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21 April 2014 ~ Second Update 

Breaking News

Scottish Vote for lesser of two evils - with video ~ link ~ As I have said before, if the British Establishment wishes to save the United Kingdom from breaking apart they need to end the economic depression in the UK.  Without that, voters are apt to vote against the establishment.  However, choosing between their country and serving the interests of the Global Banking Cartel is a bit much for many members of the establishment.  If they try to steal the election, the Scottish Parliament (which exists as a regional parliament under UK legislation) can invite the members of the Scots Peerage to join them (the elected members from the cities and shires) to sit with them to re-constitute the ancient fully sovereign Scottish Three Estates, the national parliament which only went into adjournment some 300 years ago.  Once re-constituted, this ancient parliament can declare whatever it wants to, including full independence at once.   Stirling  

Scotland is on the brink of voting for Independence as the latest poll shows the gap between "Yes" and "No" campaigns has almost closed ~ link ~ Without Scotland there is NO United Kingdom, only England and perhaps Northern Ireland.  Wales will almost certainly go its separate way in the event of Scotland leaving.  Stirling  

Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964), Supreme Commander of the Allied forces in the Pacific during World War II. "History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline." - See more at: 

Members of David Cameron's inner circle are increasingly alarmed that the lacklustre Better Together movement run by the former Labour chancellor could hand victory to the Scottish nationalists.

One poll yesterday found the pro-independence Yes campaign, which once trailed by a wide margin, is now only three points behind – raising the prospect of a majority vote to break up the union in September.

Russia says Kiev coup junta is 'breaking Geneva accord' on the Ukraine - with video ~ link ~ Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has accused the Kiev authorities of breaking last week's Geneva accord on resolving the Ukraine crisis. He said the Kiev government - not recognised by Moscow - had not moved to disarm illegal groups, especially the ultra-nationalist Right Sector. "Extremists are calling the tune," he alleged, condemning a fatal shooting near Sloviansk, in eastern Ukraine.

Syrian Army is set to break militant siege on Aleppo ~ link ~ According to reports on Monday, the army regained control over an area extending from what used to be Syria’s economic capital to the town of Khanasir in the Aleppo province. A convoy of trucks carrying food supplies and fuel arrived in the city through the road crossing Khanasir.

Foreign-sponsored militants attacked the road several times in the past to hamper the aid efforts. They, however, were repelled by government forces.

Efforts aimed at breaking the siege of Aleppo came as the army has made major gains across the country.

Russian FM Lavrov: US should face responsibility for the powers it installed in Kiev ~ link ~ Sadly, I have come to believe that the chances of the American Government doing the morally correct thing, anywhere, are slim!  Stirling     

"Before giving us ultimatums, demanding that we fulfill demands within two or three days with the threat of sanctions, we would urgently call on our American partners to fully accept responsibility for those who they brought to power,” said Lavrov during a press conference with his colleague from Mozambique, Oldemiro Baloi.

All attempts to isolate Russia will lead to a dead end because Russia is "a big, independent power that knows what it wants," he added. 

It's impossible to work your way through college nowadays ~ link ~ "It's impossible to work your way through college nowadays" the hard-to-swallow (but not entirely surprising) conclusion of Randal Olson's research into just how extreme national tuition costs have become in the US. As The Atlantic notes, the economic cards are stacked such that today’s average college student, without support from financial aid and family resources, would need to complete at least 48 hours of minimum-wage work a week to pay for his courses.


For Those Who Work For a Living, the Level of Inequality In The USA Is “Probably Higher Than In Any Other Society at Any Time In The Past, Anywhere In The World” ~ link ~ WOW, do take the time to read this one at the link.  Stirling   

Inequality in the U.S. is now the highest ever recorded in the country.

Inequality in America today is twice as bad as in ancient Rome, worse than it was in Tsarist Russia, Gilded Age America, modern Egypt, Tunisia or Yemen, many banana republics in Latin America, and worse than experienced by slaves in 1774 colonial America.


Anonymous said...

Please read this eye-opener:

Joaquin, Germany

Anonymous said...

Spread the news across the land....

Dear Lord Stirling, you have said right from the beginning that the coup d'etat in Ukraine has been organised by the west.

It's startling, how often your are right.

Yours, in Jesus Christ,

Joaquin, Germany

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

Mankind is evil. Will there ever be some kind of salvation or will death of the whole species come as a reliev?