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On the Road to the Third World War.
Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964), Supreme Commander of the Allied forces in the Pacific during World War II. "History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline." - See more at:

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20 March 2014 ~ Spring Equinox  
Obama Administration targets Putin's inner circle as Russia races to complete Crimean annexation ~ linkU.S. President Barack Obama announced sanctions on Thursday against prominent Russians including close allies of President Vladimir Putin, as Moscow raced to complete its annexation of Crimea and built up its forces in the region. Moscow responded by announcing its own sanctions against senior U.S. politicians in retaliation against visa bans and asset freezes imposed by Washington on its citizens, with the foreign ministry saying U.S. action would "hit the United States like a boomerang".

Expert: Obama antics moving US towards a nuclear war ~ link ~ Good article, do take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling 

Billington: The idea that Obama pledged not to use military might in Ukraine is of course ludicrous. He’s lied to the American people and to the US Congress about virtually everything to the point where finally many Democrats are beginning to move toward the impeachment that is required and which is the only way to stop him from in fact launching war against Russia, which is the intention.
The issue here is not really over Crimea. It’s not really over Ukraine. This is a confrontation with Russia driven by the state of the absolute collapse of the Western financial system, which has now reached a point of complete breakdown, moving toward the point they call a ‘bail-in’, which will unleash not just another Lehman Brothers but a systemic breakdown of the entire Western banking system.
The British know this. Their puppet, Obama, knows this. And their view is that they must launch a confrontation to force Russia and China to back down to the level of looting that’s going on on a global scale.

And if they do not back down, they will indeed move towards war. You can see this with the extensive military deployment taking place surrounding China.

Ukrainian Ambassador: Russia plans to unleash full blown military intervention across the Ukraine ~ link ~ Russia and the Ukraine are the victims of a global banksters and Zionist fascist coup.  Russia cannot sit still and allow Nazis to rule their ancient lands and NATO to install advanced anti-missile systems to enable a US First Strike Nuclear Attack that would take out Russian Nuclear Weapons.  This is a fulcrum point that the globalists/Zionists are using to force the entire World into a global economic collapse and the Third World War!!!   Stirling  
  • Troops were this morning abandoning bases across the peninsula amid reports many Ukrainian soldiers have defected to Russian forces
  • Comes after Russian troops last night seized a second Ukraine naval base
  • Pro-Russian forces also took control of three Ukrainian navy ships today
  • Ukraine's ambassador to the U.N has expressed fears Russia may be planning a further military incursion into Ukraine's territory

  • Ukraine Mission Creep ~ link The psychopaths now run the asylum.  The world is their asylum. As “mission creep” set in, despite setbacks, the US as “enforcer” for the world’s bankster cabal, has targeted every nation not totally controlled, every nation with something worth stealing that is.

    Ukrainian Navy Chief freed as Merkel threatens Russia with more sanctions ~ link The head of Ukraine's Navy, who was captured as the Naval Headquarters in the Crimean port of Sevastopol were stormed by pro-Russian troops, has been released, according to officials in Kiev.

    Ukraine's interim president Olexander Turchynov said the naval forces commander Serhiy Hayduk and other hostages, including the son of a Ukrainian lawmaker and former minister, were released overnight.

    The G8 is dead declares Merkel ~ link ~
  • EU leaders are set to meet in Brussels to discuss developments in Ukraine
  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel says EU will impose more sanctions on Russia after its troops seized majority control of Crimea
  • She also told the German parliament the G8 forum is suspended indefinitely

  • EU leaders meet to discuss Ukraine Crisis and Russian bans - with video ~ link Heads of government and high-ranking officials are arriving for a European Union (EU) summit in Brussels, where the crisis in Crimea and sanctions against Russia top the agenda.

    European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said on Thursday the 28-member bloc needs to bolster the new authorities in Ukraine with political commitments and economic aid during the EU Summit on Thursday and Friday.

    Russia censures unilateral US and EU sanctions over Crimea - with video ~ link ~ "Unilateral sanctions have never done any good. They are not legal. And, they do not have international legal grounds," Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Thursday.

    The remarks come as the EU is poised to impose more sanctions on Russia following its decision to annex Crimea.

    Syrian Army recaptures medieval castle near Homs - with video ~ link ~ The Syrians, who are fighting for their nation against foreign mercenaries, continue to 'kick butt'!   Stirling    

    The latest army inroad on foreign-backed militants follows Syrian forces' other achievements in the country’s west, including in the cities of Yabrud and Homs.

    Backed by the Lebanese resistance movement, Hezbollah, Syrian forces on Sunday pushed back foreign-backed militants from Yabroud, the last major militant stronghold in the Qalamoun region.

    Israel budget billions on Plan To Attack Iran ~ link ~ Demonic behavior wrapped in insanity!!!  Stirling   

    Netanyahu orders IDF to prepare for possible Iranian strike ~ linkPrime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon have ordered the army to continue preparing for a possible military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities at a cost of at least 10 billion shekels ($2.89 billion) this year, despite the talks between Iran and the West, according to recent statements by senior military officers.

    Three Knesset members who were present at Knesset joint committee hearings on Israel Defense Forces plans that were held in January and February say they learned during the hearings that 10 billion shekels to 12 billion shekels of the defense budget would be allocated this year for preparations for a strike on Iran, approximately the same amount that was allocated in 2013.

    Israeli Prime Minister order Armed Forces to prepare to hit Iranian nuclear sites ~ link ~ I have said for over twenty years now that I strongly feel that Bibi 666 Netanyahu is the one man most likely to pull the trigger on the Third World War.  I sadly still think that this will be so.   Stirling  

    No surprise here folks, the Zios are making a flanking move while all the attention is on the Ukraine.  And of course this move is a one-two punch with the new Senate letter to Obama on the Iran sanctions, trying once again kill the talks because if Iran is resolved then the Zios know that all the focus will turn onto their own WMD...Jim W. Dean

    IDF drills invasion of Syria ~ link ~ To a evil madman like Bibi 666 Netanyahu, the timing for attacking Syria and Iran, with Russia tied down in the Ukraine, may be NOW.  Stirling  

    We are on the Verge of Nuclear War - video ~ link

    US Senator Rand Paul: US intelligence community is 'drunk with power' ~ link
  • Kentucky senator blasted the CIA, NSA and Senate Intelligence Committee for working overtime to hide snooping programs from US taxpayers
  • NSA leaders are 'only sorry they got caught' when Edward Snowden leaked details of their surveillance programs, Paul said

  • Greek anti-austerity protests enter second day - with video ~ link ~ Civil servants in Greece have staged a second day of a nationwide strike in the capital Athens as a week of anti-austerity protests engulfs the cash-strapped European nation.

    The protesters said on Thursday that the Greek government refuses to give them sufficient details regarding a recent agreement with troika of lenders – the European Commission, European Central Bank (ECB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF).

    All eyes on Diego Garcia over MH370 ~ link

    Mysterious new gully spotted on Mars - with photos ~ link ~ I suspect that our knowledge base on Mars is far too limited to even begin to understand it!  Stirling  

    Voracious worm evolves to eat Biotech Corn engineered to kill it ~ link

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