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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin

Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
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Orthodox Cherubim Hymn - video ~ link  

AVE MARIA by Perry Como - video ~ link 

On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 


 13 May 2014


BBC: May election 'will play crucial role' ~ link ~ Notice how the Globalist/Zionist mainstream news media paints the eastern Ukraine Independence Referendum as all fraud and illegal but the upcoming election by the western coup junta, designed to wash the junta in "democracy", as wonderful and all-important.  We no longer have a legitimate mainstream news media in most of the world.  Only the alternative news media in the Internet is free, and the powers that be are determined to kill this off as soon as possible (Net Neutrality etc.)Stirling   

Germany to aid 'round table' talks ahead of 'crucial' election in Kiev ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ Another BS mainstream news media article.  The German government is NOT "helping" to solve the crisis.  The German government is part of the problem as they, like most western governments, are totally owned by the Globalists and Zionists, and have done all they can to have overthrown the last elected government in the Ukraine and to have assisted in the insulation of the current coup junta in Kiev.  This earns the Germany Foreign Minister and the Independent Newspaper the dreaded Five BS Flag Award for way over the top bullshit!!!  Stirling  

Mr Yatsenyuk thanked former German diplomat Wolfgang Ischinger, who runs the annual Munich Security Conference, for being prepared to co-moderate the 'round table', which Kiev says may start on Wednesday.

Kiev has declined to say which groups will join the talks but acting President Oleksander Turchynov has said "terrorists" cannot take part. Moscow says the talks cannot succeed without direct dialogue between Kiev and the separatists. [Note: The coup junta refers to those opposed to their violent overthrow of the elected Ukraine government as "terrorists".  This is a branding that first came from Bibi 666 Netanyahu during his first term as PM of Israel. Stirling ]


Amnesty International: Western glorification of torture making it 'acceptable' ~ link ~ Torture has NEVER been seen by America as acceptable.  In fact, America's first president, George Washington, when leading the American Revolution insisted that captured British troops be treated well, and that set the pace.  It is the criminal Globalist/Zionist cartel that runs America, behind the scenes, that is responsible for so very much of the filth that now inhabits America!!!  Stirling    

More than one-third of people around the globe - increasingly fortified by a fear of terrorism and glamorized by American TV shows – see justification for the use of torture, Amnesty International said on Tuesday.

And since ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’, as the US military euphemistically calls the practice, generally occurs behind closed doors, the actual number of countries that engage in torture techniques is probably “higher still.”

Ex-German Chancellor Schroeder: EU policy to blame for Ukraine Crisis ~ link ~
Brussels “ignored” Ukraine’s deep cultural division between traditionally pro-European western regions and Russia-leaning regions in the east, the former chancellor said. 

Kiev, however, had to pick either an association with the EU or a Customs Union with Russia, Schroeder said. He suggested that it could have been more reasonable if the former Soviet republic was offered an alternative when it could do both. 

Asked whether it was the corrupt system and government in Ukraine that led to the unrest, Schroeder agreed that that was also true, but, at the same time, Yanukovich came to office through a free election.

The Farce is Complete: America Vice President Joe Biden's son, joins the Board of the largest Ukraine gas producer ~ link ~ Official corruption has become so massive in the West that they don't even bother to hide it anymore!!!   Stirling    

The 'People's Governor' of newly independent Luhansk survives assassination attempt ~ link ~ The coup junta in Kiev appointed as governors several notorious oligarchs, including one with dual Israeli citizenship that was living in Switzerland, so the citizens of these regions appointed their own governors.  Stirling     

Russia Retaliates: Bans the use of Russian rocket engines by America and blocks GPS ~ link ~
Just as Russia had promised, sanctions were not effective and so they went straight to targeted bans. On the heels of The Pentagon admitting that they had "no solution" to replacing Russian rocket engines in the launch systems for US military satellites (as we have covered extensively), Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin this morning announced:

Ukraine: NWO Sponsored Bloodbath - video ~ link

Second American case of MERS virus ~ link ~ There is a good chance that one or several man-engineered virus (such as MERS and Ebola) will be used in the months ahead to reduce the population and to "justify" the use of RFID chips (the Mark of the Beast).   Stirling   

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