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On the Road to the Third World War.
Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964), Supreme Commander of the Allied forces in the Pacific during World War II. "History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline." - See more at:

Breaking News
Russia's Military Begins a NUCLEAR WAR Drill ~ link ~ While much Western attention has been bestowed on Russia’s military buildup near Ukraine, Moscow also began a massive nuclear offensive exercise on Thursday.

According to the Russian daily Nezavisimaya Gazeta, on Thursday Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces began a massive three-day exercise involving 10,000 soldiers and 1,000 pieces of equipment from more than 30 units. The major purpose of the drill, according to the report—which cites multiple senior Russian military officers—is to ensure Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces have sufficient readiness to conduct offensive operations involving the massive and simultaneous use of nuclear missiles.

Global Security Newswire previously carried a story on the nuclear exercise, also citing the Nezavisimaya Gazeta article. GSN described the exercise as “as practice for a large-scale nuclear offensive.” It added: “Exercise participants were set to position and prepare missile-firing units for launch, and to practice various administrative and support functions for the operation.
Russian FM Lavrov: If West accepts coup-appointed Kiev government, it must accept a Russian Crimea - with video ~ link ~ The West is inconsistent in not recognizing the Crimea referendum as legitimate, while recognizing the military coup in Kiev, Russian FM Sergey Lavrov said. He accused the EU and US of duplicity and described sanctions as a “dead-end track.”
If the West accepts Kiev’s coup-appointed government then it must, in turn, accept the legitimacy of Crimea’s referendum to join with Russia, Lavrov told Irada Zeinalova, the host of the “Sunday Time” analytical program on Russia’s Channel One TV. 

NBC News: Tour of the Ukraine-Russia Border finds NO Signs of a Military Buildup ~ link ~ You mean the Zionist/Globalist mainstream news media has LIED to us...What else is new...NOT!   Stirling   

According to dire warnings from U.S. military and intelligence officials, Russian President Vladimir Putin, fresh from his daring annexation of Ukraine’s strategic Crimean Peninsula, has concentrated tens of thousands of his forces on the border with Ukraine. Camouflaged and concealed to throw off U.S. spy satellites, the warnings say, the heavily armed combat troops and special operations forces are coiled and ready to spring across the border into restive regions of Eastern and Southern Ukraine such as Kharkov and Donetsk, where pro-Russian populations are eager to be annexed by Russia, just like Crimea.

Top Russian officials – including Putin himself – have denied any such troop concentrations near the Western border. One minor Ministry of Defense official, who didn’t want to be named because he wasn’t authorized to comment, told NBC News that there had been training exercises – war games – in the border region but, once ended, those troops and armor returned to their bases. “All of this international hype is completely unfounded,” he told us earlier in the week.

US Sec. of State Kerry says that Russia is creating fear and intimidation in the Ukraine ~ link ~ Sounds like today's meeting between Kerry and Lavrov did not go well!!!   Stirling   

Kerry spoke after meeting Sunday night in Paris with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and said he told the diplomat that Ukrainians must be allowed to decide their own future. 

Ukrainian nationalists attack anti-coup motor rally with hammers and bats ~ link ~ The population of Southeastern Ukraine, expressing their discontent with the current government in Kiev are facing increasingly violent intimidation. A recent anti-Maidan motor rally in Zaporozhye was attacked by ‘self-defense’ nationalist thugs.

Fighters from the local Maidan self-defense nationalist squad blocked and attacked a column of cars bearing Russian, regional and Ukrainian flags that was heading from a neighboring town of Melitopol to join an anti-government rally in Zaporozhye last week.

The anti-Maidan activists gathered on Lenin Square to rally for Ukraine joining the Customs Union and to protect the Russian language in the region, an activist from Melitopol, Ekaterina Umonets told RT. To support their cause, some 15 cars and two mini-buses, left Meritopol to join the protest movement in Zaporozhye, a city of over 750,000 people. 

'Against democratic principles': EU's Baroness
Ashton denounces nationalists' pressure on Ukraine Parliament
~ link ~ Is the Baroness finally fed up with the fascists in the Coup Government or is this part of a Zionist/Globalists plot to get rid of the fascists as no longer needed 'useful idiots'???   Stirling  

The lawless actions of Ukraine's nationalists have finally caught attention of the intl community, with EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton denouncing Right Sector for its ‘pressure’ and ‘undemocratic’ demand of the interior minister’s resignation.

A day after neo-Nazi activists who helped bring the acting government in Kiev to power turned against it, Ashton has issued a statement condemning the “pressure by activists of the Right Sector who have surrounded the building of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.”

This “intimidation” the EU foreign policy chief believes, stands against all “democratic principles and rule of law,” as Ashton called on the ultra-right group “to refrain from the use or threat of violence.”   

IMF's $18 Billion loan to the Ukraine is it a Cash Injection or an Infection? - video ~ link ~ Based on the history of the IMF, I would clearly say it is an Infection of the worst type!  Stirling  

"They never learn" - Russia's Take on the 'West' and the shifting Geopolitical Balance of Power ~ link ~ Over the past month, there has been a lot of "Hilsenrathing", or the biased media urgently "explaining" to the Western world, just what Russia's actions mean both tactically in response to Ukraine developments, and strategically as part of Putin's global perspective. So instead of relying on the broken media narrative which serves merely to perpetuate US corporate interests and rally the public behind this or that company's geopolitical interests, here, straight from the horse's mouth, in this case Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov, how Russia sees itself in a world in which it is allegedly "isolated", and "threatening Ukraine" with further invasion but more importantly, how the Russians view the rapidly changing global balance of power, in which post-USSR Russia has emerged from the backwood of slighted nations and stormed to the stage of nations who dare defy the former global hegemon, the US. 

We were promised that NATO would not bring its military infrastructure closer to our borders – and we were cheated. We were promised there would be no military installations on the territory of the new NATO members. At first, we just listened to those promises and believed them. Then we started putting them on paper as political obligations, and serious people, Western leaders, signed those documents. But when we asked them how come those political obligations were ignored and whether we can make them legally binding, they told us, “No, political obligations are enough, and anyway, don’t worry, whatever we do is not against you.”  

Have we reached Peak Putin? ~ link ~ link ~ Good article.  I am not sure I agree with the conclusions, but a good article nevertheless.   Stirling    

In call with Obama, Putin states that extremists in Kyiv are 'intimidating people with impunity' ~ link Vladimir Putin drew Barack Obama’s attention to continued rampage of extremists who are committing acts of intimidation towards peaceful residents, government authorities and law enforcement agencies in various regions and in Kiev with impunity.

In light of this, the President of Russia suggested examining possible steps the global community can take to help stabilise the situation. The two presidents agreed that specific parameters for this joint work will be discussed by the Russian and US foreign ministers in the near future.

US military in no shape to face the grandsons of the Red Army ~ link ~ I am not totally so sure that I agree with this article, however, it makes some good points.  The American Army is battle tested and has been over the last almost three decades, whereas the Russian Army has only fought once recently in Georgia.  Still the US Armed Forces are tired and way overstretched.  Stirling    
The West is suffering from a bad case of Cold War chills.

Not only are the Western powers worried, they are discovering that they likely lack the means to stop possible Russian incursions into what was the former Soviet Empire.

They should not be at all surprised that Russia is again showing signs of life.

Pushing Toward The Final War - Paul Craig Roberts ~ link ~ I disagree with this article because it ignores the power of the global bankers who worked behind the scenes for years to create the alliances and conditions that led to the world wars.  In fact, the assassination of the Austrian Archduke and his wife, the 'spark' that caused the First World War, was organized and controlled by Trotsky, a key Rothschild agent!!!  The same forces are at work in the Ukraine and Middle East today!!!   Stirling      
Does Obama realize that he is leading the US and its puppet states to war with Russia and China, or is Obama being manipulated into this disaster by his neoconservative speech writers and government officials? World War 1 (and World War 2) was the result of the ambitions and mistakes of a very small number of people. Only one head of state was actually involved–the President of France.

In The genesis Of The World War, Harry Elmer Barnes shows that World War 1 was the product of 4 or 5 people. Three stand out: Raymond Poincare`, President of France, Sergei Sazonov, Russian Foreign Minister, and Alexander Izvolski, Russian Ambassador to France. Poincare` wanted Alsace-Lorraine from Germany, and the Russians wanted Istanbul and the Bosphorus Strait, which connects the Black Sea to the Mediterranean. They realized that their ambitions required a general European war and worked to produce the desired war. 

The Struggle for Ukraine's Soul Continues ~ link ~ Good one.  Stirling   

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