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15 April 2014 ~ Second Update
Ukraine has begun full-scale military operations against the protesters in the eastern part of the Ukraine.  We are now apt to see a Russian invasion and a crash of arms, which may end up beginning the Third World War and/or triggering a total global economic collapse!!!   Stirling     
Ukraine armed forces land airborne troops in eastern town ~ linkThe globalist/Zionist/fascist coup junta, no doubt following orders, has done everything that Russia warned it not to do.  This should ensure that the Crisis in the Ukraine gets totally out-of-control. The madmen that we in the West have allowed to control us, are going to get most of us killed in WWIII/Armageddon!!!  Stirling   
Ukrainian airborne troops landed in a town in the east of the country on Tuesday after the defence ministry announced it was launching a "special operation" there against pro-Russian separatists.

The town of Kramatorsk is one of 10 localities in Ukraine's Russian-speaking east where separatist rebellions have broken out and the move suggested Ukraine's authorities were going ahead with a plan for a broad military crackdown to end the unrest which began 10 days ago.

Kiev coup junta sends in the tanks to clear separatists from 10 cities ~ link ~ Tanks rolled into eastern Ukraine today as the Kiev government started a campaign to clear 10 towns and  cities of pro-Russian separatists.

The “anti-terror” operation began despite warnings from Moscow not to use force against the insurgents.

Separatists who have recently seized public buildings in the towns and cities responded by fortifying their defences and barricades.

Ukraine launches war against 'separatists' - with video ~ link ~ Ukrainian armed forces on Tuesday launched a "special operation" against militiamen in the country's Russian speaking east, authorities said, recapturing a military airfield from pro-Moscow separatists.

Gunfire could be heard from the airfield at the town of Kramatorsk after a fighter jet swooped low over the area. Ukrainian troops were seen disembarking from helicopters.
A Reuters correspondent in Kramatorsk saw four military helicopters over the airport. Two of these landed and when troops stepped out and walked across the field, locals manning a barricade shouted "Shame! Go back home!"

Ukrainian military recaptures airport ~ link ~ Army troops have restored control over a small airport in eastern Ukraine that had been occupied by pro-Russian militiamen, the acting president said.

It was the first military action taken by the government after Oleksandr Turchynov announced an "anti-terrorist operation" against the separatists who have seized control of numerous buildings in the east of the country.

'Those who don't lay down their arms will be destroyed' says the Ukrainian coup military operations commander ~ link ~ A Ukrainian general leading the operation against protesters in the east of the country has warned that activists who refuse to lay down their arms will be “destroyed.”
“They must be warned that if they do not lay down their arms, they will be destroyed,” General Vasily Krutov, first deputy head of the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) told reporters, as cited by AFP.

Romanian President: US Navy to send additional warship to Black Sea ~ link ~ The class of guided missile destroyer involved can sweep a wide area in all directions for air defense/control.  This makes the ships a high priority target.  The Russians, if this really gets out of hand, will target each ship with a dozen or so Sunburn and/or Onix anti-shipping advanced cruise missiles, which are very fast and will overwhelm the warships defenses.  Of course, the ships could be hit with a False Flag Attack to trigger WWIII.   Stirling   

Coup junta's military storms airfield and town in eastern Ukraine - Killed and wounded reported among the protesters ~ link ~ The real President of the Ukraine, the elected one not the self-appointed one, would not send the military to attack civilian protesters.  It appears that the fascist/globalist/Zionist coup junta has no such qualms!!!  All hell is about to break loose in Europe!!!  Stirling      

Coup-imposed President Aleksandr Turchinov said that he received a telephone call confirming the military have seized the airfield in Kramatorsk.

Ukrainian troops approached the military airfield in armored personnel carriers between the eastern cities of Kramatorsk and Slavyansk, the people’s militia located at the airfield told RIA Novosti on the phone. “They started negotiating with the people’s militia, which is in control of the airfield. The shooting started unexpectedly. There are injured among the people’s militia, and there may be deaths,” they said.


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