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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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On the Road to the Third World War.
Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964), Supreme Commander of the Allied forces in the Pacific during World War II. "History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline." - See more at:

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23 March 2014
Turkey shoots down Syrian warplane it claims violated its air space ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link"A Syrian plane violated our airspace," Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan told an election rally in northwest Turkey. "Our F-16s took off and hit this plane. Why? Because if you violate my airspace, our slap after this will be hard."
The Turkish general staff said one of its control centers detected two Syrian MIG-23s around 1 pm (1100 GMT) and warned them four times after they came close to the Turkish border.

War In Syria Set To Intensify ~ link As Syria lies dying, western media cries, “we must save Syria’s suffering children.” Indeed so, among Syria’s nine million internal and external refugees, some 450,000 are children.

All civil wars are bloody and cruel, but Syria’s strife has reached new extremes of violence and mass civilian suffering as the US and Saudi Arabia use this once beautiful, bountiful nation as a proxy battleground against Iran.

1914 and 2014: Insanity Then And Now ~ link ~ Excellent take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling  
All of this will come to a head at least a month before the 100th anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand on June 28, 2014. This time around I am hopeful that the US military which several times has had to say No to launching World War III by attacking Iran will refuse to get us and themselves killed. Why should we die because Wall Street cannot manage the economy without stealing our money by the tens of trillions, starving people to death by the hundreds of millions and killing people in their wars by the billions?
EU-Ukraine trade pact paves way for a really brutal austerity ~ link ~ Looks like the western paid for fascist coup was not such a good thing for the people of the Ukraine!!!   Stirling     
The EU-Ukraine Association Agreement is based on the deal that former President Viktor Yanukovych’s Ukrainian government rejected, leading to the US- and EU-instigated protests and violence that ousted him last month.

The pact, signed in Brussels, declares that the Ukrainian government must “embark swiftly on an ambitious program of structural reforms” and submit to “an agreement with the [International Monetary Fund].” The plans being drawn up are based on the “Greek model”—the savage cuts imposed on Greece by the IMF and the EU that have produced a massive growth in unemployment and poverty.

PM Medvedev warns the Ukraine of possible State Collapse ~ link ~ You know, it is possible that Putin will not step into the trap set for him by the globalists/Zionists in the Ukraine.  It is possible that instead of invading the Ukraine, he will allow it...and assist in the process with irregular collapse into a Syrian nightmare!!!  Stirling   

The ongoing “rule of radicals, militants and bandits” may result in the collapse of the Ukrainian state, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev wrote in his Facebook page on Friday.

The Russian premier wrote in his Facebook blog that the new authorities in Kiev “lack due legitimacy and, worse, are practically unable to leverage situation in the country.” “The power in the hands of various radicals, militants and bandits. They have the final say, and, most likely, they will continue having it after the May 25 [elections]. There’s no reason for them to share power with others. A government of this kind inevitably results in a collapse of a state,” he wrote.

Ukraine fears Russia is 'ready to attack' ~ link ~ Ukraine's Western-backed leaders voiced fears on Sunday of an imminent Russian invasion of the eastern industrial heartland following the fall of their last airbase in Crimea to defiant Kremlin troops.

Moscow: No troop build-up or undeclared military activity near the Ukraine borders - with video ~ link ~
Russia is observing all international agreements on troop limits in regions bordering Ukraine, the Russian Deputy Defense Minister said, adding that foreign missions’ inspections can confirm that.

The statement was made in response to reports by several foreign media outlets over concentrations of "thousands" of Russian servicemen on the Russian-Ukrainian border.
“By the way this issue has during the last month been regularly raised in telephone conversations between Russia’s Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu, and his foreign counterparts, including US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and even acting Ukrainian Defense Minister Igor Tenyukh,” Anatoly Antonov, the Russian Deputy Defense Minister said. 

Putin inspires fear in the New World Order ~ link ~
Russian President Vladimir Putin is standing up against West’s aggression aimed at completely destroying traditional nations and values and creating a New World Order global dictatorship, an analyst says.
Ongoing Western attempts to destabilize Ukraine, Syria and Iran as well as other countries are the “most recent examples of a decade-old pattern of aggression” which the Russian president is countering, Kevin Barrett, a professor of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, wrote in an article for Press TV website.
“In short, the New World Order – a shadowy group of global banking oligarchs bent on establishing a one-world dictatorship – is trying to overthrow every leader on earth who resists. Russian President Putin is resisting. That is why the Western propaganda machine is calling him names,” Barrett said.
He noted that Russia and Iran are both successfully resisting a New World Order dictatorship.

French right politician endorses Crimea vote ~ link 

Belorussian President: Crimea is de-facto part of Russia ~ link  

Netanyahu vows to keep up IDF attacks on "Palestinian terrorists" ~ link ~ Dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu is the World's Top Terrorist/Monster!!!   Stirling    

Three Who Made A War ~ link  

All Wars Are Bankers Wars! ~ link

Madrid's Anti-Austerity March turns violent ~ link ~ As things continue to deteriorate in the new Global Depression in Europe, I expect more street violence.  I also expect to see unanticipated forms of anti-government actions, both personal and organized mass actions.  Stirling    

101 Injured, 29 arrested in Madrid as anti-austerity march turns violent ~ link 

Fiscal bomb: 45% of UK graduates cannot pay back student loans ~ link ~ The global banksters are robbing us all blind!  When will the public say enough and throw these bums, and their bought-and-paid for political whores, in prison???   Stirling   

89% of Veneto residents vote for Independence from Rome - with video ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ And this ~ linkOver 89 percent of residents in Italy's Veneto region have voted in an unofficial referendum in favor of independence from the rest of the country as Venetians seek to restore the glory of the old days by creating a state of their own.

Over two million residents of Veneto – the region of Italy surrounding Venice – took part in the so-called 'Veneto independence referendum' that lasted from Sunday to Friday. The survey, conducted online and backed by the region’s independence parties, has no legal power but aims to gather support for a bill calling for a referendum. 

Mass march for political reform ends in clashes - with photos ~ link 

Ebola outbreak confirmed in Guinea, death toll 59 ~ link ~ link ~ The deadly epidemic, which has killed at least 59 people, in Guinea, West Africa, and could have spread to neighboring Sierra Leone, has been confirmed to be Ebola, according to government officials.
Following failed attempts by medical experts in Guinea to identify the disease, which started claiming lives six weeks ago, samples of the virus were sent to scientists in the French city of Lyon, who confirmed the virus was Ebola.   

Pope asks sex abuse victim to help end Church Pedophilia ~ link ~ The ONLY WAY to end this evil is to clear out the sex perverts out of the priesthood.  That means ending celibacy!  Currently approximately 50-60% of Roman Catholic priests are gay!!!  That is beyond shameful and ensures continuing sex abuse of young boys by priests!  The Eastern Orthodox Catholics ... separate from Rome since the Year 1054 ... have 90-95% married priests and have almost no pedophilia incidents by its priests!!!   Stirling      


Tony La Rosa said...

Oh Stirling, you continue to sing the same song that pedophilia amongst Catholic clergy will come to an end with the end of priestly celibacy. What hogwash if I ever heard it! Priestly celibacy is not the cause of sexual deviation. A priest who is a true Alter Christus does not want to get married. He has totally and completely dedicated his life to Christ and as such the grace of Christ will keep him pure. Stop looking at things is such a naturalistic way.

Tony La Rosa said...

By the way, look at the history of the Catholic Church in the Latin Rite; where have you heard about a problem of pedophilia amongst Catholic clergy? Nowhere! There simply was none. If it were true a problem of priestly celibacy, then it would have been a problem throughout history.