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6 March 2014 ~ Second Update
Europe announces three-step sanctions against Russia ~ link ~ I suspect that Putin will respond, but perhaps in an unexpected way.  Stirling   

EU leaders have threatened Russia with sanctions, which could include visa bans, asset freezes and various economic restrictions unless it engages in direct talks with the coup-appointed Ukrainian government.

As a first step, the EU has halted G8 summit preparations and visa-free talks with Russia.

The European Council President, Herman Van Rompuy, on Thursday warned that if Moscow does not manage a de-escalation of the situation in Ukraine, it will “seriously affect the relations between the EU and Russia.”
US imposes limited sanctions order on Russia ~ link ~ It looks like the Obama Administration got 'cold feet' on imposing really biting sanctions and settled for these limited measures.   Stirling  
Barack Obama ramped up pressure on Russian president Vladimir Putin on Thursday by imposing visa restrictions on officials for “threatening the sovereignty of Ukraine” and signing an executive order enabling further sanctions against Moscow.

The White House said the measures were a response to Russia’s “ongoing violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”, a reference to its intervention in the southern peninsula of Crimea.

Crimean Parliament votes to join Russia - Referendum to be held on this on March 16 ~ link ~ At the very least, this is a body blow to the Ukraine Coup Government, as it will lose the Crimea and the revenue from renting bases there to Russia.  Payback time to Russia beginsStirling   

Tensions escalated on Thursday as Crimean parliament endorsed a motion asking Russia to allow it to join the country and announced March 16 as the date for a referendum to bolster its move with public vote.

In Simferopol, Crimea's capital, people rallied outside the local parliament building to stress their support for the move. Crimeans waved Russian and Crimean flags and carried posters, one of which read "Russia, defend us from genocide."

Crimean Parliament votes to join Russia and to hold referendum in 10 days on ratifying ~ link ~ The Crimean parliament has voted for the region to join Russia. The decision will only come in force if approved by the Crimeans at a referendum which will be held in 10 days.

Crimean MPs voted on Thursday for the region to “to become part of the Russian Federation as its constituent territory,” says the text of the regional parliament’s statement.
78 MPs said yes to Crimea joining Russia, while 8 abstained from voting. 

Crimea Parliament Accelerates Crisis - Votes to join Russia ~ link ~ While the world is convinced that Putin's Tuesday press conference was an admission of blinking to the west, the reality is anything but that, and hours ago Crimea's parliament voted to join Russia on Thursday and its Moscow-backed government set a referendum within 10 days on the decision in what Reuters said is a "a dramatic escalation of the crisis over the Ukrainian Black Sea peninsula." To be sure, the Crimea - which has an ethnic Russian majority - affiliation to Moscow as opposed to Kiev is well-known, yet still the sudden acceleration of moves to bring Crimea formally under Moscow's rule came as European Union leaders gathered for an emergency summit to seek ways to pressure Russia to back down and accept mediation. And now all Putin has to do is sit back and say the people have spoken and without spilling a drop of blood has effectively split the country in two parts, with the entire east of Ukraine, where pro-Russian sentiment also runs high - sure to follow Crimea. Just as we said from the very beginning.

Pensions in the Ukraine TO BE HALVED ~ link ~ Well the bankster Coup Government, headed by a Zionist/central banker PM, is wasting no time it putting the screws to the masses.  As in Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, etc., Austerity Fascism is the order of the day!!!  Maybe the people in the Ukraine will wake up to the fact that their nation has been hijacked by the Rothschild-led Global Banking Cartel and the Zionists and that their lives will be crap in the future!!!  Stirling   

The self-proclaimed government in Kiev is reportedly planning to cut pensions by 50 percent as part of unprecedented austerity measures to save Ukraine from default. With an “empty treasury”, reduction of payments might take place in March.

According to the draft document obtained by Kommersant-Ukraine, social payments will be the first to be reduced. “The Finance Ministry has prepared a plan for optimizing budget expenditures, which implies budget sequestration is to be in force before the end of March. For this purpose, in particular, it has been proposed to reduce capital costs, eliminate tax schemes and preferences and to cut social benefits, for example, 50 percent of pensions to working pensioners,” Kommersant-Ukraine reported.

Ukrainian people will bear brunt of IMF deal with tough austerity ~ link 

US sends powerful guided missile destroyer, the USS Truxton, into the Black Sea ~ link ~ The powerful air defense systems, on this Arleigh Burke class warship, can sweep a massive area over sea and land and can launch high-tech anti-air and anti-missile missiles with long ranges.  However, Russia has several classes of hyper-fast anti-ship missiles that can destroy such a ship in minutes.  This is a very provocative move by the Obama Administration!!!  Stirling   



US boosts air power near Russia as EU leaders hold talks on action against Putin ~ link ~ The United States will send six supersonic fighter jets to boost air power over eastern Europe in the wake of the Ukraine crisis, it emerged today.   The F15s, under Nato control, will fly patrols over Baltic states and are being deployed as the West seeks to pressure Russia to withdraw forces from Ukraine.
It comes as EU leaders meet to decide what action to take to push President Putin to pull his military out of the country.

US sends 12 F-16 fighter jets to Poland as Washington imposes first level of sanctions on Russia ~ link ~ The announcement that the US was sending 12 F-16s to Poland came after Washington earlier sent six additional F-15 fighter jets to Lithuania.

US in tenuous 'sabre rattling' over the Ukraine ~ link ~
Under the pretext of “deterring Russian aggression” in Ukraine, the US Defense Department has announced plans to add several fighter jets to US aircraft squadrons based near Russian borders, in a move to embolden the Baltic states and Poland.

Following NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen announcement that alliance officials would put “the entire range of NATO-Russia cooperation under review,” Pentagon head, Chuck Hagel, outlined plans on Wednesday to broaden military cooperation with Poland and the Baltic states, without elaborating on the details.

An unnamed source told Reuters that the Pentagon plans to send six additional F-15 fighter jets, and a Boeing KC-135 refueling Stratotanker, to beef up the squadron of four F-15 currently flying air patrols over the Baltic states. NATO has been carrying out patrols in the Baltic states for the last 10 years. 

Amid Ukraine Crisis, America launches military escalation in Eastern Europe ~ link ~ US officials signaled a broad military escalation in Eastern Europe yesterday amid the confrontation with Russia over the February 22 fascist-led putsch in Ukraine. US officials announced the deployment of additional military forces in the region as talks between US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Paris ended in a stalemate.

The military moves were a continuation of the provocative stance the US has adopted following Russian moves to secure Crimea in the wake of the anti-Russian coup in Ukraine. The movement of US military forces into the region can only increase the danger of the confrontation precipitated by the US and NATO triggering a military conflict between nuclear powers.

Russia reinforces Armenian air base with improved MiG-29K jet fighters and 18+ attack helicopters ~ link ~ This is a stepping stone on the way to the Middle East and also a wide area defense to events in the UkraineStirling  

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The Entire World Is Now In Great Danger ~ link ~ Do take the time to read all of this one at the link!  Stirling   

Obama orders property and visa bans over Ukraine Crisis ~ link ~ The order targets the Russian and Ukrainian officials or entities who are” responsible for or complicit in threatening the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine,” according to statement posted on the web site of the White House on Thursday. 

The order, according to the statement, also prepares the legal ground for more sanctions on anyone who is misappropriating Ukraine’s state assets, or has asserted authority over parts of the country without approval from the new government in Kiev.

John Williams warns Russian Dollar Dump could crash Financial System ~ link ~ Economist John Williams says if Russia sells its U.S. dollar holdings it could trigger hyperinflation.  Could it collapse the financial system?  Williams contends, “Yes, it certainly has a potential to do that.  Looking outside the United States, there is something over $16 trillion dollars in cash or near cash.  That’s about the same size as our GDP.  If the rest of the world believes this is what’s going to happen, people who have been wanting to get out of the dollar for some time very easily could front-run the Russians.  The scare is on.  People will try to get out of it as rapidly as they can.  We have not seen an economic recovery.  We have not seen a return of health to the banking systemSo the system is very vulnerable and if the Russians carry through with their threat, you have indeed the risk of it collapsing the system.”

Ukraine as the US Dollar Waterloo ~ link ~ The desperation of the Anglo-American leadership, guided by the steady corrupt banker hands, has never been more acutely high, nor obvious in full view. The entire Ukraine situation is a travesty. It includes Langley agents killing police and street demonstrators from rooftops, the confirmation coming from the Estonian Embassy (translation of scripts). It includes thefts of official Ukrainian Govt funds, again sent to the Swiss hill sanctuary. It includes sanctions delivered by a US Paper Tiger, sure to cause horrific backlash. It involves the last gasp attempt to obstruct the Gazprom energy pipelines, which will inevitably corner the European market in monopoly. It involves subterfuge with the NATO card (aka Narcotics And Treachery Outlaws) with missiles placed on the Russian borders. Look for NATO members to find a back door to exit the spurious treaty. It involves playing with nitro-glycerine in the Petro-Dollar room. It involves putting tremendous risk for much more clear isolation of the United States. The more the USGovt pushes, the more the US will be isolated. Remember that Nazis steal from their enemy states, de-fraud from their allied states, and force themselves into an isolated state. In Ukraine, the United States has over-played its weak hand. Already, a secret document was leaked in London that the UKGovt would not support the US-led sanctions against Russia.

History repeats itself from the Kremlin phone calls made during the Syrian conflict just a few months ago, when the UKGovt withdrew its support and left the US isolated, looking very weak. Already, Putin has threatened to dump USTreasury Bonds. Putin aptly calls the Anglo-Americans as Mutants. Imagine the lunacy of trying to cut off the only Russian warm water military naval port in the Crimea. Just as stupid as the Trans Pacific Partnership faux pas, trying to cut off China from its Asian neighbors and partners in trade. The intelligence level of the USGovt has never been more stupid, destructive, and in full view. The lost ground for the United States is obvious and glaring in the Persian Gulf, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Caucasus region.
Putin isn't starting a war - He's ending the Dollar with China ~ link ~ If this happens, Americans can expect prices to double or even triple within days!!!  Stirling  

Sanctions against Russia WILL BACKFIRE on the West ~ link ~ The United States has threatened Russia with sanctions over Crimea. Washington’s European allies have nodded, yet do not rush to freeze economic ties with Moscow. The reasons are as clear as day. In the modern globalized world, sanctions against such a big power as Russia will inevitably backfire on those seeking to punish it that way.

Ukraine Crisis: "Illegal" Crimean referendum condemned by EU and USA ~ link ~ Seems like the EU and USA have a real problem with the citizens voting on their future!!!  Stirling   

The EU and US have joined Ukraine's government in condemning as "illegal" a move by the Crimea region to set up a referendum to join Russia.

The EU, meeting in Brussels, threatened "serious consequences" if Russia did not act to de-escalate the crisis.

Police and protesters clash again in Caracas - with video ~ link ~ Setting up a South American War Theater for WWIII.   Stirling  

Ukraine ready to use military against Russia says PM of Coup Government ~ link ~ That the Ukraine armed forces are in no position to do that successfully is of no consequences to this Zionist/central banker brought in to lord over the Ukrainians as "their" Prime Minister!!!  Stirling     

US and European fascist 'boot boys' in the Ukraine: Analyst ~ link ~ What is happening in Ukraine is an imperialist conquest by the USA and its European stooge regimes, hand in fist with fascist boot boys, an analyst says.
Finian Cunningham wrote in an op-ed on Press TV website on Thursday that the new Ukrainian government took office in “an illegal seizure of power by violence.”
“The unelected Western-backed regime, which Western media propagandize as ‘the fledgling government of Ukraine,’ comprises neo-Nazis who detest Russians and who have publicly stated their intention to commit the worst kind of violence against ethnic Russians,” wrote Cunningham.
He said Russia is entitled to “not recognize the usurpers in Kiev” and take action for protecting ethnic Russians living in Ukraine.
“Russia has every right to be concerned and to take action,” wrote the analyst.
Cunningham said the so-called “people’s revolution” in Ukraine is “in actuality nothing but a Western-backed coup d'├ętat by terrorism.”
“No wonder the world seems chaotic when such barefaced Western lies and deception about reality are being churned out,” he said.

Estonian Foreign Ministry confirms authenticity of leaked phone call on Kiev snipers ~ link ~ This is confirmation that the EU knew that the opposition (currently the self-proclaimed Coup Government) was behind the sniper killings, NOT the then Ukrainian Government!!!  This is classic CIA/Mossad operations - False Flag all the way!!!  Stirling     
The Estonian Foreign Ministry has confirmed the recording of his conversation with EU foreign policy chief is authentic. Urmas Paet said that snipers who shot at protesters and police in Kiev were hired by Maidan leaders.
A Stunning New Leak Released ~ link ~ The last time a leaked phone call out of Ukraine was released about a month ago ostensibly by the Russian NSA equivalent, one between US assistant sec state Victoria Nuland and the US envoy to the Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, it was revealed that the real puppet masters behind the Maidan movement, and the true instigators of the Ukraine "revolution" were none other than the "developed" world superpowers, lead by the US. Also revealed were tensions between the US and EU strategies on how to overthrow the current government, culminating with the infamous "Fuck the EU." Needless to say the US, which implicitly confirmed the recording, was angry at Russia and accused it of using dirty tricks.
That's ironic, because when it comes to "dirty tricks" what is about to be presented, blows the top off anything Russia may or has done to date.

Earlier today an even more shocking recording has been "leaked" this time one between the always concerned about human rights EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton and Estonian foreign minister Urmas Paet, in which it is revealed on tape that all those photos of horrifying deaths of Ukrainians by snipers during the last days of the Median stand off, were in fact caused not by Snipers controlled by Yanukovich, but that the snipers shot at both protesters and police in Kiev were allegedly hired by Maidan leaders!

Snipers are commonly used as False Flag Terrorists ~ link 
Questions on the Ukraine that the 'West' chooses NOT to answer ~ link ~ Good take a minute to read this one at the link.  Stirling   
Ukraine Turmoil - LIVE UPDATES from RT ~ link  
Ukraine's Junta knows the Hague is NATO's Kangaroo Court - video ~ link 
Obama signs order declaring Ukraine an "Extraordinary Threat" to US National Security ~ link ~ Yep, this one wins the dreaded Five BS Flag Award.  Stirling

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