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4 March 2014 ~ Fourth Update

Realpolitik in the Ukraine ~ link ~ Interesting article...do take the time to read it in full at the link.  Stirling   

Oscar Wilde described marriage as the triumph of imagination over intelligence and second marriage as the triumph of hope over experience. In finance and geopolitics, by contrast, experience must always prevail over hope and realism over wishful thinking. A grim case in point is the Russian incursion into Ukraine. What makes this confrontation so dangerous is that US and EU policy seems to be motivated entirely by hope and wishful thinking. Hope that Vladimir Putin will “see sense,” or at least be deterred by the threat of US and EU sanctions to Russia’s economic interests and the personal wealth of his oligarch friends. Wishful thinking about “democracy and freedom” overcoming dictatorship and military bullying.

Financial markets cannot afford to be so sentimental. While we should always recall at a time like this the famous advice from Nathan Rothschild to “buy at the sound of gunfire,” the drastically risk-off response to weekend events in Ukraine makes perfect sense because Russia’s annexation of Crimea is the most dangerous geopolitical event of the post-Cold War era, and perhaps since the Cuban Missile crisis. It can result in only two possible outcomes, either of which will be damaging to European stability in the long-term. Either Russia will quickly prevail and thereby win the right to redraw borders and exercise veto powers over the governments of its neighbouring countries. Or the Western-backed Ukrainian government will fight back and Europe’s second-largest country by area will descend into a Yugoslav-style civil war that will ultimately draw in Poland, NATO and therefore the US.

No other outcome is possible because it is literally inconceivable that Putin will ever withdraw from Crimea. To give up Crimea now would mean the end of Putin’s presidency, since the Russian public, not to mention the military and security apparatus, believe almost unanimously that Crimea still belongs to Russia, since it was only administratively transferred to Ukraine, almost by accident, in 1954. In fact, many Russians believe, rightly or wrongly, that most of Ukraine “belongs” to them. (The very name of the country in Russian means “at the border” and certainly not “beyond the border”). Under these circumstances, the idea that Putin would respond to Western diplomatic or economic sanctions, no matter how stringent, by giving up his newly gained territory is pure wishful thinking.

Turkey scrambles eight F-16 fighter jets after Russian plane flies near its Black Sea coast ~ link ~ This says two things: One, that Russia feels a need to look deep into Turkey (a member of NATO) fearing what might be militaryly developing there; and Two, that Turkey/NATO is either very jumpy and/or it is making a point with Russia that a False Flag Event could 'happen' that would bring all of NATO to war against Russia!!!  Stirling   

The Turkish Air Force scrambled eight F-16 fighter jets after a Russian surveillance plane flew parallel along its Black Sea coast, the military said on Tuesday, amid increased tensions between Russia and the West over Ukraine.

The incident occurred on Monday and the Russian plane remained in international airspace, according to a statement on the website of the military General Staff.

Ukrainian "Revolution" places elites back in power ~ link In yet another example of how the recent Ukrainian “revolution” was nothing more than an Anglo-American destabilization of a foreign nation for geopolitical purposes, recent appointments to political posts inside Ukraine should serve as clear evidence of that fact.

In addition to the appointment of national positions to individuals belonging to the neo-Nazi Fascist Svoboda party, RT reports the installment of even more questionable characters, party affiliations aside.

The Ukrainian Crisis is a Lose-Lose Proposition for Everyone but the Bankers ~ link ~ I am not sure that I agree with the author's view of Putin, but I am giving him the value of the doubt and hope in his Orthodox Christianity.  In any case, WAR is a three-letter word in direct opposition to another three-letter word, GOD!  The driving force in this Crisis, those that have created it and funded it and seek to profit from it are the Global Banking Cartel bastards, and they are totally evil!!!  Stirling  

Senior Putin adviser warns US on the American Dollar as the Global Reserve Currency and the Crash of the US Financial System ~ link ~ The situation in the Ukraine is potentially one of the greatest geopolitical risks since the end of the Cold War.

A senior adviser to Putin said this morning that if the United States were to impose sanctions on Russia over Ukraine, Moscow might be forced to drop the dollar as a reserve currency and refuse to pay off loans to U.S. banks.  

Ukraine, Russia, Putin, A World on the Edge, 1914 and Gold ~ link ~ Today a man who has been involved in the financial markets for 50 years spoke with King World News about the Ukraine, Russia, Putin, and a world on the edge.  He also warned that Putin will not back down from this conflict.  John Embry went on to discuss the implications of the current chaos for investors around the world and also for major markets, including gold.

Embry:  “Everyone is focused intently on this Ukraine situation. I was fascinated by what Paul Craig Roberts had to say to KWN.  He is a well-informed guy and he is deeply troubled about what is taking place in Ukraine.  Putin is not backing down as far as I can see, so it should be an interesting response from the West....

“All this plays into what we were talking about last week.  I mentioned that black swans can come from anywhere.  Now we have this Ukraine situation, which is really destabilizing.  And it made me start thinking, as I do a lot, about 1914.  Now you see all these geopolitical problems happening:  China/Japan, Syria, Ukraine, Turkey, and elsewhere in the world.  

West baits Putin but he doesn't bite ~ link ~ He has the strategic initiative, at present.  Stirling    

Now we see why the Ukraine was set up, to bait Putin into over reacting so the West could eliminate the diplomatic burr under their saddle who has been blocking much of their economic aggression plans. But surprise, surprise...Putin has not over reacted, and he is not going to. He's too smart.

He will leave that to the losers in the West to do.  They seem to have a never ending talent for it and neither embarrassment nor a conscience for the piles of bodies they are racking up. The biggest terrorist operations being run now are all state sponsored ones, compliments of the US and some Gulf States with Israel as the cheer leading team.

Ukraine Falls Under Fascist Bankster Thumb ~ link ~
Their al Qaeda terrorists soundly defeated by Hezbollah forces in Syria, the City of London Illuminati banksters have turned their sights on resource-rich Ukraine. They knew Russian President Vladimir Putin would be distracted by the Sochi Olympics, along with the barrage of threats and propaganda being hurled his way by these demonic Zio-fascists and their Western media lapdogs.

With unlimited time and money at their disposal, this is the bankster modus operandi. They attack where they see opportunity, retreat when defeated, then attack another sector of the planet within days based on vulnerability and resources.

Ukraine declared independence from the old Soviet Union in 1990. In 2004-2005 Western NGOs worked with CIA/Mossad/MI6 assets to stage the phony Orange Revolution. Victor Yuschenko became Prime Minister but was poisoned during the campaign. Western media blamed it on the Russians, but it was likely a Mossad operation since he was succeeded by more bankster-friendly right-wing billionaire Yulia Tymoshenko.

It Begins: Gazprom warns European Natural Gas "Supply Disruptions" POSSIBLE ~ link ~ We had previously warned that Putin's "trump card" had yet to be played and with Obama (and a quickly dropping list of allies) preparing economic sanctions (given their limited escalation options otherwise), it was only a matter of time before the pressure was once again applied from the Russian side. As ITAR-TASS reports, Russia's Gazprom warned that not only could it cancel its "supply discount" as Ukraine's overdue payments reached $1.5 billion but that "simmering political tensions in Ukraine, that are aggravated by inadequate economic conditions, may cause disruptions of gas supplies to Europe." And with that one sentence, Europe will awaken to grave concerns over Russia's next steps should sanctions be applied. 

Ukraine: Follow the Energy ~ link ~ While this is all basically true, there is much more involved here than natural gas pipelines.  This is all tied into a Cornucopia of events/patterns/interests including the overriding one, the Spiritual aspect.  That is the one that ties it all together and explains what can only be called insane moves by the 'West' to create the multiple geopolitical and financial and strategic nightmares that we currently see in the world today.   Stirling     

Ukraine Disaster may create Worldwide Financial Panic and Contagion ~ link ~ The Ukraine – While the TV and other news reports will probably focus on troop movements and the like, traders will keep an eye on money movements.

The Russian Ruble has plunged, prompting the central bank to move to hike rates.  The Ukraine is hemorrhaging money and the banks have put a limit on withdrawals, capping them at $1500 a day.  Their central bank is rapidly running out of reserves.  It is the money that may lead to contagion.

Kerry lands in Kiev - Sanctions against Russia "In Matter of Days" ~ link ~ While the world digests the recent Putin press conference in which he appeared to superficially soften his stance on the Ukraine, US SecState John Kerry lands in Kiev while the state department announced that sanctions against Russia are "coming in a matter of days", and as the US announces it is preparing a $1 billion aid package for the Ukraine, which despite the toned down rhetoric by Putin just lost the Gazprom discount for natgas due to non-payment meaning its reserves will be depleted even faster, suggesting a far greater urgency to providing funding for the Ukraine in what some have said is now a fight between Putin and the IMF, as the latter tries to drain what little funds remain in the nation, while the former urgently seeks to keep it afloat.

UK seeking to ensure that Russian sanctions do not harm City of London banking interests ~ link ~ Taking care of the Rothschilds...what every British government does best!!!   Stirling    

Business model of Yatsenyuk is to build (Zionist) oligarchic corporation out of the Ukraine ~ link  

Putin orders troops that took part in military exercises to return to bases ~ link ~ That looked good, but later today he had a Topol ICBM test fired and then maybe peace did not look so likely.  Time will tell what happens.  Pray for Peace and Mercy.  Stirling 

East/West Confrontation Looms ~ link ~ Good One...do take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling  

Ousting Ukraine's democratically government was planned long before violence erupted last November. Obama's dirty hands bear full responsibility.

The damn fool in the White House targeted four countries at the same time for regime change. 

Inside Crimea: A Jewel in Two Crowns ~ link 

What happens next in the Ukraine?  Four Scenarios ~ link 

Scoundrel Media War on Russia ~ link ~ Good One! Scoundrel media editors find new ways to embarrass themselves. They mock legitimate news and opinion. They suppress it. They violate fundamental journalistic standards doing so. They suck up to power. They support monied interests. They deplore popular ones. They endorse Western aggression. They do it repeatedly. They blame victims for horrific US crimes committed against them. They condemn Putin for responsibly defending the safety and security of endangered Russian nationals.

Thank heavens he's around. He's the one world leader challenging the damn fool in the White House responsibly.
He's our best hope for world peace. He deserves worldwide support. His best efforts may not be enough. Neocons infest Washington. They threaten everyone. The damn fool in the White House risks starting WW III

Netanyahu's Wrong Mantra ~ link ~ In his visit to the US, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told US President Barak Obama that he would never compromise on Israel’s security, as Obama pressured him to reach an agreement with the Palestinians. “Israel has been doing its part, and I regret to say that the Palestinian’s haven’t,” stated Mr. Netanyahu. To ceaselessly repeat a wrong mantra doesn’t make it the truth.
Despite his claims about his concern for peace, Mr. Netanyahu’s actions betray his lofty words. During operation Cast Lead he ordered the lethal attack against thousands of civilians –many of them women and children- in Gaza, as well as the uninterrupted building of Israeli settlements on Palestinian land. Both actions have been strongly condemned by the international community.

To state that Israel is trying to reach a peaceful agreement with the Palestinians while continuing the uninterrupted building of settlements in Palestinian land is an offense to truth. To target minors for attacks and to commit crimes against Palestinian civilians that are considered war crimes is not the way to reach peace with the Palestinians.

To destroy Palestinian homes and to uproot Palestinian olive trees –a source of livelihood for the Palestinians- is also not the right way to search for peace. To claim that only Israelis are interested in peace is to ignore decades of abuse suffered by the Palestinians at the hand of the Israelis.

Netanyahu urges tough pressure on Iran ~ link ~ In the end, I fear that Bibi will manage to get all six million Jews in Israel killed...and billions more in WWIII/Armageddon!!!  Stirling  

AIPAC: Public Enemy Number One ~ link ~ This foreign nation supporting political action committee bribes and blackmails Congress and the Administration with immunity.  That needs to stop!!!  Stirling 

Washington is under siege, America is under siege as more than 14,000 die hard Pro-Israel Americans Jews and Gentiles gather in Washington for the 2014 Annual Policy Conference.

They come from all 50 states and the number one State, Israel. They come from 500 US campuses. They come calling for War on America and the American people, calling for War on Iran, and certainly calling for their perpetual war on Palestinians and on peace. They are AIPAC.

They are the most powerful lobby in US history, a lobby that defines “loyalty” as that for Israel. They demand wars by America, yet they join and send their sons and daughters to the Israeli army.

American Intel Meltdown ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this one in full at the link.   Stirling   

You won’t read about it anywhere. We could say the problem, and that term is an understatement, was caused by many factors. This is not the truth. We know who caused it, we know why. Insiders call it an “apocalypse.” It is the utter and absolute collapse of American intelligence capabilities. 


Unelected Power: Democracy on the retreat in Europe ~ link ~ Good One...do take the time to read this one at the link.  Stirling  

Genuine people’s power is on the retreat in Europe, and it's under attack from those who most loudly claim to be “democrats.”

Last week we saw the unelected EU foreign policy chief, Baroness Ashton, meeting the new unelected Ukrainian “president,” Aleksandr Turchynov, who came to power following a violent overthrow of that country's democratically elected president – with the rebellion backed by the EU. 

The Unpardonable Sin ~ link 

 Nine cases that 'Prove' the existence of Pyramids in Bosnia ~ link ~ I am not fully convinced, but I find the subject matter interesting.  I suspect that there were civilizations that were pre-Ice Age (before the last Ice Age) and there is much we have to learn about man's first 200,000 years in pre-history.  Stirling   



Anonymous said...

Bill to join NATO submitted to Ukrainian parliament...

No good news.

Link:(German only, at the moment)


The bill has been submitted by Batkiwschtschyna, the political party of Julia Timoshenkow.



Anonymous said...

“Neftekamskneftehim” is the largest oil refinery in Europe. It is located in Tatarstan, Russia and today, at 7.00pm Moscow Time, dozens of firemen were urgently summoned as the oil giant started burning.

dirty tricks now in effect...so much for putins missile launch

also see where in the free press u can find this then????thought so...