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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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On the Road to the Third World War.

26 April 2014 ~ First Update

Breaking News

America and Europe push confrontation with Russia towards WAR ~ link ~ This is a totally created crisis and drive towards global war by the Global Banking Cartel and the Zionists.  It will likely morph into not only the Third World War but the Biblical Armageddon, the Apocalypse, the Final Battle!!!   Stirling    

US President Barack Obama and allied leaders in Europe pushed the standoff with Russia over Ukraine further to the brink of war on Friday. As troops of the Western-backed, ultra-nationalist regime in Kiev, supplemented by fascist paramilitary forces, continued to mass against pro-Russian protesters in eastern Ukraine, and Russia launched military exercises on its border with Ukraine, Obama held a conference call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Fran├žois Hollande, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to secure agreement on new sanctions against Russia.

The sanctions threat is joined by a further push of US and NATO military forces up to or near Russia’s borders. US and NATO war planes are flying over the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania; US troops have arrived in Poland; and more US war ships are entering the Black Sea.

Global Society Destruction and the Ukraine Crisis - Decoding its Deep Structural Meaning ~ link ~ This is a very good in-depth article.  Take a few minutes to read it all at the link.  What is happening with the global banksters (Global Banking Cartel families) and the Zionists is the systematic destruction of societies, cultures, freedom, lives, and all that is good in nations that become the targets of their 'special attentions' like Iraq, Libya, Syria, the Ukraine, and also the somewhat less dramatic but nevertheless still very real and similar systematic destruction being inflicted on North America, Europe, Asia, etc. by these same forces.  The level of evil currently being utilized is very high, but pales compared to what is about to be inflicted by a new global war with 21st Century weapons-of-mass-destruction and police state technology coupled with economic destitution.  This series of events and interrelated undertakings is well beyond normal eco-political happenings.  It is what I call the Spiritual Battle that transcends everything else.  The nature of the destruction and vast numbers of deaths, which will be an Extinction Level Event for the Human Race, from World War III is so horrific that it will change will usher in the Return of Christ, as foretold in the last book of the Christian Bible, in order to save what remains of the Human Race and the will be the End of the Age...and the Beginning of post-Second Coming Age of Mankind.    Stirling   

The Ukraine crisis is another variation on the great crisis of the world – the undeclared global war of transnational corporate money sequences to multiply themselves through human societies and life on earth in the diagnosable form of an invasive cancer. Yet what is different in Ukraine is that eastern Ukrainian citizens and the world’s largest nation have stood against the new metastasis across traditional borders and cultural regions. Activists with weapons and massive local support across Donetsk region hoist their own flag and demand referendum for constitutional independence from the fascist-led coup state. The elected Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the equivalent of the US Congress, has given unanimous approval for defense of eastern Ukraine protestors against armed assault from the coup government, already underway with NATO flexing armed power all around. Yet this time the resistance cannot be just overrun or bombed. And this time the system DNA begins to be recognized – US-led destruction of societies to ensure their servile dependency and open borders for hollowing out.

The very words “Russia” and “Putin” may provoke ruling group-mind reactions pro or con, so analysis here sticks to track records, trends and policy directions – the defining past, present and future lines of system decision on both sides. What is clear now are set-point differences and shifts towards recognition of the society-destroying forces. The most visible shift has been set into motion by the overthrow of Ukraine’s elected government, big-lie pretexts and serial murders in another US-made civil chaos. But Russia has moved decisively to stop it in the historical process still unfolding.

The never-named enemy behind the coup and behind the collapse of evolved social and natural life systems across the planet has been blocked on the ground. Neither Putin nor Russia are a model, but like Venezuela and much of Latin America, they now stand against the invasive disorder overrunning life bases and needs in every region. The deepest issue is the US money-cancer system. In murderously destabilizing and overthrowing Ukraine’s elected government and advancing towards Russia’s borders in the latest metastasis, the pathogenic forces are now confronted by the world’s largest country, the longest-tested army and once socialist superpower. All the lies in the world cannot overwhelm this resistance. Everywhere the US-led collapse of world life security is being decoded outside corporate states and media. The Ukraine crisis, perhaps linked to Russia-China movement from the US oil-dollar, could be a new turning point against the Great Sickness of our world.

Will Humanity Survive the Depopulation Agenda of the Global Elite? ~ link ~ Do you remember when your mother asked you if you would jump off a cliff if everyone else was doing it? It turns out that all of us would have been wise to heed the advice from our mothers as the globalists aren’t just encouraging us to jump off a cliff, they are, in fact, pushing us off of the proverbial cliff in a deliberate attempt to fulfill the their mandate which is to eliminate a substantial portion of humanity. Meanwhile, the globalists will be safely tucked away in some underground structure free from the harm that they are perpetrating upon humanity. Sadly, many of our friends and family members are willingly going to their demise without so much as a whimper.

Heretofore, the topic of intentional depopulation was the perceived product of paranoid delusional conspiracy theorists who had too much time on their hands. The most frequent refrain from the unaware is that “they” would never do that. However, the globalists have left an unmistakable paper trail in which their true agenda is exposed.

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