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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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10 April 2014

Putin warns Europe of gas shortages over Ukraine debts ~ link ~ This is a classic example of an 'iron fist inside a velvet glove'.  This is NOT really about Ukrainian debts but about the battle over the Ukraine.  Russia has thrown down the gantlet on the Western/Globalist/Zionist takeover of the Ukraine...a part of Russia for well over 200 Virginia is a part of America for that long.  They will NOT allow this aggression to continue!!!  Stirling     

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned European leaders that Ukraine's delays in paying for Russian gas have created a "critical situation". 

Pipelines transiting Ukraine deliver Russian gas to several EU countries and there are fears that the current tensions could trigger gas shortages.

Putin Warns Europe "No Alternative" - Will Cut Natural Gas Supplies ~ link ~ Stock markets have begun to wake up to the real dangers here over the last two days.  Stirling   

European partners have left Russia with "no alternative" but to halt supplies of gas to Ukraine and Europe, according to a letter from Russian president Putin to European leaders. 

US accuses Russia of using energy as a "tool of coercion" after Putin's warning on gas supplies to Europe ~ link ~ President Vladimir Putin warned on Thursday that Russian gas supplies to Europe could be disrupted if Moscow cuts the flow to Ukraine over unpaid bills, drawing a U.S. accusation that it is using energy "as a tool of coercion".

In a letter to the leaders of 18 European countries, Putin made clear that his patience would run out over Kiev's $2.2 billion gas debt to Russia unless a solution could be brokered urgently.

Putin threatens natural gas shutdown amid Ukraine standoff ~ link ~ The veteran strongman's most direct warning about deliveries on which EU nations' economies depend came with Ukraine facing a new secession crisis following its loss of  Crimea and relations between Moscow and the West plumbing new post-Cold War lows.

Ukraine's embattled leaders tried to keep what was left of their nation of 46 million people whole by vowing to amnesty pro-Russian separatists occupying eastern state buildings if they laid down their arms and halted a four-day seige.
The militants' demand to join Russia has added extra urgency to the first round of direct talks that EU and US diplomats have managed to convince both Moscow and Kiev to attend in either Geneva or Vienna on April 17.

Putin cautions Europe of natural gas shortages over Ukrainian debts ~ link ~ In a letter to European leaders, President Putin warned that the “critical” situation could affect deliveries of gas to Europe, his spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

The letter, later released by the Kremlin, says that if Ukraine does not settle its energy bill, Gazprom will be “compelled” to switch over to advance payment, and if those payments are not made, it “will completely or partially cease gas deliveries”.
Putin added that Russia was “prepared to participate in the effort to stabilise and restore Ukraine’s economy” but only on “equal terms” with the EU.

Kiev offers amnesty to pro-Russian separatists if they surrender government buildings as time begins to run out on the coup government's 48-hour warning ~ link ~ Acting President Oleksandr Turchynov says militants will not be prosecuted if they lay down their arms as a deadline to end occupations in eastern Ukraine - or face use of force - approaches

Donetsk Creats 'People's Army' ~ link ~ Remember that only days ago, Russia warned the coup government of the Ukraine to treat the protesters with respect and non-violence.  The gloves are starting to come off!!!  Stirling    

With tensions rising ever faster in eastern Ukraine, the anti-government (pro-Russia) movement in Donetsk has taken dramatic steps to bolster itself by creating a "people's army," or National Army of Donetsk. As RT reports, masked men, who are mostly civil volunteers, but also police and army defectors, say they “defend their motherland from the fascist army that’s going to kill them.” They also demand “a referendum to be independent from Kiev” and are in favor of “being with Russia.”

The Ukraine forces are moving in on Donetsk...

AP Interview: US Troops may be sent to eastern Europe ~ link ~ As I said today on the Nutrimedical Report Show, I have been told of the shipment of large amounts of  military equipment from US Army reserve units to eastern Europe.  While this has NOT been publicly announced, it is one of the things that analysis look for to see if America is planning a war...America depends on the resources of Reserve and National Guard reserve troops and their equipment to fight any real war.  That such unannounced equipment is now being shipped in large amounts and in urgency is a VERY BAD SIGN!!!  Stirling    

NATO's top military commander in Europe, drafting countermoves to the Russian military threat against Ukraine, said Wednesday they could include deployment of American troops to alliance member states in Eastern Europe now feeling at risk.

U.S. Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove told The Associated Press he wouldn't "write off involvement by any nation, to include the United States."

US to send more USAF fighter jets to Poland amid tensions with Russia ~ link ~ The officials said on Wednesday that F-16s from Germany’s Spangdahlem Air Base are also to participate in the training program in Lask Air Base, where F-16s from Italy’s Aviano Air Base have already been deployed.

Moreover, Britain’s Royal Air Force Mildenhall will deploy two KC-135 refueling tankers to Powidz for the exercises, which are scheduled for June.


Vladimir Putin has high hopes for Ukraine Summit ~ link ~ Actually, we all had better hope and pray that the Summit can reach a peaceful deal on the Ukraine.  That or we may be looking the Third World War eyeball to eyeball!!!   Stirling   

Replacing Russian gas deliveries with US shale gas?  US lies to the EU ~ link ~ The Deputy Chancellor of Germany this week has said that there is NO ALTERNATIVE to Russian natural gas for Germany!  Without Russian gas the richest nation in Europe, Germany, will go into a massive economic collapse...which may trigger the lone expected global total economic collapse...which may be what this is really all about!!!   Stirling  

Media freedom in the Ukraine is deteriorating ~ link  

US guided missile destoyer USS Donald Cook enters the Black Sea amid Ukraine tensions - with video ~ link ~ USS Donald Cook, a destroyer equipped with the powerful Aegis missile defense system, has crossed through the Bosphorus and entered the Black Sea, with Russia claiming that NATO is assembling a battle fleet in the region. 

Presence of foreign mercenaries in the Ukraine shows the weakness of the Kiev coup government  ~ link
The Kiev government is having trouble holding power even in western Ukraine, where it should have firm control. Meanwhile it’s bringing in mercenaries to retake eastern areas, anti-war activist Daniel Patrick Welch told RT.

Protesters continue to occupy Ukraine government buildings in spite of 48-hour warning from coup government - with video ~ link 

Donetsk protesters prepare for Kiev military attack and referendum ~ link ~ As the armed storming of the Donetsk administration building seized by the protesters seems imminent, the anti-government movement is preparing for the referendum set to form their new way of life and the country they’re going to live in.

Masked men, who are mostly civil volunteers, but also police and army defectors, say they “defend their motherland from the fascist army that’s going to kill them.” They also demand “a referendum to be independent from Kiev” and are in favor of “being with Russia.

Ukrainian coup regime announces utility price hikes ~ link ~ For all you dumb asses in western Ukraine that supported the bankster/Zionist/fascist coup, now it time to pay the price of your stupidity!!!  Stirling    

Last week, the new Western-backed regime in Ukraine announced massive price hikes in utilities. The increases to the cost of natural gas for cooking and home heating will drive millions of families in Ukraine into poverty. The government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk, which came to power in a US-backed coup in February, states that the hikes are necessary to meet the country’s budgetary constraints and the demands of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Starting May 1, Ukrainian households will be hit with a 40 percent average increase in their gas bills. This will be followed by another 40 percent hike in 2015, and 20 percent in each of the two subsequent years.

War for Dummies ~ link ~ So many people in America are totally ignorant on any real political/economic/military issue!  Stirling   
  • 13% of us in the United States want our government to use force in Ukraine;
  • 16% of us can accurately identify Ukraine’s location on a map;
  • the median error by Americans placing Ukraine on a map is 1,800 miles;
  • some Americans, based on where they identified Ukraine on a map, believe that Ukraine is in the United States, some say it’s in Canada, some Africa, some Australia, some Greenland, some Argentina, Brazil, China, or India;
  • only a small number believe Ukraine is in an ocean.

Imperialist hypocrisy and lies on eastern Ukraine protests ~ link ~ Amid the escalating conflict over the seizure of local government buildings by pro-Russian protesters in eastern Ukraine, US officials and the American media are hypocritically denouncing Russia for allegedly inciting the actions. These charges, presented as facts but without any substantiation, are part of an intensification of the imperialist offensive in Eastern Europe, the aim of which is to isolate, humiliate and ultimately dismember Russia. The logic of this reckless and aggressive policy, spearheaded by Washington, is war between the West and Russia, a nuclear power.

Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov threatened yesterday to crush the protests in 48 hours, prompting the Russian Foreign Ministry to warn of “civil war” in Ukraine.


It's On: Gasprom prepares 'symbolic' bond issue IN CHINESE YUAN ~ link ~ Believe me, wars have been fought over much less important issues this!!!  Stirling      

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