, an analyst says.

“NATO is up to its eyeballs in its multi-decade aggression eastward to the Russian border,” Jim W. Dean wrote in a column for the Press TV website.
He said the countries in the Baltic region face no threat from Russia, adding that the post-coup government in Ukraine has staged a “big theatrical threat show” against Russia.

'West' bent on reviving fascism in Europe ~ link ~
The ongoing crisis in Ukraine is part of efforts by the Western governments to revive fascism after decades, an analyst writes in a column for the Press TV website. 

“The Western governments and their media are doing their best to rekindle the horror of…fascism in Ukraine,” wrote Finian Cunningham. He said the Western media have been trying to “downplay the role of the neo-Nazi paramilitaries and the Western-backed junta in Kiev.”
Cunningham said the bloody crackdown in Ukraine’s southern city of Odessa has been covered up.

Bio-Weapons could lead to APOCALYPSE ~ link ~ I have been warning of this for several years now!!!  Do take the time to read this one in full at the link.  The Book of Revelation says a third of the Earth's population will die of 'Wormwood' (which translates into 'Chernobyl'; in other words 'nuclear war' and Fukushima) and another third will die of plague (in other words of Advanced Biological Warfare).  Stirling   

Fortunately, neither virus is sufficiently transmissible to create a massive outbreak. But that could change – if weaponized forms are developed and released. The worst-case scenario: hundreds of millions or even billions of deaths, and an end to civilization as we know it.

The bad news is that MERS, Ebola, and many other disease agents have almost certainly been weaponized. And it gets worse: some of the world’s biggest biological weapons programs are in the hands of criminals and lunatics.

Israel and apartheid-era South Africa have been among the most notorious bio-weapons outlaws. Israeli scientists not only helped apartheid South Africa develop nuclear weapons, but also spearheaded Project Coast, which included a bio-weapons component. The South African apartheid leaders were looking for a way to reduce or eliminate the black population, and the Israelis eagerly assisted them.

FEMA Gears Up for Major Superbug, Pandemic Crisis - Depopulation Agenda? - with video ~ link ~

In the InfoWars video below, the amount of concening information compiled in the short video is impressive and a must-see.From the spead of superbugs across the globe, to the preparations by FEMA as they gear up for a pandemic, to the deliberate reintroduction of some of the most deadly viruses from times past.

Some of the points made from this compilation of articles and information are enough to send chills down the spine of anyone that watches it. Vials, in one case 2,000 vials, of a deadly superbug go missing, drug companies deciding to stop producing antibiotics, a warning from the World Health Organization (WHO) saying the antibiotic crisis is bigger than AIDS and that simply routine infections will be able to kill because of it, and much, much more.


Saudi Arabia detects 7 more MERS cases - Jordan reports death ~ link Today's new cases—part of a dramatic spike that began in March—lift Saudi Arabia's MERS total to 421, while the number of deaths remains at 115.


Withheld Jeddah and Mecca MERS Sequences Raise Concerns  ~ link 

Fascist Aggression in the Ukraine ~ link ~
It rages. It shows no signs of abating. Obama neocons direct it. Orders come straight from Washington. US-installed fascist stooges represent Obama’s imperial agenda. They’re waging war on freedom. They instituted hardline rule. They want it institutionalized. They target responsible opposition elements. They want them systematically eliminated. They represent police state ruthlessness.

Obama Administration prepares to smash BRICS during last years in office ~ link ~ Government by and for the Global Banking Cartel, even if it causes the death of all life on Earth!!!  Do take the time to read all of this one at the link.   Stirling   
The buildup of NATO air and ground forces along the borders of Russia in eastern Europe and President Barack Obama’s American power-influencing trip to Asia have a single purpose. The seen and unseen forces who dictate policy to their political puppets in Washington, London, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, and other vassal capital cities have decided to smash BRICS -- the emergent financial power bloc encompassing Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.
Bilateral and multilateral discussions among the five emerging economic powers aimed at decoupling BRICS economies from the US dollar as a reserve and trading currency have met with the only power Washington can muster on behalf of itself and its foundering allies -- military force. The problems between Ukraine and Russia over Crimea and federalism within Ukraine are a mask designed to cover Obama’s true intentions, which are the smashing of the BRICS as a viable alternative to the neo-colonialist financial systems of the West and subsuming the economies of the BRICS to the whims of the United States and the ever-teetering European Union.

The G-8, which suspended Russia from membership, and the World Trade Organization, of which Russia is now a member, never had a thing to do with free trade and common economic policies. These contrivances, formed in the back rooms by the bankers of the Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg Group, were always about unipolar domination of the world by a single superpower. Since the end of World War II and the collapse of the once-dominant British Empire, that superpower has been the United States.

Moldova puts borders on alert over Ukraine Crisis ~ link ~ A massive explosion is in the works for Europe, where World Wars really get going!!!  Stirling   

Huge population of CIA agents in the Ukraine ~ link 

To All People in the Ukraine: The US Regime Cares NOT A Wit About You ~ link ~
And now it’s the state of affairs of neo-con inspired US policy. Everything is contrived, distorted, misrepresented even invented to conflate anything but the truth while the complicit corporate media gives its rendition that mirrors the state in its reporting on the events in Ukraine.

As I’ve said before on these pages, the US needs “enemies” and if real ones no longer exist, contrive new ones.

Spinning the Odessa Massacre ~ link

Western Cover-Up of Odessa Massacre ~ link ~  
After the brutal massacre of over 40 anti-regime protesters in the southern port city of Odessa – most of whom were burned to death after being trapped within the city’s Trade Unions House – the Western narrative of “Russian aggression” driving the current unrest in Ukraine is ringing particularly hollow.
Unable to spin the massacre carried out by the very ultra-right Neo-Nazi mobs that propelled the current unelected regime into power, both the West’s media machine and its politicians have attempted to remain as ambiguous as possible regarding the recent brutality resulting from what Kiev calls “anti-terror” operations.
- See more at:

World War III has already been lost and the Chinese are in the process of occupying America - Chinese EMP Weapons (Part III) ~ link ~ Or the globalists could use EMP weapons against us and Europe and blame in on the Chinese and/or Russians.  Remember they want most of the Human Beings on this planet DEAD and Gone!!!   Stirling   

Globalization's Game of Thrones ~ link ~
There are, however, notable differences from past era of imperial and royal families. Today, most – but certainly not all – dynasties do not hold formal or direct political authority. The world’s most economically and politically powerful countries are no longer governed by kings and queens or emperors. Instead, modern dynastic power is largely a development that emerged with the decline in the authority of monarchs, and with the rise in parliamentary democracy and capitalism.

As the political and economic spheres began to be opened up, new structures emerged to quickly centralize power within those spheres. As kings and queens handed over the ultimate authority to issue coin to other institutions, merchants and financiers stepped in to increase their influence over the new institutions of a changing world order. Out of these monumental social transformations came new dynasties, embedded within the financial, industrial and corporate oligarchies. Their power was not in direct control of the political apparatus, but in their concentration of control over the financial, economic and industrial spheres. With that power, inevitably, came both the desire and the ability to influence and pressure the political sphere.

Today, it is the industrial, financial and corporate dynasties that have risen to unparalleled positions of authority in the age of globalization. And yet, while some of their names ring familiar to the ears of many, they are frequently thought of as relics of past centuries rather than titans of today, or their names are altogether unfamiliar, as is their positions and influence within our societies. We see power – typically – in terms of those who hold political office: prime ministers and presidents who we elect, as is consistent with our belief that we live in democracies. We see competing factions of political parties vying for office, with us – the people – as the ultimate arbiters of who gets to hold power. The influence of globalization’s dynasties remains unseen, or, misunderstood.

Hold onto Gold as a "Currency Event" is likely ~ linkJohn Embry said last month that the rally at the beginning of the year was encouraging, but to remember that sentiment for gold was still extremely negative. He says that the stock market’s new highs are a result of the Fed ‘jamming cash into the economy.’ With nowhere else to go, cash is creating bubbles in stocks, real-estate and bonds, he warns.

US Senator Sanders to FED chief Yellen: Is the USA an Oligarchy? ~ video ~ link ~ The answer, sadly is YES!  Stirling   

Europeans lose trust in the EU: Poll ~ link ~ The European Union was designed by Rothschild operatives and, as is typical of anything this group of super-parasites touches, is CRAP!  Stirling   

The same methods were used here in the US with the banking law changes and leaving derivatives trading unregulated. I will let you guess whether the same people were involved on both sides of the pond.
The Union also created a "Mandarin class" of bureaucrats, unelected, and obvious targets of corruption, without even getting into the espionage infiltration. So now people are finally waking up to their being taken into the desert, shown a mirage, and told there was free lake front property just for the taking for anyone who could get their first.

The next step, if they are mad enough, is to take their government structures down to the bedrock and start over. Like building a house on a bad foundation, when things are really a mess there are no solutions that can be done via tinkering. You have to hit the reset button and start over.

The power centers of corruption have to be completely overthrown, tried in special courts as the old one are corrupted, and all stolen assets clawed back. Super concentration of wealth should never be allowed as it is a threat to everyone on the planet...Jim W. Dean ]

Palestinians hold demo in solidarity with prisoners - with video ~ link ~ Palestine is the largest two (counting Gaza) open air prisons on Earth.  The people are treated as sub-humans and that is especially unacceptable coming from a tribe that never ceases to play the Holocaust card!   Stirling   

US National Security Adviser lands in Israel amid spying allegations ~ link ~ Also see this article ~ link ~ Isn't it a shame when two snakes (the two administrations) just can't trust one another!   Stirling    

US National Security Advisor Susan Rice has landed in Israel amid allegations of Tel Aviv spying on its main ally, the United States.

Newsweek magazine reported on Tuesday that Israel’s espionage activities in the United States have "crossed red lines," angering US intelligence officials.

During confidential briefings in recent weeks, senior intelligence officials have said that Israel's spying operations in the US "go far beyond that of other close American allies, such as Germany, France, the UK and Japan,” the report said.

Tel Aviv's efforts to "steal US secrets under the cover of trade missions and joint defense technology contracts have crossed red lines," it added.

Ten examples of how 'Big Brother' is creeping into our daily lives ~ link ~ Virtually everything that you do is being watched.  Do you drive a car?  Do you watch television?  Do you use a cell phone?  As you do any of those things, information about you is being recorded and tracked.  We live at a time when personal privacy is dying.  And it is not just governments that are doing this.  In fact, sometimes private companies are the biggest offenders.  It turns out that gathering information about all of us is very, very profitable.  And both government entities and private companies are going to continue to push the envelope when it comes to high tech surveillance until people start objecting to what they are trying to do.  If we continue down the path that we are currently on, it is inevitable that we will end up living in an extremely restrictive “Big Brother” police state where basically everything that we do is very closely watched, monitored, tracked and controlled.  And such a day may be much closer than you think.  The following are 10 examples of how “Big Brother” is steadily creeping into our daily lives…

Busted: Senator Harry Reid owns 93 acres next to the Bundy Ranch ~ link ~ Crap like this does NOT happen in a free nation!!!  Stirling   

Harry Reid has run 52 ranchers out of business so far, just like their recent efforts with Cliven Bundy, because of his ownership in Reid Bunkerville, LLC, which holds 93 acres in Nevada.

The parcels seem to be in the way of future development with the Chinese, which may even involve a freeway interchange and loop, and all sit west of the same general area as the land where all these ‘trespassing cattle’ graze.

We all know that the Reid crime syndicate had ulterior motives for the attacks on Cliven Bundy. Here’s the proof.

UK Home Secretary aims to quash House of Lords rebellion ~ link ~
The Home Secretary Theresa May will today call on MPs to vote down a House of Lords rebellion and grant her the power to make terror suspects stateless.

The Home Office argues that the new power, contained in the Immigration Bill’s most controversial clause, is an essential tool for protecting national security. It expands on existing citizenship-revoking powers that have been compared to ‘medieval exile’ by a leading human rights lawyer.

The clause met with stiff resistance in the Lords, led by senior legal figures. The former director of public prosecutions Lord Macdonald told peers that the use of statelessness was a ‘policy beloved of the world’s worst regimes during the 20th century’.


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