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On the Road to the Third World War.

23 April 2014

Breaking News

Russia vows a 'response' if its interests in the Ukraine are attacked ~ link ~ Since the Globalists/Zionists desire a war in the Ukraine, to act as a trigger for World War III, this is what Russia is likely to get!!!  Stirling 

Russia issued a sharp warning on Wednesday that it will strike back if its "legitimate interests" in Ukraine are attacked, raising the stakes in the Cold War-like duel with the United States over the former Soviet republic's future.

"If we are attacked, we would certainly respond," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told state-controlled RT television. "If our interests, our legitimate interests, the interests of Russians have been attacked directly, like they were in South Ossetia for example, I do not see any other way but to respond in accordance with international law," he said, referring to Russia's armoured invasion of Georgia in 2008.

Russia urges Kiev coup junta to withdraw its troops from the east ~ link ~ Russia has urged Kiev’s acting government to immediately withdraw its army units from Ukraine’s eastern regions to ease the escalating crisis in the country.
The Russian Foreign Ministry made the appeal on Wednesday as the Kiev government relaunched its military operations against pro-Russian activists in the eastern and southern regions.
"The Russian side once again insists on the immediate de-escalation of the situation in Ukraine's southeast, the pullback of units of the Ukrainian army and the start of a genuine internal Ukrainian dialogue involving all of the country's regions and political formations," the foreign ministry said.

Russia Warns West "Remove Forces" and Begins Military Exercise on the Ukrainian Border ~ link ~ Dutch fighter jets were scrambled after Russian bombers approached Dutch airspace; the Russian planes turned away

With both sides appearing to have entirely un-de-escalated and the truce deal now a thing of the past (besides a few hundred Dow points), the Russians are speaking up today - and are not happy:

Russian Su-24 'scores' off against the American Aegis equipped guided missile destroyer the USS Donald Cook ~ link ~ About a year or so ago a Su-27, using a plasma stealthing device, entered the inner defense zone of a US Navy super-carrier battle group and was not identified until the crew could actually see it coming in on a simulated attack run.  The US Navy knows that Russia and China and Iran have technologies designed to counter the latest US naval offensive warfare platforms.  The sending of US and French warships into the Black Sea is an inexcusable and irresponsible act by the corrupt political leaders of both France and America, placing a lot of good men and women lives at risk.  Stirling    

Russian Sukhoi Su -24 with the newest jamming complex paralyzed in the Black Sea the most modern American combat management system "Aegis" installed on the destroyer "USS Donald Cook". Pavel Zolotarev, Deputy Director, Institute of USA and Canada, shares details about this version which is being actively discussed in the Russian media and by bloggers.

US destroyer "Donald Cook" with cruise missiles "Tomahawk" entered the neutral waters of the Black Sea on April 10. The purpose was a demonstration of force and intimidation in connection with the position of Russia in Ukraine and Crimea. The appearance of American warships in these waters is in contradiction of the Montreux Convention about the nature and duration of stay in the Black Sea by the military ships of countries not washed by this sea.

In response, Russia sent an unarmed bomber Su- 24 to fly around the U.S. destroyer. However, experts say that this plane was equipped with the latest Russian electronic warfare complex. According to this version, "Aegis" spotted from afar the approaching aircraft, and sounded alarm. Everything went normally, American radars calculated the speed of the approaching target. And suddenly all the screens went blank. "Aegis" was not working any more, and the rockets could not get target information. Meanwhile, Su-24 flew over the deck of the destroyer, did battle turn and simulated missile attack on the target. Then it turned and repeated the maneuver. And did so 12 times.

Russia says it will 'respond' if its Ukraine interests attacked ~ link ~ Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused the United States of being behind the political upheaval in Ukraine and said Moscow would respond if its interests came under attack. Lavrov's comments came a day after U.S. Vice President Joe Biden was in the Ukrainian capital with promises of support for the pro-Western government, and a warning to Russia not to interfere in Ukraine.

Kiev coup appointed government MUST IMMEDIATELY deescalate east Ukraine crisis and call back its troops - Moscow ~ link ~ The Russian State is now sending out VERY STRONG MESSAGES AND WARNINGS.  Military action seems to be near and that may mean WWIII.  Stirling   

“The Russian side once again insists on an immediate deescalation of the situation in the southeast of Ukraine, the withdrawal of divisions of the Ukrainian Army and the start of a real inter-Ukrainian dialogue including all the regions and political entities of the country,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement on its website. 

Moscow is “surprised” by Kiev’s interpretation of the four-sided Geneva agreement adopted by Russia, Ukraine, the US and the EU on April 17, it added. 

Despite the call for disarmament of “all the illegal armed groups” specified by the agreement, Kiev, Washington and a number of European leaders “keep harping on the necessity to ‘hand over weapons’ [referring] only to the Ukrainian citizens defending their rights in southeastern Ukraine.” With that, the Western powers “are turning a blind eye to the ongoing provocative actions of the gunmen of the far-right groups, including that of the so-called Right Sector.”

Moscow threatens armed response if Russians are attacked in the Ukraine ~ link ~ As I predicted, this week is getting to be very "interesting" in the Ukraine Crisis!  Stirling   

The threat by Russia came as US troops were headed to the region and Ukrainan officials ordered a new "anti-terrorist" operation against pro-Russian separatists holding a string of eastern towns.

Ukraine's First Deputy Prime Minister Vitali Yarema earlier told reporters that officials were "working on the destruction of gangster groups in Kramatorsk, Sloviansk and other cities in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions".

Russia Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told Russia Today: "If we are attacked, we would certainly respond. There is no reason not to believe that the Americans are running the show.

Kiev coup junta orders crackdown as US steps up threats against Moscow ~ link ~ Vice President Joseph Biden’s two-day visit to Ukraine has ended with a resumption of the Kiev regime’s military crackdown against its political opponents in the southeast of the country and a dangerous escalation of US threats against Russia.

Oleksandr Turchynov, who is both acting president and chairman of the parliament following the US-backed, fascist-led coup of February 22, announced Tuesday that he had ordered the country’s security forces to “carry out effective counterterrorist activities aimed at defending Ukrainian citizens living in the country’s east from terrorists.”

Ukraine Crisis: Russia 'to respond if its interests' are attacked ~ link ~ Speaking to Russian state TV channel RT, Mr Lavrov also accused the US of "running the show" in Ukraine. It was "quite telling" that Kiev had re-launched its "anti-terrorist" operation during a visit by US Vice-President Joe Biden, he said.

Russia may halt Oil Supplies over Ukrainian theft ~ link ~ When Russia goes into the eastern Ukraine, I doubt that they will stop in the east, but go all the way.  And I suspect that Belorussia will join in the invasion, to guard their pipelines, just like the Russians will be doing.  Stirling   

Russian FM Lavrov: Kiev coup government issued 'criminal order' allowing use of weapons against civilians ~ link ~ The coup-appointed Kiev government’s order to use force against Ukrainian citizens is “criminal,” the Russian Foreign Minister told RT. He also denied claims that there is Russian military presence on Ukrainian territory.

In an interview with RT’s Sophie Shevardnadze, Sergey Lavrov called acting Ukrainian President Alexander Turchinov’s order to reinitiate an anti-terror operation in East Ukraine, a criminal act.

Referencing the four-sided talks between the EU, the US, Russia and Ukraine that took place in Geneva on April 17, Lavrov accused Kiev’s coup-appointed government of going back on its pledge to put a stop to all violence. “In Geneva we agreed there must be an end of all violence. Next afternoon [interim Ukrainian President Aleksandr] Turchinov declared almost a state of emergency and ordered the army to shoot at the people.”

FM Lavrov: "If Russian troops or people attacked, we'll retaliate" ~ link ~ It took Joe Biden just a day after his arrival in Kiev to kill and bury the last remaining hope that last week's latest attempt at diplomatic de-escalation in Geneva would actually be anything more than a joke. A few hours ago, in a statement posted on the parliament website, Ukraine acting President Oleksandr Turchynov said that pro-Russian separatists have "crossed line" adding that East Ukraine is currently controlled by “terrorists” supported by Russia. 

In other words, the same old song and dance.

Which is why this time Russia made it quite clear to issue a warning that the next time there is a provocation against its soldiers or, more importantly, against its people, those in East Ukraine to be specific, it would retaliate. Once again, Obama's "costs" message is lost on Putin...

USA sends 600 troops to eastern Europe and the guided missile frigate USS Taylor to the Black Sea ~ link ~ The Obama Administration and the US Congress are almost totally owned by the Global Banking Cartel and the Zionists.  These demonic jerks are marching the entire planet to the Third World War for their sick New World Order!  Stirling   

US frigate USS Taylor (FFG 50) has entered the Black Sea, according to the US Navy, as the Pentagon announces plans to dispatch some 600 troops to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia for military exercises. The US claims the ship’s entry is “to promote peace and stability in the region.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has previously stated that the US has been violating the Montreux Convention which restricts the number of US vessels operating in the Black Sea and sets a time limit of 21 days for each one.

French frigate Dupleix is expected to enter the Black Sea April 26-27, a military-diplomatic source told Itar-Tass. Once it arrives, the Black Sea will host three NATO vessels. The third one is French surveillance ship Dupuy de Lôme, which is expected to leave for the Mediterranean on April 30. 

German magazine Der Spiegel campaigns for war and rearmament ~ link ~ One of the most unmistakable signs of the return of German militarism is the barrage of war propaganda in the media. The conservative Die Welt and FAZ, the liberal Süddeutsche and Zeit and the “Green” taz newspaper have all published a torrent of articles urging German rearmament and more aggressive action against Russia.


When does the Resistance to Global Tyranny Begin? ~ link ~ Excellent article, do take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling   

My regular readers know of the 2007 study by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. They found that 20% of all international trade is controlled by 147 corporations who share Boards of Director members. It is as if the New World Order were a One World Corporation. Included in those 147 companies are banks like the Rothschilds and HSBC and J P Morgan. Also included are the big oil companies. They support regional government like the European Union and the North American Free Trade Area. They also support treaties that allow corporations to go into rigged courts to over turn our national laws ranging from consumer safety to environmental standards. Despite our protests the majority of national politicians in America and Europe support the erosion of our rights and liberties.

The 147 Corporations have puppet administrations  that are Republican followed by Democrats in America. The same false choices are given in other nations though with different names. Modern Democracy presents us with an illusion of choice. The same puppetry can be seen in the House and the Senate. Does anyone believe that the Republicans will repeal the Patriot Act and the NDAA if they take over the Senate? Does anyone believe that a Republican administration will restore the Bill of Rights in 2017? It was their that party followed lock step in the systematic dismantling of freedom. Does anyone believe that if 100% of all the seats in the House and Senate were held by either the Republicans or the Democrats that they would ban GMO food? Genetically Modified Food when fed to lab animals produces enormous tumors in the first generation and  sterile, diseased runts in the third generation. If this were not an illusion of a democracy, you could do something about this real threat to human health.

The youth of Europe can look to Greece as an example of the futility of riots and strikes. The former Prime Minister and his brother were found with over a billion dollars in cash and real estate with no explanation as to the sources of the income. Critics are not even allowed to say that the Papanderou brothers are Jewish. Nothing has happened to improve the lives of the Greek people.

War Makes Us Poor ~ link ~ It makes us poor and the Global Banking Cartel RICH!!!  Stirling   

The Real Reason We're Drifting Towards World War III ~ link  

Israeli airstrike on Gaza injures several people ~ link ~ The hyper-racists in Israel have made the Gaza Strip into the largest open air prison in human history.  That this is illegal according to international treaties and law means nothing to them!  Stirling   

An Israeli airstrike on the besieged Gaza Strip has injured several people, shortly after two major Palestinian groups signed a unity deal there.The airstrike on Wednesday targeted the Beit Lahia region north of Gaza. Reports say the strike left at least six people injured, of whom one is in critical condition. 
The attack took place just after a deal was reached between the Palestinian resistance movements, Hamas and Fatah in Gaza.
"An agreement has been reached on the formation within five weeks of an independent government headed by president Mahmud Abbas," said a joint statement which was read out by Gaza's Prime Minister Ismail Haniya.
The Wednesday attack comes as the Israeli forces have increased the number of their airstrikes on the occupied Palestinian territories in recent months. Israeli forces attack Gaza residents on an almost daily basis.Two days earlier, Israeli drones carried out airstrikes on the central and southern parts of Gaza, leaving at least two Palestinians wounded.

The Israeli forces often target Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, which remains literally cut off from the outside world by a crippling Israeli blockade.The siege has turned the densely-populated coastal sliver, home to some 1.7 million Palestinians, into the largest open-air prison in the world. 

Hamas or Israel? Netanyahu says Palestine Authority must choose ~ link ~ Just who the hell does dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu think he is, King of Palestine???  The Palestinians should be free to make their own decisions without his lording it over them.  Of course, he wants them dead and wants their land and considers them simply two-legged soulless animals!  What an evil total jerk Bibi is!!!  Stirling       
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas must choose either peace with Israel or an alliance with Hamas, but he cannot have both, Israel’s PM has said. His comments come after the Palestinian Authority restarted talks on a unity government with Hamas.

'Axis of Power' as countries move to link currencies to Gold ~ link 


This is How Empires Collapse ~ link ~ This is how empires collapse: one complicit participant at a time.

Before an empire collapses, it first erodes from within. The collapse may appear sudden, but the processes of internal rot hollowed out the resilience, resolve, purpose and vitality of the empire long before its final implosion.

What are these processes of internal rot? Here are a few of the most pervasive and destructive forces of internal corrosion:

X22 Report: As the World Economies collapse the Shadow of War Is Upon The World - video ~ link 

Prophet or Profit? Nikola Tesla's vision vs J.P. Morgan's greed ~ link ~ Also see this video ~ link ~  Good take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling     

The consequences of our wrong turn in the early 1900s are showing up in the grotesque obscenities entailed in the derivation of energy from ecologically-disastrous activities like fracking and mining the Alberta Tar Sands. Most illustrative of the the utter insanity of the energy business as presently constituted is the slow motion holocaust of radioactive contamination being spewed into earth, air and ocean at Fukushima. This global disaster is still in its infancy.

Much depends on revisiting the wrong turn forced on humanity during the early years of the twentieth century. We still have it in our power to return to Nikola Tesla’s vision of a global political economy of peace, harmony and equity. How many other inventors after Tesla have seen their offerings of emancipatory technology spurned and repressed because of obstructions thrown up by monopoly capitalists hostile to progressive change?

We still have it in our collective power to turn away from the vision of for-profit energy historically promoted by the likes of Morgan, the Rothschilds, Rockefeller, Edison and Ford.

Argentinean political parties gearing up for presidential elections - with video ~ link



NAD - Body-Mind Restoration ~ link ~ Interesting, very interesting!  Stirling    

Scientists identify a new variant of Ebola virus in Guinea ~ link  ~ I believe that Ebola was created in a biowar lab and now is naturally mutating or is being mutated in biowar labs and tested in the open.   Stirling    

In an article which appeared in The New England journal of Medicine on 16 April, researchers from Inserm (Jean Mérieux-Inserm BSL-4 Laboratory, Lyon) and the Institut Pasteur have published their initial findings on the characteristics of the Ebola virus discovered in Guinea. Initial virological investigations enabled them to identify Zaire ebolavirus as the pathogen responsible for this epidemic.

Performed in less than a month, sequencing of the complete genome and subsequent phylogenetic analysis show that the virus present in Guinea forms a clade (variant) that is distinct from strains previously identified in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Gabon. Epidemiological investigations also linked the laboratory confirmed cases with the initial deaths recorded during the December 2013 outbreak.

Ebola virus death toll in West Africa is approaching 150-mark ~ link 

Farewell my four-legged master of the real Downton Abbey by the Countess of Carnarvon ~ link ~ Animals can be great friends and companions as this article shows.  Stirling   

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