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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin

Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
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On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 


1 May 2014 ~ Third Update


Ukraine reinstates conscription as Crisis DEEPENS ~ link ~ Ukraine's acting President Olexander Turchynov has reinstated military conscription to deal with deteriorating security in the east of the country.

The move, announced in a decree, came as pro-Russia militants seized the regional prosecutor's office in the eastern city of Donetsk.

Ukraine brings back the draft as spreading rebellion against coup junta threatens split ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ Also this ~ linkAn increasingly desperate Ukraine on Thursday brought back military conscription with immediate effect as a spreading pro-Russian rebellion in the east threatened the ex-Soviet republic with disintegration

The move, decreed by interim president Oleksandr Turchynov, came after insurgents tightened their grip over more than a dozen eastern cities and towns by seizing the state prosecutor's building in the regional hub city of Donetsk. Around 300 militants hurling petrol bombs and bricks stormed the building, beating up outnumbered riot police who were stripped of their shields and batons.

Putin tells Ukraine coup junta to Withdrawal Troops from the Eastern and Southern regions - with video ~ link ~ Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that Ukraine should withdraw its military from the eastern and southern regions of the country, a statement that could bolster anti-government insurgents who are seizing buildings.

Hours later, Ukraine’s acting president ordered that the military draft be renewed, citing “threats of encroachment on the nation’s territorial integrity” and interference by Russia in its internal affairs.

Moscow has consistently denounced Ukrainian security forces’ largely ineffectual operation against the eastern insurgents and warned they should not commit violence against civilians.

Kiev coup junta plans to have armed forces attack demonstators in Southeast Ukraine on May 2  ~ link ~

Ukrainian special forces plan to start storming the buildings and roadblocks controlled by self-defense forces in the southeast of the country on May 2, a source in Ukraine's General Staff of the Armed Forces said Thursday. The special operation in the region, formerly led by acting Interior Minister Arseny Avakov, will be now headed by acting Security Service chief Valentin Nalivaychenko, the source said. "The [acting] interior minister has been suspended from controlling the operation by a decision of [interim president Alexander] Turchynov," the source told RIA Novosti, adding that the decision has been made amid the failure of the first stage of the operation.

The source said Nalivaychenko has organized the training of Right Sector special battalions by the security service instructors after talks with the leader of the far-right group, Dmitro Yarosh, who is charged in Russia with inciting terrorism. The storming will take place particularly in the eastern Ukraine's Lugansk region, the source said adding that the security chief has been tasked with regaining control of the region by May 3 at any cost.

Russian Foreign Ministry: Kiev regime's assault operation in southeast Ukraine may LEAD TO DISASTROUS CONSEQUENCES ~ link ~ an all-out war that could quickly become the Third World War!  Stirling  

IMF Demands the Ukraine Risk World War III in Return for "Bailout" Money ~ linkThe IMF has told Kiev that if it doesn’t defend eastern areas of Ukraine against pro-Russian forces, or in other words risk going to war with Russia and starting World War 3, that a planned $17 billion dollar bailout package will have to be “redesigned”.

IMF head Christine Lagarde said that the global body would “check regularly” to see if Ukraine was keeping up with its commitments on which the loan deal is dependent. One of those commitments includes a vow to use military forces to repel Russian influence in the east of the country.

NATO Deputy Chief says Russia NOW AN EMENY - with video ~ link ~ Way way beyond criminal insanity!!!  Stirling    

Celente: No end in sight to the Ukrainian Crisis - with video ~ link ~ The USG is considering tougher sanctions against Russia and that’s prompted a reaction in global markets. Meanwhile Russia’s credit rating has been downgraded by a US agency.  Russia Today  talks to Gerald Celente, publisher of the Trends Journal and self-proclaimed political atheist.  Celente doubts how much the EU will go along with since they are dependent of Russian gas deliveries. Hence, the success of the sanctions will be limited.

Celente discusses the US propaganda war, which continually spews the line that the ‘pro-Russian militants’ are the source of the problems. Celente states ‘when all else fails, the US goes to war — and truth is the first casualty’.

Is Obama Administration setting America's aircraft carriers up for a Second Pearl Harbor? ~ link ~ Almost every carrier is currently sitting in its home port, where they are very vulnerable!!!  Stirling      

Psychological Warfare and the 'False Flag' Meme ~ link ~
False flag operations and assassinations are a central component of the elaborate psychological warfare campaign waged on the American public to justify the so-called “global war on terrorism,” and the events of September 11, 2001 are this project’s cornerstone.

Major US news outlets turn a blind eye to a wide array of evidence “that Western covert operators were behind” events such as “Bali, Madrid, London 7/7, mosque bombings in Iraq and elsewhere and, of course, 9/11. Because the mainstream media are integral to the Industrial Military Academic Intelligence Media complex,” journalist Barrie Zwicker observes, “the cold-blooded technicians of death face no journalistic scrutiny. Without moral, legal, technical or financial constraints, the black operators range freely, executing the orders of the global oligarchies.

Analyzing the Structure of the American Deep State ~ link ~ Great take the time to read this one at the link!  Stirling    

The Bilderberg Society will be meeting in Copenhagen at the end of May. These men and women work for what David Rothkopf called the Thirty Families. These 30 Families think they own the governments of the West. Now is an excellent time to analyze how the governmental system that has been imposed on us by Wall Street and the City of London actually works. 

The latest word on the American economy is that its growth in 2014 was an illusion created by surging healthcare costs due to Mr Obama’s allegedly Affordable Healthcare Act. The price of beef, pork, eggs, gasoline and utilities have also been spiking higher. If it weren’t for the rising cost of insurance and healthcare, the economy would not have grown 0.1% so far this year. It would have contracted 1%. But, if we used the real inflation figures from John Williams at Shadow Stats, we would understand that the real American economy is contracting at 9%. Raising the price of food, gasoline, utilities and healthcare does not really increase our economic wealth but does make America and its trading partners a lot more unstable and open to revolutionary change....
The Bush family originally spelled their name Busch. They were Jewish. There are allegations that the Bush family were secret Nazi sympathizers. Rubbish. The Rothschilds owned the Bank of England until World War II was over. The Bank loaned  Hitler £350 million to reorganize Farben in 1935 and to buy arms from Vickers early in 1936. The British Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax was sent to tell Hitler that he should gather all of the Germans from Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland and defend Europe against the Soviet Union. When the war against the Soviets began, the Communists had ten times as many planes, artillery pieces and tanks as the Germans. The Bankers and other Rothschild agents financing Hitler were not closet Nazis. They were working to make the war seem plausible as the Germans had been disarmed after the previous war.

The Rothschilds, the Warburgs and the Schiffs had financed the Russian revolution. 80% of the early Soviet Commissars were Jewish. In the early days they killed 350,000 priests. They paid their killers in part by allowing them to rape to death at least 500,000 women. They killed more than 60,000,000 Gentiles. The American government allowed radical Jews to go to Russia during WW I  to overthrow our ally. This was an act of treason as the early end of the war on the Eastern Front meant Germans could concentrate their forces on their Western Front killing Allied soldiers....

America is running out of time to do anything but die....

MERS surge continues as April cases alone top past two years ~ link ~ The April surge of MERS-CoV (Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus) cases continued today with a report of 16 more in Saudi Arabia, while European health officials observed that the total for this month alone exceeds the total for the preceding 2 years since the disease emerged.

Saudi Arabia described cases in seven cities around the country, with only three in Jeddah, which has been the major hot spot lately. None of the latest cases were fatal, but two previously reported patients have died, the government said.

MERS mutations have increased human dangers from MERS dramatically ~ See these reports ~ link ~ link ~ link 

Rampant Corruption Now Unstoppable In The USA And The West ~ link ~ That is what happens when the public allows the worst criminals, the Global Banking Cartel, to run things!!!  Stirling   

'Unbelievable hordes' of fish near California coast - Most birds, sea lions, dolphins and whales anywhere ~ link ~ We have allowed the globalists to poison the entire Pacific Ocean with the Fukushima Disaster ... Just one of many population reduction programs in operation!!!  Stirling    

Scottish National Party woos Labour Party voters for Independence vote ~ link ~ Addressing the Scottish National Party’s (SNP) last annual conference before September’s referendum on Scotland’s independence from the United Kingdom, SNP leader Alex Salmond, and his deputy, Nicola Sturgeon, devoted much of their remarks to supporters and members of the Labour Party.

A “Yes” vote did not amount to support for the SNP, they assured Labour voters. Sturgeon told the conference “To every Labour voter in the country, I say this. The Yes campaign is not asking you to leave your party. Instead, it offers you the chance to get your party back.” Sturgeon noted that a number of middle-ranking Scottish Labourites had broken ranks with the official Labour line, and were now supporting independence.

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