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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin

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On the Road to the Third World War.

Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964), Supreme Commander of the Allied forces in the Pacific during World War II. "History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline." - See more at: 

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Is this the last weekend of Peace for Europe before it all goes to Hell? 

Pro-Federalization activists take over even more government buildings all across eastern Ukraine - with videos and photos ~ link ~ Things are 'coming to a head' soon!!!  Stirling    

Thousands of pro-federalization activists have rallied in cities across Eastern Ukraine, calling for greater sovereignty of their region from Kiev. Activists have formed militias that helped anti-Maidan protesters seize several government buildings.

Activists in Slavyansk, a city in eastern Ukraine located in the north of the Donetsk region with a population of 120,000, seized the police headquarters and the city council building Saturday. Police said Anti-Maidan protesters also seized the local office of Ukraine’s Security Service, the SBU. 

Ukraine's fascist party leader calls for RIGHT SECTOR'S TOTAL MOBILIZATION ~ link ~ Far-right Right Sector party leader Dmitry Yarosh has called his supporters to mobilize and get ready to take decisive steps to ‘defend Ukraine’s sovereignty’. He urged the security forces not to interfere but help the nationalists restore ‘legal order’.

In an online video on the Right Sector Youtube page Yarosh “commanded all arms of the Right Sector to fully mobilize and get ready to take decisive steps to defend Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”  “I call upon the Ukrainian security forces not only to refrain from counteracting the Right Sector, but also help [the party members] to bring legal order to the Ukrainian land,” he said. 

Russia tells the Ukraine coup government that it won't accept force against demonstrators ~ link ~ Ukraine may have drawn its own red line overnight by saying it will send "special forces" into the latest east Ukraine city captured by "pro-Russia separatists" as we just reported, but Russia wasted no time in explaining how it would deal with it. Bloomberg cites Russian foreign minister Lavrov who stated that, "Russia Won’t Accept Ukraine Force Versus Demonstrators."

Threats to use force against pro- Russian activists in southeast Ukraine are “unacceptable,” Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says in phone call today with Ukrainian counterpart Andriy Deshchytsia, Russian Foreign Ministry says in e-mailed statement. Lavrov added that he sees “no grounds” to accuse Russia of sending agents to destabilize situation in Ukraine.  

Deepening tensions as armed pro-Russian protesters storm police stations in eastern Ukraine: EUROPE CLOSE TO THE BRINK OF A 'GAS WAR'  ~ link ~ This is about far more than natural gas.  This could trigger the Third World War and/or a Total Global Economic Collapse!!!  This week ~ which is Holy Week and sees the first of four Biblical 'Blood Moons' over the next few months ~ could tell the story.   Stirling   

  • Armed pro-Moscow activists have seized state buildings in eastern cities
  • In Donetsk - the regional capital - protestors occupied the police headquarters forcing the police chief to quit his post and leave the building
  • The red, white and blue Russian flag raised in place of the Ukrainian flag
  • Occupations have deepened tensions prompting fears of flashpoints
  • If any pro-Russian protestors are killed or injured by Ukrainian forces, it could prompt the Kremlin to step in to protect Russian-speaking people
  • NATO says Russia is massing troops on Ukraine's eastern border
  • Gas crisis could affect millions as Russia threatens to turn off natural gas pumped to the west via Ukraine in row over unpaid bill and rising prices

  • "The Liberation of southeast Ukraine has begun" - Crimean Vice Premier ~ link ~ On the day in which "pro-Russian separatists" are again claiming one after another city in east Ukraine, and when Russia has formally warned that any crackdown on protesters is "unacceptable" implicitly threatening retaliation should the promised use of special forces be implemented, moments ago Rustan Temirgaliev, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Miniisters of recently annexed by Russia Crimea, poured some more fuel into the fire and announced on his Facebook page that "the liberation of Southeast Ukraine has begun." 

    Ukraine prepares military response to Russian "act of aggression" - Fears specter of 'gas wars' ~ linkFollowing more firefights and government building seizures amid the so-called "liberation of Southeast Ukraine," the Maidan's demands that the government not "give up like in Crimea" appear to be resonating woth leadership. Ukraine's interior minister Arsen Avakov has declared: "The Ukrainian authorities consider the events of the day as a display of external aggression from Russia," adding that, ""Units of the interior and defense ministries are implementing an operational response plan." Russia was quick to respond with threats of war action if Ukraine suppresses pro-Russia 'self-defense' forces. As Reuters adds, with the crisis escalating militarily, the specter of "gas wars" is looming with Ukraine's Energy Minister declaring, "we are probably steering towards Russia turning off its gas provision."

    Ukraine Crisis: Yet another police building seized in the east - with video ~ link ~ Pro-Russia militants have taken over a police headquarters in the eastern Ukraine city of Kramatorsk, local media and witnesses say.
    This followed a gun battle with the police defending the building as the attackers stormed it.

    Obama Administration warns Russia of 'additional consequences' over the Ukraine ~ link  ~ Also see ~ link

    Claims of new poison gas attacks in Syria ~ link ~ All of the others were False Flag BS from the foreign mercenaries ... who continue to lose the war ... why should we believe that this claim is any different!  Stirling    

    72% of Greeks need more work to make ends meet ~ link ~ The demonic jerks who constitute the Global Banking Cartel families do not give a damn about these 72% or anyone besides themselves.  They are planning on eliminating about 6 BILLION or so "unnecessary eaters" in the coming Third World War and enslaving the remainder in their New World Order!!!  Stirling   

    Massive anti-austerity protest in France - with video ~ link ~ People are getting fed up with this crap all over Europe!!!   Stirling  

    Violence as thousands march in Rome against austerity - with photos and video ~ link  

    Nevada cattle rancher wins "Range War" with Feds - with video ~ linkGood guys win one!!!  Stirling   


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