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16 April 2014
Separatists take over Ukrainian Army armored vehicles and fly Russian flags on them ~ link ~ Something unexpected has happened.  The Ukrainian Army is losing control over its forces.  If this continues, Putin may not have to invade!!!  Stirling  
Separatists flew the Russian flag on armored vehicles taken from the Ukrainian army on Wednesday, humiliating a Kiev government operation to recapture eastern towns controlled by pro-Moscow partisans. The armored personnel carriers were driven into the rebel-held town of Slaviansk to waves and shouts of "Russia! Russia!". It was not immediately clear whether they had been captured by rebels or handed to them by Ukrainian deserters.The military setback leaves Kiev looking impotent before a peace conference in Geneva on Thursday, when its foreign minister will meet his Russian counterpart for the first time since Moscow-backed president Viktor Yanukovich was toppled in February after deadly protests.

Ukraine Crisis: Coup junta accuses Russia of "terrorism" as grip slips on restive east ~ link Ukrainian troops appear to be losing ground in "anti-terror" operation as separatists strengthen hand in eastern cities

Ukrainian forces appeared to be losing their grip on an "anti-terrorist" operation against pro-Russian separatists on Wednesday as armed men took over government buildings, seized Ukrainian tanks and took soldiers hostage in cities in the restive east. 

Military armored vehicles seized in Kramatorsk - with video and photos ~ link ~ BBC journalists witnessed civilians, at least some of whom appeared to be local people, challenging soldiers, who were also blocked by a crowd a few kilometres outside the town. One officer said he had not "come to fight" and would never obey orders to shoot his "own people".
A soldier guarding one of the carriers told Reuters he was a member of Ukraine's 25th airborne brigade from Dnipropetrovsk, a city also in eastern Ukraine. He said the soldiers had had no food for four days until local people fed them. "All the soldiers and the officers are here," he said. "We are all boys who won't shoot our own people." 

Rivals flex muscles on the streets of eastern Ukraine ~ link ~ Ukrainian and pro-Russian forces flexed their military muscles in the restive east of the country on Wednesday, a day ahead of high-level diplomatic talks on the escalating crisis.

Armoured vehicles from the rival sides appeared on the streets of two neighbouring towns after Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that Kiev's decision to send in troops to put down a separatist uprising in its industrial heartland had dragged the country to the brink of civil war. 

EU spy chief rules out Russian military presence in the Ukraine ~ link ~ There is no large Russian military presence in East Ukraine, head of EU intelligence, Commodore Georgij Alafuzoff, has said. The spy chief has dismissed multiple accusations from the West alleging Russian involvement in the unrest in the region.

In an interview with Finnish national news broadcaster, Yle, Alafuzoff said the Russian military had nothing to do with the seizing of government buildings in eastern Ukraine.
“In my opinion, it’s mostly people who live in the region who are not satisfied with the current state of affairs,” said Alafuzoff, referring to the situation in East Ukraine. He went on to say that the people are worried for the welfare of those who speak Russian as their first language in the region.

Paul Craig Roberts (former Assistant US Secretary of the Treasury): US pushing for WAR over the Ukraine ~ link ~ Pushing for war with a nation that has more nuclear weapons then we do?!!!  How evil and insane can you get!!!  This is what happens when the public allows, year after year, the worst criminals in the nation/world to rule over them and their nation!!!  If the American public does not wake up from their slumber, most will end up dead in WWIII.   Stirling    

Ukrainian Crisis: NATO to bolster air/land/sea military forces in eastern Europe ~ link ~ The bought-and-paid-for political whores in NATO, owned by the Global Banking Cartel and the Zionists, are determined to get the Third World War going...Pray they don't succeed!!!  Stirling    

"You will see deployments at sea, in the air, on land to take place immediately – that means within days," the Nato secretary general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, told a news conference after the decision was taken by Nato ambassadors. Nato fighter aircraft will fly more sorties over the Baltic region, allied ships will deploy to the Baltic Sea, the eastern Mediterranean and elsewhere, and allied military staff will be sent out to improve Nato's preparedness, training and exercises, Rasmussen said.

Hours earlier, pro-Russian separatists seized five armoured personnel carriers and a tank from the Ukrainian army, which they then drove in a victory lap through the centre of Kramatorsk in Ukraine's east and on to the nearby town of Slavyansk. The Ukrainian defence ministry confirmed that vehicles had been taken by pro-Russian forces.


NATO bolsters armed forces in eastern Europe ~ link ~ Also see ~ link What Russian aggression???  This earns NATO the dreaded Five BS Flag Award for a level of lies and bullshit that is 'way over the top' even for them!!!  Stirling  

Nato has said it is taking immediate steps to boost its military presence in eastern Europe in response to Russian "aggression" in Ukraine.
Ukraine forces defect and join pro-Russia forces - with video ~ link ~ The defected forces said they were members of Ukraine’s 25th Brigade of Airborne Forces and that they have switched to the side of pro-Russian activists.
Anti-government protesters seize Ukrainian APCs and army units switch sides - with video ~ link ~ Kiev’s military faced off with protesters in east Ukraine on Wednesday to sort out their differences…and found none. Soldiers appeared reluctant to go into battle against anti-government activists. When Ukrainian Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) entered downtown Kramatorsk as part of Kiev’s military operation against anti-government protesters in the east of the country, they were stopped in their tracks, surrounded by crowds of local residents.

One YouTube video of what happened next shows a woman coming to a soldier with the reproach: “You are the army, you must protect the people.” “We are not going to shoot, we weren’t even going to,” is the soldier’s reply. 
Kiev coup junta military op in the eastern Ukraine LIVE UPDATES from RT ~ link  
Number of UK food bank users up 163% ~ link ~ You can thank the Global Banking Cartel for this and much more.  They intend to steal EVERYTHING!  The United Kingdom will collapse, with the departure of Scotland, and this will happen unless the political leadership breaks with the globalists and ends the economic depression in the UK before the Scottish independence vote.   Stirling   
Scots independence would harm UK maritime defense - with video ~ link ~ The British power establishment simply does NOT get it.  If Scotland leaves, there will be no United Kingdom.  Wales will likely also leave and there will be changes to the Northern Ireland status.  England will be largely by itself and it cannot afford the UK's military infrastructure!  Stirling    

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