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On the Road to the Third World War.
Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964), Supreme Commander of the Allied forces in the Pacific during World War II. "History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline." - See more at:

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19 March 2014 ~ Second Update
US and European military provocations greet the Russian annexation of the Crimea ~ link ~ The Obama administration is utilizing Moscow’s incorporation of Crimea into the Russian Federation to escalate its campaign of threats and sanctions. To this end, the United States is lining up its puppet regime in Ukraine and its regional allies to prepare a series of military provocations.
Following a speech Tuesday to the Russian Federal Assembly, President Vladimir Putin signed a treaty annexing Crimea.

US Secretary of State Kerry warns of WORLD WAR over Crimea ~ link ~ US Secretary of State John Kerry has warned Russia about the Ukraine crisis, saying the “nationalistic fervor” in Crimea is similar to the build-up before World War II.

During a speech at the State Department on Tuesday, Kerry said he saw a “nationalist fervor which could, in fact, infect in ways that could be very, very dangerous. All you have to do is go back and read in history of the lead up to World War II, and the passions that were released with that kind of nationalistic fervor.

The Passion of Vladimir Putin ~ link ~ Important take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling  
And particularly those of a certain Russian leader of the Orthodox Christian variety going by the name of Vladimir Putin, in essence a new sheriff of sorts who has ridden into town on top of a Russian tank, is re-establishing law and order and is singularly responsible for Barack Obama refusing to launch new wars in Syria, Iran, Lebanon, etc, in order to satisfy the Old Testament fetishes of a dirty old man named Benjamin Netanyahu.

Vlad the bad’ and ‘Vlad the mad’ as Netanyahu’s cousins in the Jewish mainstream media are now referring to him, Putin started off on the wrong foot with La Kosher Nostra more than a decade ago with his prosecution of various mobsters of the non-Gentile variety bearing names such as Khodorkovsky, Berezhovsky etc. Certainly problematic all by itself as far as the synagogue and its many-tentacled agenda is concerned, but small potatoes as far as what has just taken place with regards to Syria. Having effectively robbed Netanyahu & co of yet another halakhic bloodbath, Putin has now become the equivalent of the crusading cop torching a drug production warehouse owned by a gangster who has never once seen the long arm of the law, much less been touched by it.
But this is certainly not the only crime against organized Jewish interests that has resulted in Putin ceremoniously being given the unenviable title of ‘Haman’ for this years Purim celebrations. Over the course of the last decade, he has–slowly but with great resolve–maneuvered a nuclear-armed/natural resource-rich Russia into becoming the new headquarters of Christian militancy against the toxic influences of organized Jewish power throughout the world. Whether it has been his reigning in the more fanatical, dangerous and subversive elements operating within Russia such as the sharmuta rock group Pussy Riot, the stripper ‘activist’ group FEMEN or curtailing the activities/behaviors in which militant homosexuals may legally engage, Putin has declared himself and his government to be the antibiotic and antidote to the morally corrupting and corrosive nature of Western (Jewish) influences, saying at his state of the nation address in December of 2013 that ~
Many Euro-Atlantic countries have moved away from their roots and their Christian values…Policies are pursued that place on the same level a multi-child family and a same-sex partnership, a faith in God and the worship of Satan. This is the path to degradation.”

Besides declaring war against Hollywood and other apothacaries dispensing the spiritual/cultural poisons associated with the septic and unsanitary by-products of the synagogue, he has courted the Muslim world, accentuated the shared values between Christianity and Islam and has called for solidarity between two peoples with a common Judaic enemy. He recently uttered the unutterable concerning the disproportionately large Judaic influence/involvement with the most barbaric act of butchery in human history known as Bolshevism, resulting in a Judaic screeching campaign against him that could be heard from the Mir space station...

In fact, given the fanatical, narcissistic tendencies inherent to Judaism, and particularly in seeing Israel—and specifically Jerusalem—as the center of the universe from whence all power—political, economic, military, spiritual, etc–are concentrated, how can such an idealic vision be realized when the Jewish state must compete with Gentile superpowers such as the US and Russia?

Therefore, what this means is that Netanyahu is watching events as they unfold between the US and Russia like a crouching wolf as unsuspecting prey wanders into his territory, at which point he will lunge and strike. And anyone making the mistake of thinking that even Israel isn’t crazy enough to get a war started between 2 nuclear powers needs to get into their time machine and go back to the afternoon of June 8, 1967 when Israeli pilots attacked a U.S. ship, the USS LIBERTY, for 2 hours in the interests of blaming Egypt, Russia’s biggest client state in the Middle East at that time. As the attack was taking place, American F-4 Phantom bombers, loaded with nukes, were on their way to Cairo, a mere 3 minutes away, with orders to turn the ancient city into a parking lot. Besides the grace of God, the only thing that prevented those nukes from going off that day was a phone call from Russian Premier Kosygin to US President Johnson informing him that the Russians knew full well what was going on and that if the US wanted a war that Russia would be all too happy to oblige.

In short, with regards to Israel’s attempt to get WWIII started that day, the pause button was pushed, and now, with the fabricated tension between the U.S. and Russia over the issue of Ukraine playing center stage, the play button has been pushed again and things are moving along—with a vengeance–where they left off on June 8, 1967.

Israeli Defense Minister suggests MILITARY ACTION AGAINST IRAN because the USA is 'weak' ~ link ~ Besides the two possible goals of the Western/Zionist creation of the Ukrainian Crisis that I have mentioned several times (using Ukraine as a trigger for a global economic collapse; using Ukraine as a trigger for the Third World War; or some combination thereof) there is also the real possibility that Israel will use the Ukrainian Crisis as cover for an attack on Gaza, Syria and Iran.  Assad is getting close to all-out victory over the mercenaries that the 'West' and Arab GCC states have funded and he has just about completed the process of denuding himself of his chemical warfare assets. The Russians are totally tied down by their vital national interest mission in the Ukraine. So by a madman's logic, now is the time to get the General Mideast War going!!!  Stirling    

We (Israelis) have to look out for ourselves” Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon was quoted as saying at an event at Tel Aviv University. According to Haaretz, Ya’alon is not convinced that the Obama administration will stop Iran’s nuclear program. Israel would have to take military action against Iran in the future according to Ya’alon. He said that the Iranians were dominating the negotiations, getting what they want as a result. “The one who should lead the campaign against Iran is the US,” but instead, “the US at a certain stage began negotiating with them, and unfortunately in the Persian bazaar the Iranians were better.” The Times of Israel said Haaretz confirmed what Ya’alon said at the event:
Therefore, Ya’alon’s office confirmed his remarks about Iran, but refused to comment as to whether the defense minister was advocating an Israeli strike on Iran. Ya’alon was widely reported to have opposed an Israeli resort to force against Iran in the past, but the Haaretz report said his comments Sunday indicated that he had changed his stance, and was now inclined to support Israeli military intervention in Iran.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would welcome Ya’alon’s support for a military strike that would target Iran’s nuclear facilities. But Israel is at a crossroads, since their main ally, the United States is entangled in the Ukrainian crisis and an ongoing conflict in Afghanistan. The Obama administration is in preparation to restart a new effort to topple Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and at the same time attempting a coup d’état with its support of the opposition forces in Venezuela against President Nicolas Maduro. Ya’alon is now suggesting that a confrontation with Iran militarily is an option Israel needs to take although he was once reportedly opposed to it. He said that “Iran is fooling the world” about its nuclear program,” but said the West preferred to put off any confrontation — “to next year, or the next term; but it will blow up in the end.”

Israel must go solo to strike at Iran: Yaalon ~ link ~ Israel’s minister for military affairs says Tel Aviv must go it alone in taking action against Iran over its nuclear energy program.
“We had thought the ones who should lead the campaign against Iran is the United States,” Moshe Yaalon said during an event at Tel Aviv University on Tuesday.
“But at some stage the United States entered into negotiations with them, and unhappily, when it comes to negotiating at a Persian bazaar, the Iranians are better,” he added.
Echoing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's threats of unilateral military action against Iran, Yaalon said the US is not going to do anything to stop Tehran's nuclear activities and Israel must act alone.

Pointing to the crisis in Ukraine as an example, Yaalon further criticized US President Barack Obama for “showing weakness”.

Second Israeli Cabinet Minister joins call for IDF to invade Gaza ~ link 

Israel backs far-right coup in the Ukraine ~ link ~  Do take the time to read all of this one at the link.  Stirling  

The government of Israeli prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu is backing the fascist-led putsch that ousted Ukraine’s elected pro-Russian president, Viktor Yanukovych. Far from opposing anti-Semitism and defending Ukrainian Jews from the neo-Nazi parties that have joined the new coalition government, Israel is doing its best to deny that any such threat exists. 

The Zionist state, whose self-proclaimed raison d’être is the defence of the Jewish people against anti-Semitism, now gives unalloyed support to a European government in which for the first time since 1945 an avowedly anti-Semitic, pro-Nazi party controls key levers of state power.

Israel’s response to the crisis in Ukraine testifies to the fact that the Israeli ruling elite speaks not for world Jewry, as it likes to claim, but for Israel’s capitalist class, a corrupt and venal social layer that carries out criminal attacks on Palestinians and others in alliance with Washington. The 20 wealthiest Israeli families control about half the stock market and 25 percent of the major corporations, notably the newspapers, banks and high-tech companies. A number of these oligarchs came from Russia and the former Soviet republics, having made their money through the privatisation of state-owned enterprises.

Mad Chess, False Flags and the Point of No Return ~ link ~ The daily headlines are almost beyond belief. From SWAT teams invading innocent civilians or trashing licensed and legally protected gun manufacturers, to the elderly and disabled being shot with complete impunity, the news is ugly. Never mind the brash lying and cover up by arrogant leaders and the complicit media, or the scientific and medical insanity of geoengineering, GMOs, vaccines and pharmaceuticals, nuclear madness and the wanton destruction of our environment.

All the while the oligarchs push towards a global confrontation, instigating staged revolutions almost wherever they please, now even drunkenly taunting Russia and China to enter the fray.

The overall world situation reminds me of the Cuban missile crisis when I was a child. Besides the nuclear attack drills when we hid under our desks, we didn’t know from one day to the next whether a nuclear conflagration would not only drastically change our lives, but end them all together. Or so we were told. We would joke as school let out each day, “See you tomorrow – maybe.” Surreal, but great programming for the future we’re experiencing now.

Incredibly the world has plunged headlong into an accelerating overdrive of madness ever since, literally mining our planet and society with detonating devices in every way they can imagine.

Ukraine and Syria Will Both Fall to Putin ~ link ~ Why has Russia agreed to a cease fire until March 21st, just three days from now? Why has Putin been so audacious as to threaten to turn the United States into radioactive ash? The latter fact was reported by Dmitri Kiselyov, a television news broadcaster on state-owned station Russia One television. This can only be considered a direct warning, or threat, by Russia to the US.

I have firsthand experience with the Russian media (i.e. Voice of Russia) and I can accurately state that nothing of a controversial nature goes out over the Russian media without state-sanctioned approval. Putin probably wrote the press release himself...

The only viable option left to Obama is to invade Syria when Russia invades Ukraine. The loss of Ukraine as a potential member of the EU is the least of Obama’s worries. My sources tell me that the Russians are showing signs of planning to make Syria, America’s next Vietnam. The Russians have been stepping up their support for Assad. The Russians expect the Americans to attack Syria as the result a contrived false flag event in which Syria is blamed and American military intervention is called for (the missing Malaysian airliner?). The Russians probably expect this event to take place when they invade Ukraine.

There is a very real possibility that Putin does not see a peaceful way out of this ~ link ~ That is how the Crisis was designed, to hit at Russia at a key fulcrum point that strategically cannot be walked away from or spun out of!  That is why it is so very dangerous, similar and even more dangerous than the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962!!!  Stirling  

Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea to be a part of Russia on Tuesday and signed a treaty to make it so. In a defiant speech, arguably "the most significant of his 14-year rule," Putin refused to recognize the interim government in Kiev and drew deeply from Russian and Soviet history to bash the West. “In the case of Ukraine, our Western partners have crossed a line, a red line," Putin said. "They’ve been unprofessional, they’ve [been] irresponsible.


World War III: Ukrainian fascist leader threatens to blow up Russia's natural gas pipelines ~ link ~ Ukraine’s deputy national security chief and leader of the nationalist group Right Sector threatened to destroy Russia’s gas pipelines in retaliation for the country’s recent actions in Ukraine.

Dmitry Yarosh, who is also running for president in the upcoming May elections in Ukraine, told media that this aggressive action would have to be attempted to stop “World War III” and punish Russia for their intervention into his native country, 

War threats against Russia and the social crisis in the United States ~ link ~ This is a very good article, do take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling   

Once again, the American people are faced with a full-scale propaganda drive for war. The crisis in Ukraine, set off by a US- and European-backed putsch one month ago, has been followed by a campaign against Russia over the referendum in Crimea that includes economic sanctions and a threatened military response by NATO.

The present crisis is the latest iteration of what has become a permanent feature of life in the United States. Just last summer the American people were subjected to a manufactured war fever that nearly led to a bombing campaign against Syria. Before that it was Libya, with the people being told that immediate military action was required to prevent a “human rights” catastrophe. Threats against Iran and China are permanent, with the possibility of military action always “on the table.”

If you ever wanted to do something, do it NOW.  It's all about to BLOW SKY HIGH ~ link ~ Yes, things are going from BAD to Worst and this effect will be accelerating more and more this year!!!  Stirling   

Ukraine Crisis: Russia again warns West over Crimea sanctions ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ Russia has told the US that Western sanctions over the Crimea dispute are unacceptable, and has threatened "consequences". Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov issued the warning in a telephone call to US Secretary of State John Kerry.

US Senators threaten Iran with 'dramatic sanctions' amid nuclear talks ~ link ~ These bought-and-paid-for political whores of Israel don't give a damn about America or world peace.  They just service their puppet masters!  Stirling  


Ukraine Turmoil LIVE UPDATES from RT ~ link

Ukraine Crisis: What's next? ~ link ~ The wider picture could hardly be more serious. On Saturday President Vladimir Putin moved to get parliamentary permission to use Russian troops not just in Crimea, but in Ukraine as a whole. This takes this crisis to a disturbing new level. Russian diplomats say he may not use those powers "immediately" - but that does seem to imply they may be used before long.

President Putin has said he will do what is necessary to "protect Russian citizens and compatriots". Already there are disturbances in towns in eastern Ukraine. 

What Americans don't know about the Ukraine Crisis ~ link ~ Do check out the map showing all the natural gas pipelines in the western Ukraine!   Stirling    

Celente: Internet World War to Create Global Panic ~ link ~ “Think of just the Forex markets for example.  What are they trading, $5.3 trillion a day?  Now start multiplying that times all the countries in the world doing financial transactions.  Imagine if those systems were brought down -- it would be complete financial chaos.  It would be panic. 

The Perfect Economic Storm Is Now Forming - video ~ link

20 Passengers from MH370 were US Defense Dept. employees involved in electronic warfare and weapons that can 'cloak' or make airplanes invisible ~ link ~ One name for this type of technology is Adaptive Optical Camouflage.  I was involved in this technology as a consultant to a aerospace design bureau about 30 years ago, but it remains 'cutting edge' military technology.  A reader wrote in last week with similar information that I posted on Comments.  Stirling   

Molecular Biologist explains how THC Kills Cancer Completely ~ link ~ No wonder Big Pharma is determined to keep it off the market as long as they can!!!  Stirling  

Cyprus has now extended the capital controls until the end of spring 2014. Real estate is imploding and many of the big investors are dumping their real estate holdings. The US government is now looking to change the definition of manufacturing to manipulate the data further. The US economy is now imploding on itself and the US government has setup the perfect economic storm which will collapse the economy. The Ukraine is now joining Russia, President Obama has modified the Ukrainian executive order and included sanctions on Russian and Ukrainian officials. The central bankers/US government captured the oil tanker which is Egyptian owned and seized the oil. Weapons are now being shipped to Iraq. Al-Qaida sounds a call for its terrorist followers to strike the United States and other Western nations with car bombs
Cyprus has now extended the capital controls until the end of spring 2014. Real estate is imploding and many of the big investors are dumping their real estate holdings. The US government is now looking to change the definition of manufacturing to manipulate the data further. The US economy is now imploding on itself and the US government has setup the perfect economic storm which will collapse the economy. The Ukraine is now joining Russia, President Obama has modified the Ukrainian executive order and included sanctions on Russian and Ukrainian officials. The central bankers/US government captured the oil tanker which is Egyptian owned and seized the oil. Weapons are now being shipped to Iraq. Al-Qaida sounds a call for its terrorist followers to strike the United States and other Western nations with car bombs


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