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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin

Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
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On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 


30 May 2014 ~ First Update


Ukraine coup junta vows to bring "peace" to the east ~ link ~ Rather like saying "fornicating for virginity", the central bankers/Zionists President-elect and acting Prime Minister were placed there to cause WAR and to loot everything in the UkraineStirling  

Interim Defence Minister Mykhailo Koval told reporters Ukrainian forces would continue operations in border areas "until these regions begin to live normally, until there is peace," the Reuters news agency reported. 

President-elect Petro Poroshenko has said Ukraine will punish the "bandits" who shot down the helicopter. Among those killed was Maj Gen Serhiy Kulchytskiy, head of combat and special training in Ukraine's National Guard.

Ukraine junta leader warns against "rebels" ~ link ~
But cash-strapped Ukraine appeared to avert the immediate threat of a gas cut-off when the European Union announced that a new round of talks between the EU, Russia and Ukraine will be held in Berlin on Friday.

EU Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger, who will attend the meeting, said earlier this week Russia and Ukraine had a “good chance” of striking a deal by Sunday.

Ukrainian junta president-elect vows to punish "rebels" after downing of chopper ~ link
The militants shot the Mi-8 helicopter gunship out of the sky with a sophisticated surface-to-air missile May 29, prompting the White House to say the incident raised concerns about the rebels being supplied "from the outside." 

Shells hit hospital as Ukraine junta's forces resume strike on City of Slavyansk - with photos ~ link ~ Shelling a hospital and a children's clinic...NATO citizens, this is YOUR tax dollars at work!!!  Have you called your MP or Congressman/Senator to demand a stop to this evil???  Stirling   
This morning they hit the children’s policlinic in the center of the city and the reception ward of the children’s hospital. It was at 5 am,” Vladimir, a Slavyansk resident, told RT. “The hospital and the policlinic stand close to each other. The hospital was damaged worse than the policlinic,” another resident said. “There were no victims.” There were some children staying in the hospital at the time of the attack. They were all taken to the building’s basement for cover after the shelling started, said Olga, a nurse working there.

Ukraine junta forces "clean" parts of eastern "provinces" says acting Defense Minister ~ link

This comes as Ukrainian forces earlier on Friday resumed their shelling on the eastern Donetsk city of Slavyansk.

Local residents said a children’s hospital and a clinic in the city center came under fire. Reports said no one was injured, but the buildings were damaged by the shelling.

Organized pro-Russian forces taking control of battle in eastern Ukraine ~ link ~ I believe that Putin intends to avoid an invasion by sending in 'volunteers' and high-tech weapons.  However, the strategic goal of the Globalists/Zionists is to bog down Russia in a Ukraine invasion/war, to damage Russia and to divert Russia ability to protect Syria and Iran from US/Israeli/NATO forces.  They will do all they can to 'force' Putin to 'take the bait' and invade.  Stirling   

America has been at War my whole life ~ link ~ This is what happens when the public allows the worst trash, the Global Banking Cartel and the hyper-racist Zionists, to control their nation.  Getting the Goy to kill the Goy and making vast profits from it!!!   Stirling    

The 'dirty secret' about President Obama's Afghan plan ~ link

Writing for Foreign Policy magazine, however, Phillip Carter said on Wednesday that the “dirty secret about Obama’s Afghan plan is that tens of thousands of American civilians will be on the ground long after the troops have left.” The “invisible army” of US civilians who will remain in Afghanistan for an unknown duration include intelligence agents, contractors, diplomats, and civilian government officials.

Senior Iranian General: US attack on Iran to spell doom for Israel ~ link ~ I would say that Iran is concerned about the 'diversion' of Russia in the Ukraine; about the two large 'war games' on the Syrian border currently underway in Israel and Jordan; and about the 'convenient' problem with electing a new Lebanese President.  They are warning that they will NOT sit by and allow their nation to be destroyed without in turn destroying Israel and spreading massive death in America.  They have the weapons to pull this off, based on their vast Advanced Biological Warfare capabilities.  Such a war would wipe Israel and much of the Middle East off the map and could kill a third of the North American and European populations!!!  Stirling   

Eurosceptics Revolt - video ~ link ~ Good One!  Do take a minute to view this one.  Stirling  

Our "Make It Look Good" economy has failed ~ link ~ Lies do NOT make for a good economy, or as the old saying goes, "Money talks and bullshit walks".  Stirling  

The essence of the U.S. economy is make it look good: never mind quality or long-term consequences, just make it look good today, this week, this month, this quarter: make the pink slime look like meat, make the company look profitable, make the low-quality product look good enough to close the sale, make the unemployment rate low enough to justify re-electing the toadies currently in power, make the body count of bad guys look good, and on and on–just makes the numbers look good now, the future will take care of itself.

This is, of course, an attractive lie: the future is a direct consequence of present decisions and actions. It is remarkable how quickly we latch onto the notion that an endless parade of lies, manipulations and deceptions will magically produce a warm and fuzzy future of organic growth fostered by sound investments.

Russia invites Argentina to BRICS Summit  ~ link ~ The BRICS movement is growing and that is scaring the Globalists.   Stirling   

Professor: Just 1% of usual number of baby California pelicans; "Nearly complete failure to breed"; Expert is flabbergasted by what is happening in Malibu - with audio ~ link ~ Fukushima is killing the massive Pacific Ocean and its effects are spreading on land and to other oceans.  This always was a Globalist Population Reduction Op.  The mainstream news media is doing "its job" by keeping the masses as ignorant as possible.  This is what these totally demonic bastards are doing behind the scenes.  It is knowledge about operations like this that is driving many of us in the alternative news media to redouble our efforts to education the people to the "population reduction agenda" (mass murder of billions) of the GlobalistsStirling    

The Death Cult of Depopulation ~ link ~  

I’m convinced that the depopulation agenda is nothing more than a death cult. Those at the top know this but a disturbing phenomenon occurring today is the severely limited mentality who believes that it could ever be otherwise.

Those who wish to decrease the population gradually through birth control are dreaming. With every belief, there lurks a culmination. And the end result of this one always leads to premature death.

As most of us now realize, the depopulation program is currently being acted out in the form of endless wars based on lies, geoengineering, vaccinations, genetically modified foods, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Five Facts on Caner that conventional medicine is now aggressively claiming are myths ~ link ~ Do yourself a favor and read this one in full at the link and print a copy of it and re-read it weekly.  Stirling   
According to the conventional wisdom of mainstream medicine, the world's leading health practitioners in alternative, complementary and integrative medicine have it all wrong and are misinforming millions in practice and on the internet with a barrage of myths and misconceptions they claim are causing more harm to cancer patients. Could this initiative to sway opinion by leading cancer authorities possibly, just possibly be related to the revolution that is happening around the world--highlighting the dangers and ineffectiveness of toxic chemotherapy and radiation, bringing cancer cures such as cannabis to the forefront, or the emerging mass markets now creating awareness on the reality of our food and the consequences of the cancer industry itself? 

Space X founder reveals sleek shuttle that will 'revolutionize space travel' ~ link ~  

Musk, who was behind the Tesla electric sports car, showed off his Dragon V2 at the headquarters of his rocket building company near Los Angeles on Thursday.
The company has already flown unmanned capsules to the Space Station, but the latest design will be capable of taking up to seven astronauts into low-Earth orbit.

Virgin Galactic approved for space flights later this year ~ link ~ Burt Rutan, one of the greatest aerospace designers ever, designed the SpaceShip Two and its launch aircraft.  Stirling   

Richard Branson's dream to charter commercial space flights has taken a step closer to reality. His company, Virgin Galactic, yesterday signed a deal with U.S. aviation authorities to let it blast paying customers into space.

Commercial flights are to begin by the end of this year and more than 600 people have already signed up at $250,000 (£150,000) each to take a trip on SpaceShipTwo.

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