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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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On the Road to the Third World War.
Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964), Supreme Commander of the Allied forces in the Pacific during World War II. "History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline." - See more at:

Breaking News
15 March 2014 ~ Second Update 
Belarus has begun full-scale military drills ~ link ~ Belarus is a close ally of Russia.  Belarus and Russia both have large natural gas pipelines running through western Ukraine.  We could very well see a joint Belarus/Russia invasion of the western Ukraine and a Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine in a matter of days!!!  Then the key that the fate of the entire Human Race rests WHAT HAPPENS NEXT???  Stirling  
$100 Billion withdrawal from US Treasury bills hints at Russian financial move ~ link ~ The Economic War between Russia and America seems to have started!!!  Stirling   
A record $100 billion in withdrawals of Treasury bills is raising speculation that the Kremlin and Russian oligarchs are yanking their money out of the United States to avoid upcoming sanctions over Ukraine.
The massive outflow over the past week came as President Obama and other top US officials repeatedly warned Russia would face a “cost” if it didn’t reverse course in Ukraine.

Ukraine's Gold Reserves secretely flown out and CONFISCATED by the New York Federal Reserve? ~ link ~ This gold has gone "buy-buy" and will NOT return to the people of the Ukraine.  It has gone into the 'black hole' of the Global Banking Cartel and will never be seen again!!!   Stirling   

Rumors mushroom in eastern Ukraine, fueling expectations of WAR ~ link ~ In confident and knowing tones, people here say they have heard that Russian spies have infiltrated the city, or that pro-Ukrainian fighters are hoarding weapons for an attack, or that thousands of Russian citizens have been bused in from across the border to foment riots. 

Donetsk, a coal-mining city where blue-collar sensibilities reign and change comes slowly, is thick with rumors and talk of war.

Ukraine "repels" attempted Russian incursion ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ Sounds more like PsyOps to me than reality.  Note that no reports of actual fighting are made!  Stirling   

Thousands picket Donetsk government building demanding the release of pro-Russian Governor ~ link ~ This is what is driving and giving 'cover' to the Russian moves preparing for a all-out invasion of at least the eastern part of the Ukraine...I suspect that this will actually end up being ALL of the Ukraine and soon!!! Stirling   

Thousands have gathered in the city of Donetsk, picketing the Security Council building. The protesters called for the current Kiev authorities to release the local governor and pro-Russian activists detained earlier, threatening to storm the building.
The protesters blocked the Security Council building trying to break the doors and smashing windows on Saturday afternoon. Activists removed the Ukrainian flag from the top of the building, hoisting a Russian tricolor.

The protesters were demanding the release of local governor Pavel Gubarev and 70 pro-Russian activists previously detained by the current Kiev authorities. They also urged local law enforcement to take their side.

Russia said Saturday that it was receiving "many requests" for protection from the people in the Ukraine ~ link ~ Looks like the Russian invasion is near!!!  Stirling 

Ukraine Turmoil LIVE UPDATES from RT ~ link   

Concern as Ukraine coup government hastily revamps neo-Nazi Maiden goon squads into a 'National Guard' ~ link ~ The Rothschild Empire first used this tactic in the French Revolution, even using the same name "National Guard".  Those ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it!   Stirling    

The creation of Ukraine’s National Guard – the custodian of the coup-imposed government – has raised concerns that it may later be deployed to eastern regions of Ukraine to suppress the population increasingly standing up against Kiev.

Ukraine has established a National Guard which will be comprised of former and current Ukrainian troops and volunteers from Maidan self-defense squads. Its declared goal, according to the statement of the country’s parliament, is the protection of Ukrainians against external and internal aggression as well as ensuring territorial integrity of the country.

Over 5,000 Kalashnikovs and other guns stolen from Ukrainian military bases ~ link ~ Fears of possible armed assaults and provocation in Ukraine and neighboring countries are on the rise after yet another report that rocket grenade launchers, firearms and munitions have been stolen from a military warehouse in western Ukraine.

A source in the Ukrainian Interior Ministry told RIA Novosti that the coup appointed Interior Minister Arsen Avakov has recently been notified that a large cache of guns and ammunition was missing from one of the military warehouses. 

Attempt to jam Russian satellites carried out from the western Ukraine ~ link ~ An attempted radio-electronic attack on Russian television satellites from the territory of Western Ukraine has been recorded by the Ministry of Communications. It comes days after Ukraine blocked Russian TV channels, a move criticized by the OSCE.
Russian Ministry of Communications experts identified the exact location in Ukraine of the source of attempted jamming of Russian TV satellites’ broadcast, RIA Novosti news agency reports.

The ministry noted that “people who make such decisions” to attack Russian satellites that retransmit TV signals, “should think about the consequences,” Ria reports. The ministry did not share any details of the attack. 

International Bankers behind the Crisis in the Ukraine - video ~ link 

The World On The Brink ~ link ~ Last minute diplomatic talks in London between Russia and the USSA over the Ukrainian crisis failed on Friday, and USSA Secretary of State, John Kerry, has delivered an ultimatum to Russia -- if the outcome of the Crimean referendum on Sunday is not to the liking of the USSA government then Washington, DC and its European allies will take a series of further, serious, unspecified, retaliatory measures on Monday.

These threatened measures are widely expected to include a range of financial sanctions. The whiff of a possible NATO/ USSA war with Russia is also in the air. The negative consequences of a NATO/ USSA military clash with Russia include the very real threat of a nuclear conflict, since both sides are very heavily armed with a full array of nuclear ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, torpedoes and bombs.

China has viewed the rapidly developing crisis with a thoroughly jaundiced eye and has warned against sanctions by the USSA against Russia due to the "unforeseeable consequences" and "retaliatory action"  that such sanctions might engender. 

Russia vetoes UN Security Council resolution condemning referendum ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ Russia has vetoed a UN Security Council draft resolution that declared a planned referendum on the status of Ukraine's Crimea region "can have no validity" and urged nations and international organizations not to recognize it.

Russia isolated over Crimea after UN Security Council vote ~ link ~ This was largely expected.  Stirling   

UN Security Council vote: Russia 'isolated' ~ link ~
Russia has vetoed a draft UN resolution criticising Sunday's secession referendum in Ukraine's Crimea region - the only Security Council member to vote against the measure.
China, regarded as a Russian ally on the issue, abstained from the vote.

Thousands in rival rallies in Moscow to support Crimea or say no to war ~ link ~ People are beginning to wake up to the fact that we are likely on the verge of the Third World War!!!  Stirling  

The Russians have already quietly pulled their money from the West ~ link ~ Earlier today we reported that according to weekly Fed data, a record amount - some $105 billion - in Treasurys had been sold or simply reallocated (which for political reasons is the same thing) from the Fed's custody accounts, bringing the total amount of US paper held at the Fed to a level not seen since December 2012. While China was one of the culprits suggested to have withdrawn the near USD-equivalent paper, a far likelier candidate was Russia, which as is well-known, has had a modest falling out with the West in general, and its financial system in particular. Turns out what Russian official institutions may have done with their Treasurys (and we won't know for sure until June), it was merely the beginning. In fact, as the FT reports, in silent and not so silent preparations for what will be near-certain financial sanctions (which would include account freezes and asset confiscations following this Sunday's Crimean referendum) the snealy Russians, read oligarchs, have already pulled billions from banks in the west thereby essentially making the biggest western gambit - that of going after the wealth of Russia's 0.0001% - moot.

It probably will. What it will also do is force Russia to engage China far more actively in bilateral trade and ultimately to transact using either Rubles or Renminbi, and bypass the dollar. Perhaps even using gold, something which the price of the yellow metal sniffed out this week, pushing itself to 6 month highs. It will also make financial ties between the two commodity-rich nations even closer, while further alienating that "imperialist devil," the US. 


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