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On the Road to the Third World War.

25 April 2014 ~ Second Update

Breaking News

We are now moving ever more towards a new massive global war, World War III - Armageddon, with the Ukraine Crisis.  Pray that we will be able to escape the near total destruction of our home planet by the demonic madmen driving this 'crisis'.  Stirling  

Russian 'Doomsday Plane' spotted flying by Finland border ~ link ~ It is not a good sign that key military technologies, designed for global warfare, are now being used.  Stirling  

The last time the Russian "Doomsday Plane" was seen in the air doing its trademark loops at 27,000 feet telegraphing Vladimir Putin was somewhere nearby, was on March 31, just days after the formerly Ukrainian region was annexed by the Kremlin. Until today, when over the past 4 hours, the Tu-214 has been quietly circling in position just shy of Finland and the Baltics, where as it is known, NATO has been depositing hundreds of western soldiers in a "defensive" build up.

What is the "Doomsday Plane"? Here is a reminder:
The Tupolev Tu-214SR is a Russian Special Mission Aircraft believed to act as a communication relay aircraft. This kind of aircraft is often dispatched by the Russian Air Force to accompany Putin’s presidential aircraft on its travels and for this reason it is considered the Russian version of the U.S. E-4B, a so-called “doomsday” plane, with an airborne command and control role.

Ukrainian troops launch blockade around separatist stronghold ~ link ~ I am using the headline colors for WWIII dangers instead of the Ukrainian headline colors that I was using for Ukrainian Crisis stories, because this appears headed for a major European War, most likely the Third World War.  Only time will tell, but the Crisis is now posing a very grave danger to the entire world!!!  Stirling   

"Twenty minutes ago ... Ukrainian special forces units began the second stage, which consists of our taking the decision to blockade the city of Slaviansk completely and give no opportunity to bring in reinforcements," Serhiy Pashynsky, chief-of-staff to acting president Oleksander Turchinov, told Interfax-Ukraine news agency.

In a separate incident, Ukrainian officials said a military helicopter had exploded at a base in the nearby town of Kramatorsk after being hit by a rocket-propelled grenade.

CIVIL WAR LOOMS As Fighting Rages In Eastern Ukraine LIVE UPDATES from RT ~ link 

Russian FM Lavrov: Kerry's 'prosecutorial' RT assault unacceptable ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ Those that hate the truth always seek to limit one's access to it or to deny it.  Stirling    

West announces "extension" of sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine ~ link ~ The West announced fresh sanctions on Russia on Friday for its continued meddling in Ukraine.

The need for further action was agreed in a conference call between the leaders of Britain, America, Germany, France and Italy, although the new measures are expected to fall short of ones that would inflict real pain on Moscow.

West to expand sanctions on Russia - with video ~ link ~ This whole 'Ukrainian Crisis' event is a manufactured event by the Global Banking Cartel and Zionist controlled western governments.  It is apt to either trigger WWIII or at least move the entire world down the path to this Armageddon nightmare!!!  Stirling   

Britain, the US, France, Germany and Italy have indicated that they will extend sanctions on Russia because its actions over Ukraine.

David Cameron, Barack Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi released a joint statement on Friday, calling on Russia to act.

Furious Russia - Proposes 'Scorched Earth' Economic Retaliation Against NATO Nations ~ link ~ Another really bad sign!  This 'Ukraine' Crisis may trigger the global economic collapse that most serious analysts have been expecting; or it might trigger the Third World War; or both!!!  Stirling   

But far more importantly, and ahead of yet another round of western sanctions which appears imminent unless Obama is to look even more powerless than he currently is (granted, a difficult achievement), Russian presidential adviser Sergei Glazyev proposed plan of 15 measures to protect country’s economy if sanctions applied, Vedomosti newspaper reports, citing Glazyev’s letter to Finance Ministry. According to Vedomosti as Bloomberg reported, Glazyev proposed:
  • Russia should withdraw all assets, accounts in dollars, euros from NATO countries to neutral ones
  • Russia should start selling NATO member sovereign bonds before Russia’s foreign-currency accounts are frozen
  • Central bank should reduce dollar assets, sell sovereign bonds of countries that support sanctions
  • Russia should limit commercial banks’ FX assets to prevent speculation on ruble, capital outflows
  • Central bank should increase money supply so that state cos., banks may refinance foreign loans
  • Russia should use national currencies in trade with customs Union members, other non-dollar, non-euro partners
In other words, a full-blown scorched earth campaign by Russia

Kerry just delivered final warning to Russia ~ link ~ Also see ~ link Kerry is just another Zionist Skull & Bones operative that is serving Satan and the forces that seek to destroy most of us on this planet and to enslave the rest.  I was an anti-war activist during the Vietnam War and I remember his testimony before Congress back then...I did not know him but I had a really bad feeling about him...I simply did not trust him...and I sure as hell don't trust him now!  In fact his comments earn him the Five BS Flag Award for over-the-top bullshit.  Stirling   

The top US diplomat accused the Kremlin of “a full-throated effort to actively sabotage the democratic effort.”

Ukraine: Western leaders consider new Russian sanctions ~ link ~ Western heads of state say they are considering fresh sanctions against Russia over its alleged failure to help de-escalate the crisis in Ukraine. France, Germany, the US, Britain and Italy accused Russia of disrespecting a deal to disarm pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine.

Russia earlier accused the West of wanting to "seize" Ukraine.

France sending fighter planes to Baltic states on border with Russia ~ link ~ The deployment of military assets to the areas on Russia's border, by NATO nations, continues.  This is NOT a good sign!!!  Stirling   

Ukraine says ready to fight Russia ~ link ~ Ukraine said on Friday that it has launched the second phase of an operation to drive out pro-Russia activists from the country’s eastern cities. Acting Head of Presidential Administration of Ukraine Serhiy Pashynsky said the second stage of the operation has kicked off in the city of Slavyansk, which is held by protesters.

The first stage of the operation began on Thursday, when Ukrainian troops entered the eastern city, killing at least five pro-Russia protesters. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov denounced Kiev’s operations in the eastern part of the country as a “bloody crime,” saying the Ukrainian government is waging a war on its own people. 

OSCE Security Team seized by pro-Russian insurgents in Slaviansk ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ Pro-Russia separatists have seized a bus in Slaviansk carrying seven members of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), according to the Ukrainian interior ministry. "Near the entrance to Slaviansk, unknown persons stopped the bus with 13 passengers including seven OSCE representatives, five representatives of the armed forces of Ukraine and the driver," a ministry spokesman said.

Ukrainian Army helicopter attacked and destroyed by self-defense forces - with photos ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ Self-defence troops have confirmed they attacked a Ukrainian military helicopter at an airfield in eastern Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk. A plume of smoke can be seen rising over the area in a number of online videos.

Ukraine coup junta Prime Minister says 'Russia just wants to start World War III' ~ link ~ This lying pile of human crap is a Zionist central banker, brought in from the outside, to rape the people of the Ukraine by the Global Banking Cartel.  He deserves to rot in Hell.  In any case, his comments have earned the Five BS Flag Award for his 'black is white - white is black' bullshit.  Stirling  

  • Arseny Yatsenyuk warned of full-scale war if Russia invades
  • US President said he is keeping 'arrows in his quiver' in case of deterioration
  • Russian Foreign Minister hit back saying West is serving its own 'political ambitions'
  • US Secretary of State John Kerry said Russia's window to change direction was closing
  • Accused Putin of sabotaging the democratic process through 'intimidation'
  • Also warned new sanctions on Moscow would be an 'escalation'
  • Comes as Ukrainian officials confirmed five pro-Russia 'terrorists' were shot
  • Russian President warned that if the Ukrainian government is killing its own people it is a 'grave crime'

'Self-defense' fighters in Sloviansk rebuff attack of Ukrainian coup junta's Special Task Force - with photos ~ link ~ You must see this one also ~ link ~ The people’s self-defense fighters in Ukraine’s Sloviansk city together with a reinforcement that arrived from Krasny Liman, have rebuffed an attack of the Ukrainian military who are engaged in a special operation at the entrance to Sloviansk, local media reported on Thursday.

“The convoy of armoured vehicles has yielded ground. The people’s police have got reinforcement from the city of Krasny Liman. Volunteers - even unarmed - continue to arrive at the strategic post,” according to a local report.

Spot the two Ukrainian Army snipers - photo ~ link ~ Look closely at this photo. There are 2 snipers from the Ukrainian army near the Ukraine army base around 20km from pro-Russian held Slovyansk.

Israel wants Temple Mount Control ~ link ~ The most dangerous piece of real estate on Earth and naturally Bibi 666 Netanyahu uses it to cause trouble!  Stirling  


American Democracy is now an Oligarchy ~ link ~ Sad but true!  Only, it is not just the Republican Party, as this article seems to be saying, but both parties...they are the 'flip side' of the same coin. Stirling   

Furthermore, “Americans do enjoy many features central to democratic governance, such as regular elections, freedom of speech and association, and a widespread (if still contested) franchise. But we believe that if policymaking is dominated by powerful business organizations and a small number of affluent Americans, then America’s claims to being a democratic society are seriously threatened.” In other words, it is time for Americans to stop believing delusional truths and recognize that US democracy has become a myth, especially if there are ever to be serious actions by the majority to fix and restore democracy.

Americans, especially younger ones, need to understand the historical path from democracy to plutocracy to oligarchy. Most Americans are suffering because of economic inequality and they need to understand that the economic system is under the control of the perverted political system.

French joblessness hits New Record High ~ link ~ You can thank the global banksters for this!  Stirling   

Scenar - Healing Device ~ link ~ Energy is Healing ... this is a key bit of knowledge that Big Pharma is keeping from the masses!  Stirling    

Some researchers believe spacetime might be a type of 'liquid superfluid' ~ link 


Military radar did likely track missing MH370 flight PM now reveals ~ link 

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

About Mr. Kerry:

"...I did not know him but I had a really bad feeling about him...I simply did not trust him...and I sure as hell don't trust him now! In fact his comments earn him the Five BS Flag Award for over-the-top bullshit."

Some time ago, you mentioned that he is a shape-shifter. I agree, 100%.
He was, in the 1970s, a member of the ruling class and he is still part of the elite who try to get rid of the cattle/sheeple/useless eaters or just ordinary shit eating goys.

Yours, in our Lord, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit
(I do hope that some day I will get it right, I mean the Trinity in the right order; our Lord would laugh about my problems writing the three members of the Trinity in the right and correct order).
But I am only human and our all mighty Lord will forgive me, at least I hope so, and pray for it to happen every day.
Thoughts about our Lord and man in evil times.

Joaquin, Germany