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On the Road to World War III.

Breaking News
14 April 2014
European Union: From economic community to alliance of warmongers ~ link ~ What do you expect from an organization that was/is controlled from its inception by the Rothschild family and their bankster Ilk???   The most profitable and most evil thing that these monsters do, and do time and time again, is to get the Goy to kill one another in wars financed by the Global Banking Cartel...all wars are truly banker wars!!!  Stirling   
The European powers, led by Germany, are on a confrontation course with Russia. They are pursuing not only foreign, but also domestic political aims.

The instigation of a crisis and confrontation with Moscow is aimed at unifying a divided European Union and silencing all social opposition. Previously, the identity of the EU was grounded on economic issues, such as the free movement of capital and goods and the common currency. In future, the struggle against a common enemy will replace economics as the basis of the EU’s internal cohesion.

Ukraine coup government asks for UN peacekeepers in the east ~ link ~ That cannot happen without Russian approval in the Security Council and they will not walk into a trap this time. The true 'terrorist' here are the globalists/Zionist/fascist junta that took over and outsted the elected Ukrainian government!    Stirling   

Ukraine’s acting President Oleksandr Turchynov on Monday called for the deployment of United Nations peacekeeping troops in the east of the country, where pro-Russian insurgents have occupied buildings in nearly 10 cities.

In a telephone conversation with Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon, Turchynov suggested that an ‘‘anti-terrorist operation’’ could be conducted jointly by Ukrainian security forces and U.N. peacekeepers, according to the presidential web site.

Crisis-hit Ukraine eyes national status referendum - with video ~ link ~ There is an old saying: "The devil is in the details".  Don't expect Russia to fall for any globalist/Zionist/fascist scam whereby the junta handles an "referendum vote".  The junta is facing a massive Russian invasion and just trying to spin their way out of it and still maintain control...Something that Russia is NOT likely to allow to happen!   Stirling    
Protesters storm police HQ in Ukraine's Horlivka - with video ~ link ~ According to reports, at least 100 demonstrators raided the police station in Horlivka, situated in the Ukrainian Donetsk region, on Monday.
  Ukrainian TV footage showed an ambulance was treating those injured in the incident.

The city’s police have now defected to the people, pledging their allegiance to the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk.

US must explain CIA chief's visit to Kiev says Russian Foreign Minister - with video ~ link “We would like, in particular, to understand the meaning of these reports about CIA Director [John] Brennan’s recent visit to Kiev,” Lavrov said during a press conference in Moscow on Monday.

He noted that the US government has so far failed to come up with “reasonable explanations” about the controversial visit during the weekend.

His remarks came two days after reports from a source in the Ukrainian parliament suggesting that the CIA director had visited Kiev and held a meeting with the country’s leaders, as well as with representatives of Ukraine’s security agencies.

Ukraine's protesters ask 'worried' Putin for help - with video and photos ~ link The Kremlin has responded to an request for help from a separatist leader in Slavyansk, where at least two people were killed in clashes with Ukrainian forces on Sunday.

Mr Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: "Unfortunately, there's a great many such appeals coming from the Eastern Ukrainian regions addressed directly to Putin to intervene in this or that form.
'Never on Sunday': Greece riots over shop openings ends with tear gas and clashes - with video ~ link ~ The Greek people are Orthodox Christians and want Sunday as a religious day of rest.  But the evil politicians want to end or at least reduce the Christian influence.  Stirling   

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