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On the Road to the Third World War.
Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964), Supreme Commander of the Allied forces in the Pacific during World War II. "History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline." - See more at:

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29 March 2014
I am sorry I did not update the blog yesterday, I was out of town.  Stirling    
Israel reneges on Prisoner Release in Major Blow to Peace Talks ~ link ~ Zionist arrogance knows no bounds!  Stirling   
The Israel-Palestinian peace talks appear to be dead today after the Israeli government reneged on its last round of Palestinian prisoner releases, which were due to be done on Saturday.
Watch this reaction: Putin laughs right in this journalist's face - with video ~ link ~ link ~ Good One!   Stirling     
When an interviewer recently confronted Vladimir Putin about Europe’s American-made missile defense system, the President of the Russian Federation couldn’t help but laugh right in his face.

According to the journalist, NATO’s missile defense system is pointed at and designed to protect Europe from the nuclear threat posed by Iran, not Russia.

Putin’s reaction is a must-see.

Media buries bombshell Turkey False Flag Attack story - video ~ link ~ The Zionist/globalist mainstream news media: Treating the masses like mushroom farmers raise their crop: Keeping them in the dark and feeding them manure!!!  Stirling   

YouTube Ban: How Turkish officials conspired to stage Syria attack to provoke war ~ link ~ “I'll make up a cause of war by ordering a missile attack on Turkey.” This leaked conversation is coming back to haunt the highest echelons of the Turkish government as it plans a provocation in Syria, while scrambling to contain social media internally.

The leaked audiotapes that reveal Turkey’s highest ministers staging an anti-Assad military intervention in Syria, have already caused YouTube to be shut down in the country, as well as leading to fevered accusations of treachery and betrayal of Turkey’s political interests – “a declaration of war,” as Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davuto─člu put it. 

Syrian Air Force MiG-29 in action - video ~ link 

Obama may allow anti-aircraft missiles to Syrian mercenaries ~ link ~ Usual pro-Zionist craziness!!!  Stirling    

Syrian Army takes two villages near the Lebanese border ~ link ~ Syrian government forces captured two villages near the border with Lebanon on Saturday, continuing a weeks-long advance that has cut a major supply route for weapons and fighters into the country from eastern Lebanon, said activists and state TV.   

IMF to the Ukraine: We'll give you money if you give us AUSTERITY ~ link ~ This Austerity Fascism is a way for the Rothschild headed Global Banking Cartel to steal everything possible from the citizens of entire nations!!!  WHY do we allow this super tiny group of evil demon worshiping crooks to get by with this?  Stirling   

Ukraine's new government on Wednesday passed a drastic increase in domestic gas prices, to take effect May first, and pledged to gradually reduce energy subsidies — a widely unpopular move that former President Viktor Yanukovych refused to take.

The deal comes amid ongoing anti-austerity protests across Europe, including hundreds of thousands strong protests across Spain over the weekend. Critics charge that austerity measures, by eroding vital public goods and services, deepen crises of poverty and inequality.

Ukraine Crisis: Russia vows NO INVASION ~ link ~ Also see this ~ link ~ I suspect that Putin does not want to step into the trap that the globalists/Zionists have set for him.  I also think that we are going to see vast levels of violence in the Ukraine...a type of war between 'black' forces (commandos, mercenaries, etc.).  In the end, however, we will likely see a major Russian intervention.   Stirling  

West ignores results of international missions that found no troop build-up near Ukraine borders ~ link ~ Russia has denied any troop build-up on the Ukraine border, a claim voiced by President Barack Obama and Kiev officials. Moscow slammed the West for ignoring the results of recent fact-finding missions for the sake of political expediency.

The four international missions included representatives of Latvia, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Estonia, Belgium, France and Ukraine. None of the missions “found ‘aggressive preparations’ and have not recorded any military activities, aside from the previously declared,” the statement said.  

As another proof that there are no additional Russian troops and active military preparations, the Foreign Ministry referred to recent observation flights by American and German inspectors. 

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of Russian troops continue piling up at Ukraine's borders ~ link ~ With Russia continuing to diplomatically assure the world that no invasion is pending, and rather comically asking for President Obama's benevolent aid in policing the treatment of Russians in non-Crimean Ukraine; it seems from all actions (as opposed to words) that Putin is pressing ahead with building his forces (up to 60,000) around the divided nation and as Dmitry Tymchuk notes, planning for invasion from Chernihiv to Donetsk. Internal politics continue to roil as Klitschko pulls out of the Presidential election (just as the US wanted) but we suspect the Ukrainians will be confused to discover their USA saviors have been spying on the future Premier Tymoshenko for years. The people of Ukraine are likely a little upset at We are sure Kerry and Lavrov will have plenty to discuss tomorrow in Paris and perhaps the following map will be a good starting point.

Putin calls Obama to "Draw attention to Ukraine Extremists" ~ link ~ As the Kremlin's own interpretation of the call between the two leaders discloses, "Vladimir Putin drew Barack Obama’s attention to continued rampage of extremists who are committing acts of intimidation towards peaceful residents, government authorities and law enforcement agencies in various regions and in Kiev with impunity."

Here, Putin undoubtedly is focusing on last night's storming of the parliament by the "Right Sector" neonazis, which initially had been insturmental in the violent Ukraine coup and have now become a huge nuisance to the acting government. Which, as we noted yesterday, meant they suddenly had become Putin's best friend. Because in bringing attention to their actions, the Kremlin makes it quite clear that the Russian case of neofascists running rampant in Kiev, was in fact at least partially accurate.

Eastern Ukraine rises against Kiev LIVE UPDATES from RT ~ link 

The Ukraine shocks its population with staggered 100% heating price increase while restricting cash use ~ link ~ The "West" is now beginning the process of gutting the Ukraine people in mass!!!   Stirling    

Soros: The man who sold the world - video ~ link ~ Soros is a senior level Rothschild that is a super evil criminal!!!   Stirling   

Ukraine and the Middle East ~ link ~ A overview of Mideast nations' views on the Ukraine Crisis.  Stirling   

EU is now against the neo-Nazis they supported before - video ~ link  

Boxer Klitschko pulls out of presidential race ~ link ~
Leading Ukrainian politician Vitaly Klitschko has pulled out of presidential elections planned in May.

The former boxing world champion said instead he would back tycoon Petro Poroshenko. 

Ukraine's Fatherland Party nominates former PM Tymoshenko for President ~ link ~ The blond darling who said she wants to see millions of Russians in the eastern Ukraine killed by nuclear war!!!  You simply cannot make this stuff up!   Stirling   

Right Sector's Muzychko gets 3 bullets with dinner ~ link   

Nova Scotia Government eliminates interest on student loans ~ link ~ Why does the US Government not do this???  Stirling   
Nationalist Solution To Money - video ~ link ~ Do take the time to view this one!  Stirling    

The Cashless Society is almost here and with some Very Sinister Implications ~ link ~ Among the long list of items bundled by consensus reality merchants under the banner of ‘conspiracy theory’, is a world without cash – where technocrats rule over the populace, and everything and anything is exchanged via plastic and RFID chips.
In this sterile and controlled Orwellian hi-tech society, the idea of cash being passed from hand to hand would be as archaic as the thought of carrying around a rucksack of tally sticks today.
Another banker death ~ linkThe banker suicide saga has just reached a new level as a top level JP Morgan attorney has been exterminated in a hit & run incident involving a minivan.
JPM attorney Joseph Giampapa was killed over the weekend when he was struck by a minivan in a hit and run incident.  Giampapa was reportedly hit and thrown 150 ft and was pronounced dead at the scene.  No charges have been filed.

It gets better:  Giampapa was JPMorgan’s top commercial bankruptcy lawyer (SVP).

The USA is like a Ship Without Lifeboats and Full of Suicidal Bankers ~ link 

Flight MH370: Chinese and Australian ships draw a blank ~ link ~ Strange!

A Chinese and an Australian ship have failed to identify remains from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight after their first day in a new search area.

The two ships retrieved objects from the Indian Ocean but none was confirmed to be from missing flight MH370, Australia's maritime authority said.

Hopes dashed in search for missing Flight MH370 - only floating rubbish found ~ link 

What really happened to Flight MH370? ~ link  

Flight MH370: The CIA Hoax ~ link ~ Interesting information, but I am not so sure about the main thrust of the article.   Stirling    

Flight MH370: Will Israel crash a 777 into a building and blame Iran? ~ link ~ Sounds crazy but the recent past is full of crazy Zionist and globalist actions!   Stirling    

Flight MH370: Secret Space War....  ~ link ~ Talk about crazy!  The article does have lots of good information but aliens...get real.  Stirling    

Flight MH370: One possible explanation, based on a previous 777 emergency, that does NOT involved aliens, the CIA, or Israel ~ link ~ This is a real possibility!  Stirling     

UN: Over one million displaced by South Sudan conflict ~ link 

California hit by 5.1 quake and 100 aftershocks ~ link  

Stanford Physicist: Vast, Powerful Realm Between Particles Influenced by Human Consciousness ~ link ~
Stanford University Professor Emeritus William A. Tiller has been researching a level of physical reality hitherto undetectable with conventional measurement instruments.

He says two kinds of substances exist:

Entering the 103'rd Dimension - Quantum breakthrough ~ link 

The 50 most violent cities in the world ~ link 

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