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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin

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On the Road to the Third World War.

24 April 2014 ~ Second Update

Breaking News

America 'sends in the paratroopers' (modern day version of sending in the Seventh Calvary) to Poland as the United Kingdom, Denmark and the Netherlands scramble air defense fighters as Russian bombers approach their shores!  WAR IN EUROPE is now very close...will this be the time that it begins or will something else happen, once again, to delay it.  This war will almost certainly morph into the THIRD WORLD WAR!!!  Stirling  

Report: Kiev pulls back forces after Russia flexes military muscles ~ link Kiev reportedly suspends its "anti-terror operation" in eastern Ukraine after five pro-Russian militants are killed and Russia orders military exercises on the Ukraine border.

The minister said that starting on Thursday, battalions of tactical groups from the armed forces' southern and western military districts would begin exercises in regions of Russia bordering Ukraine.

He added: "Apart from that, the air force will conduct flights to train for manoeuvres along the state borders."

Russia forced to launch military drills near border in response to Ukrainian military op ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~  This is getting very serious now!   Stirling   

Russia has begun extensive military exercises near the Ukrainian border following the escalation of violence in eastern Ukraine.

“The order to use force against civilians has already been given, and if this military machine is not stopped, the amount of casualties will only grow,” Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said during an official meeting in Moscow.
“War games by NATO in Poland and the Baltic states are also not helping the normalization of the situation. We are forced to react to the situation.

 NOTE: Video partly muted
Fighting erupted again just outside Slavyansk, eastern Ukraine. Kiev restarted anti-terrorism operation leaving a checkpoint in ruin. Ukrainian troops take photos alongside APCs as Choppers fly overhead. READ MORE

Ukraine Crisis: LIVE ~ link ~ Also see ~ link   

RUSSIAN TROOPS MASS NEAR THE UKRAINE ~ link ~ Very large scale troop movements are always "drills" and "exercises" and "war games" until they suddenly become a real WAR!!!  What is happening now is that both NATO and Russia are clearly moving military forces into position for WAR.  The real question is will this be sidetracked or will all hell break lose upon the World???  Stirling   

In an immediate reaction, Russia's defence minister said troops massed near Ukraine's border were starting new military exercises.

The statements by Mr Putin and defense minister Sergei Shoigu sharpened anxiety over the prospect of a Russian military incursion into Ukraine. Russia's foreign minister warned a day earlier that any attack on Russian citizens or interests in eastern Ukraine would bring a strong response.

BRINK OF WAR - with extensive photos (including current combat photos) and videos on War Crisis in the Ukraine ~ link ~ Interesting photos!  Stirling   

  • Armoured personnel carriers and helicopters backed up heavily armed commandos in the assault in Slovyansk
  • Russian president Vladimir Putin said attack constitutes 'a very serious crime' and warned Kiev of 'consequences'
  • In response to the attack Russia started new military drills near the Ukrainian border
  • Barack Obama accused Moscow of not honoring an agreement to ease tensions and says more sanctions are 'teed up'
  • He said, however, that the U.S would need allied support to apply more sanctions
  • British, Dutch and Danish fighters scrambled to intercept Russian bombers that encroached on restricted airspace
  • U.S troops arrive in Poland to take part in joint military exercises in move to reassure eastern European countries
  • Ukrainian troops repelled an overnight raid by about 70 armed men on a base at Artemivsk

  • Does Washington want WAR with Russia? ~ link ~ Good article, do take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling 
    From start to finish, the Ukraine crisis has been instigated by US imperialism. Every action Washington has taken has been directed at exacerbating and intensifying this crisis. The longer this crisis goes on, the clearer it becomes that US policy is directed not so much at Ukraine as at Russia itself. Ukraine, it would seem, is meant merely to provide the pretext for a war with Russia.

    Short of that, it would be used to force a humiliating capitulation by Moscow that would only set the stage for redoubled aggression aimed at Russia’s dismemberment and transformation into a powerless semi-colony. Presumably, those in the White House and the Pentagon believe that such a conflict would stop short of a nuclear war, but who knows?

    What underlies the US war drive? In the run-up to the Ukraine crisis, Washington had grown increasingly incensed by Moscow’s role in blocking US war plans against both Syria and Iran, not to mention Putin’s granting of asylum to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Earlier, there was the fiasco that Moscow dealt Washington in the US-backed 2008 war launched by Georgia against South Ossetia. The events in Ukraine suggest that US imperialism has embarked on a strategy to eliminate Russia as an obstacle to its drive to assert hegemony over the Middle East and, more broadly, the landmass of Eurasia.

    Ukrainian Coup Junta: US Promises Backing for Eastern Offensive ~ link ~ Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Yarema told reporters today that the military is working on the “liquidation” of the protester groups, and that actions in the near future would show results.

    Yarema said the US support would likely become “more substantive” in the event of Russian military action. Despite supporting the offensives raising tensions with Russia, the Obama Administration says they won’t intervene militarily in Ukraine.

    US/European Equity Indices Are Tumbling As WWIII Trumps Buybacks ~ link ~ It seems potential WWIII trumps a buyback-driven exuberance in stocks...

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