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On the Road to the Third World War.
Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 

27 April 2014 ~ First Update

Breaking News

Satellite Images Reveal Massing of 15,000 Ukrainian Troops and Hundreds of Tanks Around Slavyansk by Pro-West Coup Junta 'Government' ~ link ~ The globalists and Zionists are determined to force Russia's hand and to get WWIII underway!!!  Stirling  

Yesterday, we jokingly noted that with separatists blockading Slavyansk from a Ukraine special-forces invasion, and with the Ukraine army blockading Slavyansk from said separatists (unclear exactly why), that the east Ukraine city of Slavyansk is easily the most blocked city in the world (and in dire need of fiber). However, based on just released satellite imagery showing the build up of Ukraine forces around Slavyansk - a city which as a reminder is located in Ukraine - what is going on around Slavyansk is no laughing matter.

Russian RIA Novosti reports that it has received satellite photos, "which clearly show the accumulation of a large number of Ukrainian military equipment and weapons on the border with the Russian Federation and in the vicinity of Slavyasnk." RIA cites a source in the Russian Defense Ministry, who commented that the pictures show a military formation designed "to wipe out the city and all its inhabitants from the face of the earth."

According to source, the group has more than 15,000 troops from the Ukraine army and national guard, about 160 tanks, 230 infantry fighting vehicles and APCs, and as much as 150 mortars, howitzers and multiple launch rocket systems ("Grad" and "Smerch").

US Paratroopers arrive in Lithuania ~ link ~ This is far more important than the lying mainstream news media would have you believe.  These paratroopers are from the 173 Airborne Brigade that is based in Italy.  This is the elite main US Army rapid response and deep penetration force based in Europe.  That they are being forward deployed near the northern borders with Russia is an indication that a 'deep strike/seizure and hold' mission is planned for within Russia when war breaks out.  This is so crazy that it is well beyond is truly demonic in nature and will quickly lead to global horror and Armageddon!!!   Stirling   

Russia questions NATO military buildup near its border ~ link ~ The deployment of US and NATO aviation, ships and troops raises concerns, Russia’s Chief of General Staff told his American counterpart. In a phone conversation the two also spoke of Russian military exercises and “substantial” Ukrainian troop buildup.
“Our concern is caused by an increase of US air force and the American military personnel in the Baltic, Poland, and also the Alliance's ships in the Black Sea,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement, quoting General Valery Gerasimov. NATO wargames in Eastern Europe are also “not helping” to normalize the situation, Russia's defense minister Sergey Shoigu said earlier. 

Moving Closer To WAR by former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury Paul Craig Roberts ~ link ~ It is clear that Washington has no intention of working anything out with the Russian government. Washington’s demands make this conclusion unavoidable. Washington is demanding that the Russian government pull the rug out from under the protesting populations in eastern and southern Ukraine and force the Russian populations in Ukraine to submit to Washington’s stooges in Kiev. Washington also demands that Russia renege on the reunification with Crimea and hand Crimea over to Washington so that the original plan of evicting Russia from its Black Sea
naval base can go forward.

In other words, Washington’s demand is that Russia put Humpty Dumpty back together again and hand him over to Washington. This demand is so unrealistic that it surpasses the meaning of arrogance. The White House Fool is telling Putin: “I screwed up my takeover of your backyard. I want you to fix the situation for me and to ensure the success of the strategic threat I intended to bring to your backyard.”

The presstitute Western media and Washington’s European puppet states are supporting this unrealistic demand. Consequently, Russian leaders have lost all confidence in the word and intentions of the West, and this is how wars start.

Unknown gunmen land from helicopter and attack checkpoint in Donetsk region - with video ~ link ~
Self-defence forces have managed to repel an attack on a checkpoint in Soledar city in eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk region after unknown assailants landed in a helicopter and attacked in a blitz operation.

Over a dozen of gunmen descended from the helicopter and launched an attack on a defense squad guarding a checkpoint near Soledar. As the unknown men attacked, the militia, most of them reportedly unarmed, was forced to retreat.

FM Lavrov calls for release of pro-Russian protest leaders ~ link ~ In a telephone conversation with Kerry, Mr Lavrov also urged the United States to use its influence to secure the release of what the Russian Foreign Ministry called leaders of the "protest movement" in southeastern Ukraine - a reference to pro-Russian separatists arrested in Kiev's "anti-terrorist" operations in the east of the country.

Russia said Mr Kerry and Mr Lavrov discussed efforts to resolve the situation involving eight detained OSCE military observers. It said "public structures" controlling parts of southeastern Ukraine had not been properly informed of the observers' plans to travel there.

Separatists offer observers in prisoner exchange ~ link ~ Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine offered on Saturday to release eight captive international observers in a prisoner exchange, as Western governments prepared new sanctions against Moscow.

Ukraine Crisis: Sense of inevitability of Russian invasion - with video ~ link ~ There is no sign of de-escalation in eastern Ukraine, according to the BBC's Natalia Antelava who has been in Donetsk and Slaviansk. She told BBC World News that tension was very high, with armed men patrolling the streets, and that her team had been held at gunpoint. Locals on both sides felt a sense of "inevitability" of a Russian invasion, she continued, and there was "a real fear" that there would be a clash.

Kerry criticizes Russian troop movements ~ link ~ Kerry is doing all he can to start World War III for the globalists and his fellow Zionists!  He is really earning his future place in Hell.   Stirling   

US Secretary of State John Kerry has criticized Russian troop movements along Ukraine's border as “provocative.”

Senior US Diplomat: Russia has 'betrayed' the New World Order ~ link 

East Ukraine babushkas beat back Kiev coup ~ link ~
They voted almost 97% to become federated with Russia. They wanted to live free from fear… of us.

The Yanukovich government had decided to remain economically close to Moscow, due in large part to the huge subsidies that the Russian people have given to Ukraine and were offering to continue, when the West was only offering refinancing.

Trying to avoid what has happened, Yanukovich had made huge compromises with the opposition, but the agreement was broken before the ink was dry by the violent takeover by armed nationalists.

Moscow: Russian planes have NOT entered Ukrainian airspace ~ linkRussian military aircraft have not breached any state borders, including those of Ukraine, Russia’s Defense Ministry has said. Ukraine’s acting defense minister has also retracted claims by Kiev that Russian jets “violated Ukrainian airspace seven times.” “Russia’s means of objective airspace situation control did not record any violations of air boundaries of the states adjacent to Russia, including those of Ukraine,” Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement Saturday.  
Pentagon officials quoted by US media Friday claimed that “Russian fighter jets flew into Ukrainian airspace a handful of times over the last 24 hours,” calling it “a continued provocation.” The officials were not named. 
Ukrainian Underbelly - Israel: The Hidden Combatant ~ link ~ More trouble being caused by that 'shitty little country'!  Stirling   
Israel was orchestrating events in Ukraine, pushing the US and Russia toward confrontation. In early March Anonymous Ukraine released intercepted emails outlining planned terror attacks to be perpetrated against the Ukraine. 
Before the proverbial ink was dry on the interim agreement to deescalate Ukrainian tensions, something had become very clear. There were real players that weren’t at the table, at least “not seen” at the table. We are talking about Israel. 

Kerry's statement on the Ukraine: A lying brief for War ~ link ~ The crap coming out of official Washington is now almost all lies, it is that bad!  Stirling    

He continued: “The world has rightly judged that Prime Minister Yatsenyuk and the Government of Ukraine are working in good faith. And the world, sadly, has rightly judged that Russia has put its faith in distraction, deception, and destabilization.”

Let us, indeed, get real, Mr. Kerry. These arguments have not a shred of credibility, and neither do you.
MERS infections pass 300 mark in Saudi Arabia ~ link ~ Saudi Arabian authorities have reported 14 more cases of the deadly MERS virus, bringing the total number of infected people to 313. The country has faced accusations of a lack of transparency as it struggles to control the virus’s spread.

The latest outbreak of the MERS virus has Saudi authorities concerned ahead of Ramadam, when millions of pilgrims will flock to the country. The Health Ministry has reported 14 new cases of the respiratory syndrome in the capital, Riyadh, in the last 24 hours. In total, 92 people have died of MERS in Saudi Arabia, according to official information from the Ministry of Health

Deadly MERS virus spreading out-of-control in Saudi Arabia, leaps to Egypt as GLOBAL PANDEMIC BEGINS ~ link ~ Right in time for World War III, my what a coincidence!!!  Remember, that Advanced Biological Warfare is one of three main types of Global Strategic Warfare (Nuclear, Advanced Biowar, Scalar Warfare) and those that seek a truly massive global population reduction will try to hide behind a 'natural' bio-event rather than have it acknowledged as biowar.  Stirling    

(NaturalNews) It has long been recognized by intelligent observers that a global superbug pandemic is inevitable. Humanity has created the perfect conditions for it: global nutritional deficiencies, weakened immune systems, high population density, high-speed international travel and systemic abuse of antibiotics by medical professionals. Drug-resistant superbugs like MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) are 100% immune to every conventional medical treatment in existence. There is no antibiotic, no vaccine, no drug and no treatment practiced by western medicine that can stop these bugs... and infections are deadly.

Now we've learned they're spreading out of control in Saudi Arabia, following an explosive pandemic pattern that has infectious disease experts sounding the alarm.

Bad Government and Central Bank Policy are the Main Cause of Runaway Inequality ~ link ~ We noted in 2010 that extreme inequality helped cause the Great Depression … and the 2008 financial crisis.  We noted in 2011 that inequality helped cause the fall of the Roman Empire.

Powerful solar flare temporarily disrupts communications on Earth ~ link 

An American Oligarch: Senator Harry Reid's BLM Land Scams, Bribes, Mafia Links and Bloodlines ~ link ~ Why do you think they call Washington, D.C. the District of Crooks?   Stirling    

Gerald Celente: New World Disorder Smackdown - How We Take Back America - audio ~ link  

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Anonymous said...

Russia and Ukraine were heading Sunday, April 27, for their first battle over the rebel-held flashpoint town of Slavyansk, debkafile’s military and US sources report. The outcome will determine who controls the Donetsk region and possibly all of East of Ukraine – the separatists or the provisional government in Kiev.

With a superior, professional and well-trained force armed with a preponderance of fire power, the Kremlin has several options to choose from for this engagement:

1. To order the 11,000 troops, based at Rostov on Don 40 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, to cross over and head for Slavyansk and Donetsk.

2. To send a tank column against the 15,000 Ukrainian troops deployed over the weekend around Slavyansk. According to Russian sources, the force from Kiev is armed with 160 tanks, 230 armored personnel carriers and 150 pieces of artillery and missiles.
3. To send warplanes and helicopters from the giant Russian airbase of Tsentralniy - a prospect gaining ground in recent hours. This action would broaden the engagement into a major war operation between Russia and Ukraine.
4. Moscow, Kiev and their backers may understand how such a war began, but once it is under way, no one can tell how it will end.
5. In the event of a major escalation, Moscow ill have to decide whether to throw into battle the special rapid deployment and paratroop units stationed at Tsentralniy, which are held ready for intervention in the Middle East and are now in reserve for action in Ukraine.
6. The Kremlin must decide whether to go for an overall invasion of Ukraine. debkafile’s military sources report that the force poised on the border is smaller than the 40,000 estimated by Kiev. It consists of 15,000 armored corps soldiers with T-72B tanks and one division each of infantry and paratroops.
A Russian invasion would bring about the partition of Ukraine between the Russian-controlled East + Crimea and the sector ruled by the pro-Western administration of Kiev.....