Monday, March 17, 2014

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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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17 March 2014 ~ Second Update
USA and EU impose sanctions after Crimea moves to re-join Russia ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ The sanctions are simply a PR effort to appear to be doing least at this point.  The Ukrainian Crisis is NOT over, and we will see how things play out in the western Ukraine and additional sanctions when/if Russia moves into this area (perhaps using the same template of "local self-defense forces), and how things play out in the eastern part of the Ukraine including if the fascist coup government cuts Russian/Belorussian natural gas pipelines, etc.   Stirling    
European and Russian stocks surge most in 6 weeks on news of weak US/EU sanctions ~ link ~ As the US and EU press forward with sanctions - proclaiming them as the first step in punishing economic actions - the world's stock markets could not be happier. European stocks are up over 1% - their best day in 6 weeks; Germany - notably hard-hit on the basis of its gas-dependence - is surging by the 2nd most this year as Italian stocks rally a ridiculous 2.4% (its 2nd best day in 7 months). Everyone loves a good short-squeeze on war escalation but we suspect the surge in Russian stocks - up 8.5% from Friday lows -  (and the Ruble) will be disappointing more than a few of the world's great thinkers in Washington and Brussels.
Crimean Parliament formally applies to re-join Russia ~ link ~ The western mainstream forgets that the Crimea was a part of Russia for centuries until 1954.   Stirling    
US and German military inspectors to fly over Russia amid Ukraine tensions ~ link ~ American and German inspectors will make observation flights over Russia and Belarus within the framework of the international treaty on Open Skies. The mission is set to verify the true position of Russian troops and military equipment.
Starting from March 17, military inspectors from the United States and Germany will perform flights over European Russia and Belarus to check the real whereabouts of Russian troops following accusations from Ukraine that Russia is consolidating military forces close to its borders. The inspection will continue through March 21.
“The flights will be performed on the Swedish observation plane SAAB-340,” head of the National Nuclear Threat Reduction Center, Sergey Ryzhkov, told Itar-Tass. 

Ukraine Turmoil: LIVE UPDATES from RT ~ link 


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Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Sterling,

We are on the brink of a full out war in Ukraine.

Th e western imperialists have caused this nightmare.

Now they even try to open a second war theatre in Syria where Russia has her only Mediterranean port.

The neo-Nazis in Kiev won't give in. They want to start a war against Russia, which will lead us to WW III.

Homo sapiens does not exist. He/she is a delusion, nothing more.

We have got homo ludens and homo militaris who will destroy our lovely planet.

Pra y to our Lord or Allah, because the END is near.

The birds of prey are everywhere.

Get closer to our Lord, kiss your children again and wait for the nightmare to come.

Yours, in Jesus Christ, the Lord and the Holy Spirit

Joaquin, Germany