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On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 


  10 May 2014


Bloody coup junta's assault on Mariupol in southeast Ukraine dashes hopes of avoiding civil war ~ link ~The goal is to get Russia in a war in order to defeat Russia or at least to blame the coming economic mega-crash on Russia.  The risk is the total destruction of the planet Earth!!!  Don't you just love these Globalist/Zionist jerks...NOT.  Stirling   

The country’s caretaker government can be accused of trying to blow out flickering hopes of peace by launching a military operation on one of the most revered anniversaries in the Russian-speaking half of the country, the commemoration of victory over Nazi Germany.

The military action is accompanied by stridently aggressive rhetoric from politicians in Kiev who are crowing about the numbers of “terrorists” killed and threatening further lethal punishment.

Citizens block APCs shooting their way through Mariupol - with videos ~ link ~ This entire created Ukraine War is showing that those behind the "West", the Global Banking Cartel and the Israeli Zionists are simply psychopathic evil jerks who will do anything to get the goy to kill other goys, so that they can profit from same and give their true leader, the fallen Lucifer, the blood orgies (war) that he craves. Why do we allow this crap to go on???  Stirling  

Kiev coup junta's army shoots at civilians, uses tanks/APCs in attack on Mariupol police HQ - with video ~ link ~ One hospital reports says 100+ were killed!!!  This would make the Mauiupol Massacre twice the size of the Odessa Massacre.  Yet still America and the rest of the NATO nations remain supportive of the fascists!!! Way beyond shameful.  Stirling

Kiev’s forces are using heavy weaponry and tanks in the eastern city of Mariupol to storm the local Interior Ministry building, where police have barricaded inside. After residents began flocking to the scene, Kiev fighters opened fire on civilians.

There are conflicting reports about the killed and injured. The Ukrainian Interior Ministry said that about 20 anti-Kiev activists were killed and four more were taken captive, according to a statement posted on Interior Minister Arsen Avakov’s Facebook page.

Coup junta's 'acting president' warns against referendum - which takes place tomorrow ~ link ~ The propaganda, and this article is a good example, that comes from the mainstream news media (all Globalist owned and Zionist ran) on the Ukraine is outrageous. The United States Government (virtually a puppet of the Global Banking Cartel and Zionism) spent $5 BILLION to create the problem in the Ukraine and now the governments of NATO and the mainstream news media are demonizing Putin and those who object to the violent overthrow of the elected Ukrainian government and the coup junta that replaced it.  These insane bastards are taking us to the edge of the Third World War for their own sick greedStirling   

Ukraine's acting president has warned regions in eastern Ukraine risk stepping "into the abyss" by voting in favour of self-rule in a separatist referendum on Sunday.

Merkel and Hollande issue warning to Moscow ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ And this ~ link ~ And this ~ link ~ Two prime examples of the extreme levels of bought-and-paid-for political whores, who are so damn corrupt that they literally are risking the lives of many millions of their countrymen for their Globalist/Zionist masters!!!  Stirling    

Ukraine's Mariupol holds Day of Mourning for the latest civilians slaughtered by the coup junta ~ link
People in Ukraine’s southeastern city of Mariupol have observed a day of mourning in the wake of deadly clashes between government troops and pro-Russia activists. "May 10, 2014, has been declared a day of mourning due to the tragic events, which occurred on May 9 and claimed human lives," the City Council said in a statement on Saturday.

Friday violence erupted after the Ukrainian forces tried to push out pro-Kremlin demonstrators from a police headquarters in Mariupol. At least 20 protesters and an army officer were killed and more than two dozen others sustained injuries during the Ukrainian army’s military operation in the port city.

Government troops reportedly used rocket-propelled grenades, heavy machine guns and snipers to drive the demonstrators out of the building. Mariupol is an important industrial and shipping center in the Donetsk region that has been the focus of frequent skirmishes in recent days.

 Israel pressing America for even more military aid ~ link ~ And they will no doubt get it as they bribe and blackmail almost everyone in the US Congress!  Stirling   

US and Israel committing carnage and human misery - with video ~ link ~

“Whenever Israel asks for more, more money for a specific program, more money in general for its military program, Congress generally goes along, supplies millions, dare I say billions of dollars,” said Stephen Lendman.

“This has been going on for decades. Who knows how many billions have been given to Israel, it’s well over a hundred billion dollars, it could be a couple of hundred billion dollars,” Lendman told Press TV on Saturday. The US and the Zionist regime are longtime partners in imperialism, he added. “Expect Israel and Washington to march in lockstep together, committing unconscionable carnage, destruction and human misery.”

Can Germans afford it the Third Time? ~ link ~ NO and neither can the rest of Europe or North America!!!  Stirling  

As the unfolding events since have shown Ukraine is turning into a fireball that has a potential to roll over and incinerate the whole of Europe and beyond. Brussels seems to have made a mortal miscalculation.

Ukraine is not Yugoslavia when Russia like an injured and unconscious soldier lying in a pit couldn’t fire a shot to defend his fellow soldier. Not anymore. While dealing with the West on Syria it indicated its unwillingness to be bluffed and deceived like on Libya. And now on Ukraine, it has unambiguously announced it is past the time when playing games with a week Russia would accrue strategic military gains (Nato expansion and missile bases close to Russian border) for the US. Russia has gained its consciousness and health.

At the same time the loss of Crimea to Russia without having to shoot a bullet exposed Washington’s limitations to orchestrate Ukrainian situation to its liking. It has little economic leverage for any meaningful use against Russia. So, the increasingly brazen lies and foul mouthing against Russia and loud exhortations to Europe to tag with Washington’s line. Not to be left behind, you have the NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen transferring Nato military assets closer to Russia and calling for member states to increase their defense budgets. Someone tell him serious people don’t have his looks.

Rightly or wrongly, Germans carry the stigma of plunging the Europe and much of the world into two unprecedented cycles of large scale death and destructions. It is for them to decide if they can afford this misfortune yet one more time when total apocalypse for them and the wider world is a certainty? They may not have much time left to decide before it is too late.
Rise up Germany and say: Enough and No More.

Kherson coup junta Governor calls Hitler 'liberator' addressing veterans on Victory Day ~ link ~ The reality is that many people of the Ukraine welcomed the Germany Army as liberators from the extreme oppression of the Soviet Communists ... however, it did not take most Ukrainians long to realize that the Nazis were no liberators, just another horrific oppressor.  That this coup junta jerk feels that the Nazis were 'good guys' and that the West/NATO/USA is supporting such people is way beyond shameful.  It is an insult to humanity!!!  Stirling    

Obama Administration blames Russia as Kiev coup junta unleashes armored vehicles against civilians - with video ~ link ~
Washington has voiced support for the bloody crackdown on anti-coup activists in the southern Ukrainian city of Mariupol, blaming Russia for inciting the violence there. In the meantime OSCE condemned the use of force by Kiev.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe has condemned the actions of Ukrainian military in using force against pro-federalization activists and civilians in the city of Mariupol.“I strongly condemn the violence, and call upon all parties to exercise maximum restraint and to take immediate steps to de-escalate a situation which has caused the loss of many lives, and created a climate of fear and anxiety,” said Chief Monitor of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine, Ambassador Ertugrul Apakan.


Oddessa Massacre: Eyewitness Account ~ link ~ That the nation that my ancestors helped to establish so many years ago would support such evil breaks my heart. This is a real gut wrenching personal account of something right out of Hell itself!!!  Stirling 

Ukraine fighter jets intercept airplane carrying Russian Deputy PM ~ link ~  I wonder what would have happened if they had forced it down and captured him.  Stirling 

The IMF Bank Job ~ link ~ Take the time to read this one, it is too long to summarize.  Stirling   

Former Israeli Nuclear Chief: Iran is 10 years away from having the Bomb ~ link ~ Nutty Bibi 666 Netanyahu: Don't confuse me with the factsStirling   

Deadly MERS virus reaches Lebanon ~ link ~ Lebanese officials have confirmed that the first case of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) coronavirus has reached the country.

Outraged Albuquerque, NM citizens demand the arrest of the Police Chief - Protesters take control over City Council meeting - video ~ link 
Angry protesters took over Albuquerque City Council Monday night calling for immediate change at APD and the ousting of both Albuquerque's Police Chief, Mayor and more. - See more at:

The Lies Mainstream Nutrition Tells You ~ link ~ Good take a minute to read this one.  Stirling    

Black Whole Dynamics: The Foundation of our Fractal Halographic Universe ~ link ~ Quantum Physics taken to a new level.  Stirling      

China tests 3,000 kph (1,800 mph) Super-Maglev train concept ~ linkThat is FAST!!!  Stirling   

Last child of an American Civil War veteran still receiving benefits, still living ~ link ~ Wow, what a story for the year 2014.  Stirling  

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