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On the Road to the Third World War.

Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964), Supreme Commander of the Allied forces in the Pacific during World War II. "History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline." - See more at: http://www.henrymakow.com/index.html#sthash.N9bIXjLB.dpuf 

Breaking News
8 April 2014
Russia's Window of Opportunity in the Ukraine from first weeks in April to mid-May  ~ link ~ Just in time for the first of four coming Blood Moons (this April 15th) so important in Israeli thinking, also.  Stirling 
If Putin decides to send in his troops, he has a narrow window in which to act. The winter of 2014 in Russia and Ukraine was relatively mild with little snow, while the spring is early and warm. The soil is drying rapidly, meaning that it will soon be possible to move heavy vehicles off of highways and into fields in southern areas of Ukraine close to the Black and Azov Seas. A key date is April 1, which marks the beginning of the Russia’s spring conscript call-up, when some 130,000 troops drafted a year earlier will have to be mustered out as replacements arrive. This would leave the Russian airborne troops, marines, and army brigades with many conscripts that have served half a year or not at all, drastically reducing battle readiness. The better-trained one-year conscripts can be kept in the ranks for a couple of months but no longer. Otherwise they’ll start demanding to be sent home, and morale will slip. As a result, Russia’s conventional military will regain reasonable battle-readiness only around August or September 2014, giving the Ukrainians ample time to get their act together.
Ukraine has scheduled a national presidential election for May 25 that may further legitimize the regime the Kremlin hates and wants to overthrow. The Kremlin may find it hard to resist the temptation to attack Ukraine and “liberate” the south and east while Russia is ready, the Ukrainian military weak, and the regime in Kiev unstable. Such a move could lead to more Western sanctions, but this risk maybe dwarfed by the vision of a major geostrategic victory seemingly at hand.

Kiev: Emergency Meeting Over Eastern Secession Demands ~ link ~ Good Gosh! The coup-meisters signed a compromise deal with the former president, a hefty one which put the police and internal security under control of the Parliament and then counter with the Right Sector sniping attack to take the whole ball of wax. The West recognized them in two seconds.

Guess what they are objecting to now? You got it...that people are taking over municipal buildings and want to have their own government, as is happening in several of the East Ukraine cities. And they are even accusing Russia of instigating the whole thing, like it would be perfectly normal for people in the East to want to be ruled over by a Western backed coup.

You can add to that their knowing that a brutal economic crunch is coming. Who could blame Russian Ukrainers for looking at what the Crimeans are getting with their liberation, and to avoid going under the banksters' yoke. And the Kiev folks tell us, "It's not fair, it's not fair!" You just can't make this stuff up!...

Pro-Russian separatists declare Donetsk and east Ukraine independent ~ link ~ The 'you know what' is about to hit the fan!!!  Stirling   

Pro-Russian activists barricaded inside a government building in eastern Ukraine proclaimed the region independent Monday and called for a referendum on seceding from Ukraine — an ominous echo of the events that led to Russia's annexation of Crimea. 

The Ukrainian government accused Russia of stirring up the unrest and vowed to quell it. Russia, which has tens of thousands of troops massed along the border, warned Ukraine of more "difficulties and crises" if its leaders fail to heed Moscow's demands.

Pro-Moscow Protesters Seize Arms, Declare a Republic, Kiev Coup Government fears invasion ~ link ~ and also see thislink ~ and this ~ link ~ Pro-Moscow protesters in eastern Ukraine seized arms in one city and declared a separatist republic in another, in moves Kiev described on Monday as part of a Russian-orchestrated plan to justify an invasion to dismember the country.

Kiev said the overnight seizure of public buildings in three cities in eastern Ukraine’s mainly Russian-speaking industrial heartland were a replay of events in Crimea, the Black Sea peninsula Moscow seized and annexed last month.

More Threats From Palestine's Nasty Neighbor ~ link ~ Dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu is 'preparing the ground' for 'wiping off the map' his regional 'enemies' when WWIII begins.  What a sweetheart...NOT!!!  Stirling   

Western Sanctions will push Russia Eastward ~ link ~ That is, in reality, one of the real goals of the sanctions!  The globalists want to create two massive military/political/economic alliances for their coming Third World War!!!   Stirling    

Turkey staged the gas attack to provoke America war on Syria ~ link ~  In a lengthy article published Sunday by the London Review of Books, investigative journalist Seymour Hersh reports that the sarin gas attack on a Damascus suburb on August 21, 2013 was actually carried out by Syrian “rebel” forces acting at the behest of Turkey, for the purpose of providing a pretext for a US attack on Syria.

The gas attack killed many hundreds of people in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta, and the Obama administration and the corporate-controlled US media immediately blamed the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad for the atrocity. The New York Times, in particular, published a lengthy analysis by its military “expert,” C. J. Chivers, which purported to show, based on rocket trajectories, prevailing winds and other technical factors, that the gas shells could only have been fired from Syrian army artillery positions.

Russia accuses US mercenaries of inciting Civil War in the Ukraine ~ link ~ In response to claims by the Ukraine government (and the west) that Russia provoking trouble in Eastern Europe - with The White House's Jary Carney even suggesting that pro-Russia demonstrators were paid - Russia's foreign ministry has responded. Posting via their Facebook page, Russia urged Ukraine to halt any interior military preparations which could instigate a civil war. But the kicker, for which we anxiously await a rebuttal, is Russia's comment that they "are particularly concerned that the operation involves some 150 American mercenaries."

Donetsk People's Council set to hold Referendum to join Russia on May 11 ~ link ~ Remember Russia's recent  statement that she would not invade the Ukraine but that any other changes had to be by voter referendum!  Stirling  

Donetsk region People’s Council established by local pro-federalization demonstrators on Monday declared its plans to create the republic of Donetsk and join Russia if people so vote during the referendum which is due to take place no later than May 11, RIA Novosti correspondent reported Monday.

"People's Republic of Donetsk is to be created within the administrative borders of Donetsk region. This decision shall enter into force immediately after the referendum," one of the leaders of Donetsk People's council said at a meeting in the building of regional administration Monday.

USA issues fresh warning to Russia over the Ukraine - with video ~ link ~ Pot calling the kettle black!  Stirling 

US Secretary of State John Kerry has threatened Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov with more economic sanctions on Moscow over the Ukraine crisis. 
The US State Department said on Monday that Kerry told Lavrov in a telephone call that Washington was watching events in eastern Ukraine with "great concern."
Kerry has "called on Russia to publicly disavow the activities of separatists, saboteurs and provocateurs" in Ukraine, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

Russia urges Ukraine coup government not to mistreat protesters - with video ~ link ~ And if they do???  You didn't really think that the threat of WAR in Europe and World War III from the Ukraine Crisis was over did you!!!  Stirling    

This comes as people in Ukraine’s eastern city of Kharkiv declared independence from Kiev on Monday following a same move by pro-Russians in Donetsk.

Protesters announced the formation of the Independent People’s Republic of Kharkiv outside the regional administration building.

EU discusses further Russian sanctions as US steps up war rhetoric ~ link The Obama administration is pushing for the European powers to toughen their stance against Russia. In its efforts to step up aggression against Moscow, the US is relying above all on the political and economic influence of Germany and, secondly, on its traditional ally, Britain.

A foreign ministers meeting in Athens on Friday and Saturday saw Berlin and London pressing the European Union (EU) to prepare stiff sanctions against the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, this was framed only as a response to any further Russian incursion into Ukraine’s eastern territories because of the opposition of several EU states to measures they fear will impact badly on their economies.

World War III Is Imminent ~ link ~ A very clear picture is emerging over the crisis in Ukraine. Each side has taken on definitive moves in order to bring its military forces into the coming conflict. In short, each side is mobilizing for war. The world may have as little as 30 to 60 days of relative peace left before all hell breaks loose. The world is familiar on how the Russian military has postured its forces to take over Ukraine and begin the process of a Putin economic war against the West once Ukraine is secured. The US and NATO are responding in kind and by this summer, NATO will be ready to challenge the Russians.

Ukraine Crisis: US warns Russia over 'destabilization' - with video ~ link  ~ What concern of this is really America's???  Stirling   

Palestinians going without running water for over a month - with video ~ link According to residents at Su'fat refugee camp, the water was cut out on March 4. Many residents in the area are now buying bottled water to scratch out a living. The neighborhood has suffered from water shortages in the past, but residents say this year has been the worst.

Su'fat refugee camp has reportedly nearly 80,000 residents.
Israeli officials have failed to explain why water has been cut. The situation has worsened for areas like Su'fat since Israel built its separation wall in the area nearly a decade ago.

US arming Syrian foreign mercenaries with advanced weapons - with video ~ link ~ The United States has begun supplying foreign-backed militants in Syria with advanced and high-powered weapons, according to a new report.

On Monday, Israel’s Debkafile website reported that two Syrian militant groups have been supplied with advanced US weapons, including armor-piercing, optically-guided BGM-71 TOW missiles, thanks to the Pentagon.

Images of militants equipped with the advanced arms have begun to circulate online in recent days.
Syrian troops have been confiscating foreign weapons from the militants on a regular basis.

According to the Debkafile’s report, the US Joint Chiefs of Staff recently told Israeli officials that Saudi Arabia’s fighter jets would provide air cover as American forces move the weapons into southern Syria.

Last month, the US media reported that President Barack Obama and Saudi King Abdullah appeared to narrow their disagreement on assisting Syrian militants.

However, US official have acknowledged that the Obama administration policies in Syria have been a failure as the Syrian army continues its mop-up operations, tightening the noose around the militants in several areas across the country.



The Coming US Constitutional Convention contains the Tipping Point for Revolution ~ link ~ I have long thought that a US Constitutional Convention is really a VERY GREAT DANGER to Americans.  Money rules the political process in America and the computerized voting systems used in most of America is nothing but a total open door to massive fraud.  Americans elect "the latest turd" to their high offices because they usually have a choice between one Globalist Bankster/Zionist corrupt puppet and another one from the same rat-hole.  Any elected Constitutional Convention member is highly apt to be totally bought-and-paid-for by the criminally insane satanic jerks that have so totally screwed up the richest nation on Earth.  They can pass a totally new or deeply changed US Constitution and there would be little the public could do about it...except to revolt.  Be afraid, be very afraid of empowering a new American Constitutional Convention, if the existing power structure ends up controlling that also, we are totally screwed!!!   Stirling   

Pursuant to Article 5 of the US Constitution, if 34 states call for a convention, the convention is required to take place. Last week the state legislature of Michigan became the 34th state to demand a Constitutional Convention in the United States. There is no time requirement so a convention could be dragged out for years.  However, if a national convention does take place, then everything is on the table and the basic structure of our government could be changed forever. Subsequently, the Bill of Rights could be done away with in a formal manner.

Most will speak of the potential for such a convention to right the wrongs of the Obama administration. That is an unrealistic view. With a Constitutional Convention, America risks losing everything that separates us from us and China. If a convention does take place in 2016, it is clear to many of us that the seeds of civil disobedience, at the least, could come to the surface. At the most, the seeds of revolution could blossom into a bloody civil war. What would be the tipping point for such a confrontation in which a slumbering people awakens to reclaim its country?

Many of us are wondering what will be the tipping point when Americans, on a massive scale, begin to totally disregard and flagrantly disobey the authority of a government that does not respect the Constitution and American civil liberties. How far can the globalists push the American people before the American people will strike back? What will be the tipping point as we descend into WW III? Will it be an economic collapse? Will it be triggered by mass arrests under the NDAA? Will it be Obamacare?

As Michigan became the 34th state to demand a convention, many cheered. At last the people will have their day. At a Constitutional Convention, the good guys will win the day, right? Wrong! There are no good guys. Politics is run by one political party controlled by the globalist banksters, masquerading as two parties (i.e. Democrats and Republicans). Subsequently, any Constitutional Convention will be run by the forces who own and control the Democrats and Republicans and they will after go one thing a Constitutional Convention. Make no mistake about it, the globalists are pushing the Constitution Convention, not the people.  In other words, America, any Constitutional Convention will be run by those who have destroyed this country’s economy and existing Constitution. As a result, nothing good can come out of this event.

Assange: USA annexed the Whole World through mass surveillance ~ link ~ Actually it was not America, but the Globalist Banksters and Zionists, using American governmental agencies and technology, that have/are doing this!  Stirling    

"To a degree this is a matter of national sovereignty. The news is all flush with talk about how Russia has annexed the Crimea, but the reality is, the Five Eyes intelligence alliance, principally the United States, have annexed the whole world as a result of annexing the computer systems and communications technology that is used to run the modern world," stated Julian Assange in his keynote address at the WHD.global 2014 conference, the world's largest hosting and cloud event.

French police trying to conceal police brutality ~ link ~ What do you expect from a Zionist President who is a puppet for the Rothschilds???  Stirling   

French officials are pushing ahead with attempts to suppress a website that reveals cases of police brutality, Press TV reports.

Political analysts say the new French Prime Minister Manuel Valls is trying to silence whistleblowers who aim to disclose French police’s brutality.

After the death of his brother by the police, Amal Bentounsi started the website, so that people can share their stories of police violence.

Americans live in a Matrix of Total Lies ~ link ~ As I write I cannot think of one thing in the entire areas of foreign and domestic policy that the US government has told the truth about in the 21st century. Just as Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction, Iran has no nukes, Assad did not use chemical weapons, and Putin did not invade and annex Crimea, the jobs numbers are fraudulent, the unemployment rate is deceptive, the inflation measures are understated, and the GDP growth rate is overstated. Americans live in a matrix of total lies.
What can Americans do? Elections are pointless. Presidents, Senators, and US Representatives represent the interest groups that provide their campaign funds, not the voters. In two decisions, the Republican Supreme Court has made it legal for corporations to purchase the government. Those who own the government will decide what it does, not those who vote.
All Americans can do is to accept the serfdom imposed on them or take to the streets and stay in the streets despite being clubbed, tasered, arrested, and shot by the police, who protect the power structure, not the public. In America, nothing is done for the public. But everything is done to the public.

The father of High Speed Trading speaks: "The Market we created is a Casino; A Complete Mess; A Rigged Game" ~ link ~ Those words do a good job of summing up Wall Street!!!   Stirling    

While simplistic economist hacks and conflicted industry practitioners who stand to lose their entire revenue stream should HFT be liquidated, not to mention pagreview trolling journos, are suddenly not only experts in HFT, but are convinced allegations that high frequency trading rigs markets are blown out of proportion, here is what one of the actual pioneers of, and erstwhile legends in, computerized trading - the billionaire founder of Timber Hill and Interactive Brokers Thomas Peterffy - the man NPR dubbed the "father of high-speed trading" has to say. 

Welcome To Terminus ~ link ~ In the show there is no clear explanation as to why the majority of the population have been infected and turned into zombies, while a tiny minority is unaffected and able to think critically and act rationally. It is revealed that all living people are infected with the zombie virus, but it remains dormant in a minority of the survivors. Death by any means triggers the virus and turns the corpse into a mindless flesh eating zombie. There are 318 million Americans and a majority of them fall into the category of zombies in my estimation. Every American has the zombie virus within them. It has been incubated by corrupt vote seeking politicians, control hungry government sociopaths, mind numbingly worthless public education, and the relentless dumbing down through corporate media propaganda and vacuous reality TV entertainment. Once cogent thinking aware citizens have been zombiefied into mindless impulsive consumers.

What you note after watching a few episodes of the Walking Dead is that collapse happened suddenly. Cities, towns, houses and highways remained relatively intact. The decay and deterioration caused by neglect and abandonment are the only visible signs that modern civilization has ceased. The show highlights the life-threatening difficulty of enduring on a day to day basis without the certainty of shelter, food, water, and fuel. The average asleep American isn’t prepared to last one week without the basics of modern life. They haven’t stocked any food, water or fuel in case of an emergency. Their normalcy bias keeps them from even considering the high likelihood of even a natural disaster caused by a hurricane, snowstorm, or earthquake. Recent examples of most people’s complete helplessness were the snow and ice storms that struck this past winter and hurricanes Sandy and Katrina. Without power and access to food and water, modern society breaks down quickly, with chaos, looting and anarchy only days away.

It is unlikely that collapse of civilization as we know it will happen due to some extreme event such as nuclear war, super volcano, or asteroid. When our central banker masters of the universe trigger the next financial system collapse, with no monetary bullets of debasement left in their pop gun, the resulting chaos when ATMs stop spitting out $20 bills and EBT cards for 47 million people stop functioning at Wally World will be epic. We got a glimpse into the future this past October when the EBT system went down in several states for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon. Zombies began to ransack Wal-Mart stores attempting to steal as much as they could get away with. Chaos, anger and criminal behavior was virtually instantaneous. A vast swath of EBT dependent zombies live in our numerous urban ghettos and when the EBT system goes down permanently violence will quickly erupt. Police will be vastly out-numbered, hungry mobs will become armed gangs of violent looters burning down their ghettos, ransacking and plundering businesses, stores and homes, and stealing everything that isn’t nailed down. Visualize the L.A. riots after the Rodney King verdict in every urban area in the country.

This is what employment in America really looks like ~ link ~ The level of employment in the United States has been declining since the year 2000.  There have been moments when things have appeared to have been getting better for a short period of time, and then the decline has resumed.  Thanks to the offshoring of millions of jobs, the replacement of millions of workers with technology and the overall weakness of the U.S. economy, the percentage of Americans that are actually working is significantly lower than it was when this century began.  And even though things have stabilized at a reduced level over the past few years, it is only a matter of time until the next major wave of the economic collapse strikes and the employment level goes even lower.  And the truth is that more good jobs are being lost every single day in America.  For example, as you will read about below, Warren Buffett is shutting down a Fruit of the Loom factory in Kentucky and moving it to Honduras just so that he can make a little bit more money.  We see this kind of betrayal over and over again, and it is absolutely ripping the middle class of America to shreds.

Below I have posted a chart that you never hear any of our politicians talk about.  It is a chart that shows how the percentage of working age Americans with a job has steadily declined since the turn of the century.  Just before the last recession, we were sitting at about 63 percent, but now we have been below 59 percent since the end of 2009...

98% of All US Consumer Credit in the last year was Student and Car Loans ~ link ~ Same shit, different month. If last month total consumer credit increased by $13.8 billion, of which $14.0 billion went into student and car loans meaning consumers continued deleveraging on their credit card statements (some expectation for a recovery there), then February was even worse. The headline number was great: $16.5 billion, well above the $14.0 billion expected. The problem is that of this number well more than 100%, or $18.9 billion was once again slated for car purchases and paying down "student bills" (not really - as has been reported numerous times before Americans increasingly use student loans as a means to pay for everything else but tuition).

In other words, anyone suggesting that the "surge" in household lending is in any way remotely indicative of consumer hope in a recovery is i) an idiot or ii) clueless and won't even be bothered to read the fine print which once again suggests that the only credit Americans will take on is whatever comes implicitly free, and is certainly not meant to be repaid, courtesy of Uncle Sam. Unlike credit cards.

Liberia - Ebola Manhunt: Biker likely carrying virus 'on the run' ~ link ~ Ebola, which I believe came from a biowar lab, gives us a good example of just how dangerous a genetically engineered virus can be.  Now visualize an all-out biowar with perhaps 50 or 100 different super killer viruses released all over a country within a couple of weeks by professionals!!!  Stirling   

More pings raise more questions about missing Flight MH370 ~ link ~ Almost a month after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared, searchers say pulse signals detected in the Indian Ocean provide the best hope so far for finding it.  However, those same officials warn it will take time to confirm if the sonar pings come from the missing plane, meaning nothing is certain yet.  The new information raises more questions about what the pulse signals mean and what happens now.
US Navy has fuel based on seawater ~ link ~ Generally all water based fuel processes are either bought up by or killed one way or another by the Global Banking Cartel families (who own Big Oil).  It is interesting that this has been allowed to get this far!!!   Stirling    

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