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Holy Shroud of Turin

Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
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On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 


28 May 2014 ~ Fourth Update


People in the eastern Ukraine burying their dead from the onslaught of the fascist coup junta that the Globalists and Zionists put in power in Kiev.  Please take a few minutes to view this video.
Tim Earl of Stirling  

Ukraine braces for more junta terror under Poroshenko ~ link ~ He, like the junta PM, is a Zionist central banker placed in power by the Globalists and Zionists to trigger World War III and to destroy the Ukraine, Russia and as many people as possible.  Stirling 

“The Candy King shows no inclination to be reasonable and engage in peaceful dialogue. The signs are that state terrorism is to be stepped [up] under his management and with full Western support too,” Finian Cunningham wrote for the Press TV website.

The analyst added that the “fiasco” victory of Poroshenko in the weekend election heralds the “bitter taste of further appalling violence in Ukraine.

Weapons, Prostitutes and Drugs - These are the things that Petro Poroshenko IS ASSOCIATED WITH ~ link ~ But the western mainstream news media has named him the 'Chocolate King'. He ran the Ukrainian central bank (tied into the rotten Rothschild empire of central banks) and is a hard core Zionist (most likely with dual Israeli citizenship).  Stirling  

Billionaire Poroshenko started his business by laundering the money of Soviet times’ administrators. He has never been an entrepreneur to start a business of his own. The story is invented. He made a head start thanks to the criminal connections of his father sentenced for large-scale theft in 1986. Having served the sentence, Poroshenko Sr. launched his own business making his son involved in the activities. The business was dirty, it all started with plundering state property by armed gangs. The Poroshenko family had plans to expand the activities beyond Ukraine. Tatyana Mikoyan, a well-known Kiev-based lawyer, remembers what the family did in Transnistria, «It was horrible back in the 1990s: illegal arms, prostitutes, drugs – all bringing profits to father and son». Poroshenko Sr. was awarded for his merits – in 2009 he received the Hero of Ukraine decoration bought for him by his son who paid to then President Yushenko, the Godfather to Petro Poroshenko’s children. The would-be President-elect is well known for misappropriating budget funds. He has the reputation of someone who knows how to make money out of thin air. Many times he has been accused of being involved in large scale corruption schemes, open lobbying, embezzlement of budget allocations, tax evasion, illegal operations to acquire shares and physically threatening political opponents and competitors. Certainly he is not just another swindler but a tycoon, an owner of huge and diversified business empire

Forbes lists Petro Poroshenko as the 130th richest Jew in the world with 1, 6 billion dollars. The would-be President of Ukraine Poroshenko was born Waltzman. Poroshenko is his mother’s name, she was also a Jew. In the past Poroshenko was a sponsor of Our Ukraine and Victor Yushchenko. His business empire also includes the 5th TV channel known for vehement anti-Russian propaganda. Until recently his Roshen confectionary manufacturing group had earned hundreds of millions in US dollars making business in Russia. As of 2012, Roshen accounted for 3, 2% of Russian market (the 6th largest producer). He always used the money earned for anti-Russian projects.

Shells hit school and kindergarten in Slavyansk amid Ukraine junta's military operations in east - with video ~ link Your tax dollars at work America and NATO!!!  Stirling 

A school and a kindergarten have been shelled in Slavyansk as the city becomes increasingly unsafe in the intensified Kiev military campaign. At least 9 civilians were injured in Wednesday’s shelling incidents, including a child.

However, this week the battleground apparently moved right into civilian quarters of Slavyansk, as shells started hitting residential blocks and nearby buildings, killing three people on Monday

While the Kiev authorities keep asserting that the military action in the southeast is meant to protect the people against “terrorists,” many people on the ground in Slavyansk have a directly opposite opinion on the issue. “We are simply horrified – you see? Horrified that our 'brave army,' which we pay taxes to maintain, is [doing] nothing else but destroying us. And our president, who must protect the civilian population – he is determined to exterminate us,” a woman working at the damaged school no. 13 told RT’s Ruptly news agency. “For some reason, they think that we here in Slavyansk are all terrorists,” the woman said.  

Civil War Metastasizing in the Ukraine - USA silent on civilian casualties - video ~ link 

Ukraine's New President ~ link ~
He’s like his predecessor. Coup-appointed. In his case anointed. By electoral rubber-stamping. 
He’s anti-democratic. Fascist. Mega-crook. Neoliberal. Confrontational. Militant. Belligerent. Bellicose. Criminal. Opposite what Ukrainians deserve. Straightaway he OK’d full-scale war without mercy.

Putin warns Kiev coup junta against defaulting on natural gas debts ~ link ~ Also see ~ link 

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned Ukraine against defaulting on its gas debts, saying Moscow cannot supply Kiev with free natural gas for good.
"Up until now, as I have already said, we were supplying Ukraine for free with more gas than the total consumption and our annual gas supplies to a country like Poland. This situation cannot continue forever. This is simply not possible and everyone understands this," Putin said in televised remarks at Wednesday's cabinet session.
He added that Ukraine should first pay for the supplies and then receive them, in case of failing to clear its debt.
“I hope we won't get into the situation when we will be forced to switch to prepayments,” he said.

Kiev junta launches Genocide Campaign against Donbass ~ link ~ There are 4.5 Million People living in he Donbass Region ... most are Russian speaking and of Russian descent!!!  Stirling   

The combat area goes much farther beyond the airport area. The Putilov Bridge was exploded, the TochMash Factory in Donetsk suffered great damage. The junta forces attacked the Donetsk railway station. They opened fire as the train approached making people run along the rails for their lives. The combat area is situated near living quarters; any shooting there is doomed to damage the people’s homes. The houses situated on Pyatnitskaya, Gradostroitel and Artiom streets and a dormitory were damaged, a bread-baking plant caught fire

Slavyansk came under artillery shelling. Igor Strelkov, the self-defense forces leader, says, «The enemy is zeroing in. As the evening approached they shot point-blank. According to preliminary estimates, four civilians were dead, some crippled. They shot at the dormitory suburb of Arteom. There are no military targets there. The suburban town is clearly seen from Mount Karachun, where they had howitzers and mortars deployed to fire directly at the area». A woman died when a mine exploded near the Orthodox temple she was walking from, the temple was damaged with five windows broken, the fence and the fa├žade destroyed. Another mine damaged a block of flats at the distance of 200 m from the temple, a man and a woman died inside. Three civilians were dead and a few wounded as the strikes were delivered at the houses located on Batiuk and Bogomolets streets. An artillery shell hit the ground floor of a nine-storey living house where the children’s polyclinic is situated. Another shell exploded near the teacher’s training college killing a woman born in 1954. The Arteom suburban town of Slavyansk is the most densely populated area in the city with the population of 40 thousand

Ukrainian chasteners make civilians suffer most. A few women and a parking lot worker were shot near the Donetsk railway station, an eight years old boy was killed near the airport. It’s not artillery shells only. Neo-Nazi never stop, they use small arms to shoot at people like they did in Novoaydar when a few cars were fired upon as they were riding packed with people.

 Donetsk braces for third day of fighting  ~ link ~
Shooting was heard in the afternoon on Wednesday in the center of Donetsk, near the local office of the Ukrainian intelligence service. It prompted a warning by the mayor’s office, which urged residents to avoid that area of the city and not to “come close to the windows, step out onto the balconies or go outside,” unless it’s really necessary. 

War Without Mercy ~ link

Ukraine’s President-Elect Petro Poroshenko ordered it straightaway. He wants Eastern freedom fighters crushed.
He calls them “terrorists.” He declared war without mercy.

CIA faces purges as situation remains tense in the Ukraine ~ link Do take the time to read this one in full at the link.  Stirling  

They try to avoid publicity in case suicides are committed by operatives working under cover. But it’s hard to conceal anything when it happens with high-placed officials. According to the «Washington Times», a senior CIA official died in an apparent suicide in early April from injuries sustained after jumping off a building in Northern Virginia. CIA spokesman Christopher White confirmed the death and said the incident did not take place at CIA headquarters in McLean, Va. «We can confirm that there was an individual fatally injured at a facility where agency work is done», White told the Washington Free Beacon. «He was rushed to a local area hospital where he subsequently died. Due to privacy reasons and out of respect for the family, we are not releasing additional information at this time.» The name of the deceased was mentioned at first to respect privacy of the family members. No exact location of the accident has been disclosed. Time went by to alleviate post-traumatic stress of the victim’s next of kin, but still no additional information about the dead person and the reasons for suicide has leaked into press. 

What has really happened? Why should a high-positioned official do such a thing? Was it really a suicide?

100 Rebels killed in Ukraine junta's airport offensive - Junta's troops attacked vehicles transporting wounded ~ link ~ Russia has urged Ukraine to stop the offensive and attempt negotiation, and had previously warned they reserve the right to intervene to defend the ethnic Russian civilians in the far east of the country. So far there is no indication Russia is any closer to crossing the border, but the high body count in the airport fight is likely to raise new calls among locals.

What are Polish Death Squads fighting for in the Ukraine? ~ link ~ What in God's name are the people of the NATO nations doing allowing this evil to go on?  Stirling   

According to available data (5), this Polish PMC lost 6 men during a punitive operation in Eastern Ukraine (the remaining casualties among foreign mercenaries working for the junta came from the American PMC Academi and its subsidiary PMC Greystone Limited, which lost 50 and 14 fighters, respectively, as well as the CIA and the FBI, with 25 casualties, 13 of whom were killed).

The Poles have been participating actively in the formation of death squads in Ukraine since September 2013, when Foreign Minister R. Sikorski invited 86 members of the Right Sector to train at the police training center in Legionowo, 23 km from Warsaw. The fighters, who came on the pretext of a university exchange program, were mostly men of around 40; they received a month-long training course in organizing mass protests, erecting barricades, seizing government buildings, street fighting tactics, shooting techniques, including from sniper rifles, etc. The Polish weekly Nie published a photo from Legionowo showing Ukrainian fascists dressed in Nazi uniforms alongside their Polish instructors in civilian clothing

While the Polish special services were training the future participants of punitive operations, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs made this official statement (02-02-2014): «We support the hard line taken by the Right Sector... The radical actions of the Right Sector and other militant groups of demonstrators and the use of force by protestors are justified... The Right Sector has taken full responsibility for all the acts of violence during the recent protests. This is an honest position, and we respect it. The politicians have failed at their peacekeeping function. This means that the only acceptable option is the radical actions of the Right Sector. There is no other alternative». At the same time, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk cautioned President Yanukovich against «disproportionate use of force» against the Maidan. Today Donald Tusk, whose grandfather, Josef Tusk, served in Hitler's Wehrmacht, demands that the Kiev junta deal with the «eastern rebels» harshly, «as with terrorists».

Kiev junta bombs psychiatric hospital - video ~ link

Ukraine government vows more WAR ~ link ~ 

The Ukrainian government vowed to push ahead Wednesday with military operations against pro-Russian separatists in the embattled east of the country after a big show of strength routing rebels from this city’s international airport.

Petro Poroshenko, Ukraine’s president-elect, said the “anti-terrorist operation” against the rebels, whom he has likened to Somali pirates, “has finally really begun.” In an interview with Germany’s Bild newspaper, Poroshenko, 48, said he was in close contact with the Ukrainian interim government in Kiev.

Putin says Russia and China need to ensure the security of their Gold Reserves ~ link
One week ago we reported that while Russia was dumping a record amount of Treasurys it was buying gold, or some 900,000 ounces to be precise. Today we learn that as Russia continues to purchase gold, and is likely taking advantage of the recent rout in gold prices, it certainly won't be storing its physical metal with any of the western Central Banks. According to Reuters, shortly after Russia and China announced their historic gas deal, Vladimit Putin said at the recent International Economic Forum, that Russia need to ensure its gold and currency reserves are secure. And not just Russia: China too. Because apparently when it comes to speaking for "hard" monetary policy, Putin is now authorized to speak for both nations.

Why are food prices so high? Because we are eating oil. ~ link While these factors undoubtedly influence the cost of food, it turns out that food moves in virtual lockstep with the one master commodity in an industrialized global economy: oil. Courtesy of our friends at Market Daily Briefing, here is a chart of a basket of basic foodstuffs and Brent Crude Oil:

Unless you want to go to prison, read this before taking money out of your bank ~ link ~ Good One!  Stirling   

George Soros won’t go to prison for taking his money out of the bank, but you could, if you are not very careful.

Men thought to be impersonating cops robbing people turned out to just be Cops Robbing People ~ link ~ Granted this is in Detroit, which has become a failed city, but still it is a VERY BAD SIGN...this is the type of crap you see in totally failed Third World nations.  Wake up America, see what the Globalists are doing to you and put a stop to it while you still can!!!  Stirling   

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