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28 May 2014 ~ Third Update


Russia tells Kiev coup junta: "IT IS READY TO PROVIDE HUMANITARIAN AID" to eastern Ukraine ~ link ~ Get ready for a Russian military operation in eastern Ukraine SOON.  I may be misreading things, but I suspect that conditions are now moving towards a Russian "Humanitarian" Intervention that will go "HOT" from Day One.  Time will tell, if I am correct on this or not.  Pray for peace and mercy from God.  Stirling

Some were confused by the latest bout of radio silence emanating from the Kremlin in the aftermath of both the "Chocolate King" winning the Ukraine presidential election, and the most recent escalation of fighting in self-proclaimed as independent Republic of Donetsk, in which more than 50 "separatists" were killed. This ended moments ago when the Russian foreign ministry issued a press release that it has received appeals for humanitarian aid from the "conflict zone" in east Ukraine, and that more importantly, it is is ready to the "provide the population with the required assistance."

As Bloomberg adds, Russia has asked for Ukraine’s help in allowing delivery of supplies to affected areas, and that it is ready to seek approval on routes, terms of transporation of supplies, ministry says. "Given the urgent nature of the situation, Russia is counting on the fastest possible answer from Ukraine on this request,” the ministry says.

Naturally, since Ukraine will respond with a resounding "no" to any official Russian entry into its territory, it then puts Russia - which has formally acknowledged east Ukraine is asking for its help - in the position of deciding what the best way of aiding citizens in the east. Without the Kiev government's support.

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Anonymous said...

I think these people have been instructed by the CIA.


To destabilize the European Union.

Our borders are long, very long and we cannot build enough fences to stop immigration of poor and desperate African people.

Yours, in Jesus Christ

Joaquin, Germany