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4 May 2014
Ukraine War: Odessa detainees freed as police HQ attacked ~ link ~ link link
Pro-Russian activists have attacked the police headquarters in Ukraine's southern city of Odessa, forcing the release of several people held over deadly violence two days ago.
Ukraine coup junta to extend and widen ops in pro-Russian east - with video ~ link ~ The Globalists and Zionists will do almost anything to pull Russia into a war.  This nightmare in the Ukraine, created by $5 BILLION in US taxpayer funds, is NOT about the is about either destroying Russia and all opposition to the New World Order and destroying all Mideast nations opposed to Israeli overlordship, or beginning the Third World War and/or crashing the global economy. Those are the strategic goals of the Global Banking Cartel and international Zionism (as controlled by Netanyahu).  Stirling   
Ukraine says it will extend its military operation against pro-Russian protesters in the east amid deadly fighting between the two sides.

National Security and Defense Council chief Andriy Parubiy said on Sunday the offensive will be extended to every town or city which is under the control of what he called “extremists” and “terrorists.”

Odessa police release 67 anti-coup activists after crowd surrounds police HQ ~ link
Sixty-seven anti-government activists detained by police in the south Ukrainian city of Odessa have been released after a crowd of locals blocked the Interior Ministry building. Those released reportedly included survivors from the deadly May-2 fire.

A crowd of Odessa residents, which included many women and elderly people as seen on live video streams from the scene, cheered and hugged the released activists. 

RT’s Irina Galushko reported that despite being set free, the activists did not have the charges against them dropped and were asked “to come back tomorrow for their belongings.”

UKIP to win EU parliamentary elections say polls ~ link The public cannot all be snowballed by MSM lies.  More and more people are waking up to the fact that most major parties are simply bought-and-paid-for by the Globalists and Zionists and are turning to 'third parties' and independence movements.  Stirling  

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