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18 March 2014 
Dr. Bill Deagle with Lord Stirling (Tim Alexander) ~ link ~ Click on "The Nutrimedical Report Monday March 17 2014 Hour 1"
Putin signs treaty to incorporate Crimea into Russia - with video ~ link ~ Putin signed the document on Tuesday, two days after Crimeans voted in favor of secession from Ukraine to join Russia. In a 40-minute televised speech, Putin said “in people's hearts and minds, Crimea has always been an integral part of Russia.”
“Crimea is Sevastopol, the legendary city, the city of a great fate, a city-fortress and the birthplace of the Russian Black Sea navy,” he told lawmakers and top officials gathered in the Kremlin's ornate Saint George hall.
Putin also said the United States is being guided in its foreign policy by the “rule of the gun.”
“Our Western partners headed by the United States prefer not to be guided by international law in their practical policies, but by the rule of the gun,” he said.
“They have come to believe in their exceptionalism and their sense of being the chosen ones. That they can decide the destinies of the world, that it is only them who can be right,” he added.
Putin dismissed Western criticism of Crimea’s Sunday referendum as a manifestation of the West's double standards. 

Treaty to accept the Crimea and Sevastopol to the Russian Federation signed - with video ~ link 

Two killed in shooting near Crimea military research center, 'sniper detained' - with video ~ link ~ Two people – a self-defense member and a Ukrainian soldier – were killed and two others wounded after snipers opened fire from a partially inhabited building near a military research center in Simferopol. One sniper was detained, another is on the run.

As RT producer Lida Vasilevskaya arrived on the scene, the perimeter of the Ukrainian military topography and navigation center had already been surrounded by men in camouflage and the situation was "calm."

The local Interior Ministry said in a press release that shooting came from a house under construction opposite the center and targeted Crimean self-defense units as well the military center itself.

Ukrainian officer killed at Crimea base - with video ~ link ~ Ukraine's military says an officer has been killed in an attack on a base in Crimea, the first such death since pro-Russia forces took control in February. Ukraine has now authorised its troops to fire in self defence.

The attack came shortly after Russian President Vladimir Putin and the leaders of Crimea signed a bill to absorb the peninsula into Russia.

Putin: Crimea has always been an integral part of Russia ~ link ~ With a sweep of his pen, President Vladimir Putin added Crimea to the map of Russia on Tuesday, describing the move as correcting past injustice and responding to what he called Western encroachment upon Russia's vital interests.

While his actions were met with cheers in Crimea and Russia, Ukraine's new government called Mr Putin a threat to the whole world and U.S. Vice President Joe Biden warned that the U.S. and Europe will impose further sanctions against Moscow. 

Ukraine gearing up for war over the Crimea ~ link ~
The Ukrainian government has adopted an emergency military buildup and called up reservists as part of preparations for a war, one day after Crimea voted to secede from Ukraine and join Russia. 

Ukraine’s parliament agreed to earmark USD 600 million from the country’s budget for the purchase of weapons, reparation of military hardware and improvement of training over the coming three months.
Moreover, Ukraine’s 40,000 reservists have been called up. Some of the reservists are to be deployed in the newly established National Guard in the coming days and weeks. The National Guard is tasked with protecting “strategic sites” and helping quell sporadic protests in the eastern cities of Kharkiv and Donetsk. 

'They don't want war': Activists block Ukrainian military from reaching Russian border ~ link Dozens of volunteers from the Donbas Region in eastern Ukraine have been setting up checkpoints to prevent Ukrainian military personnel from reaching the Russian border, one of the organizers of the movement told RT. The unarmed activists are being coordinated by a local group called People’s Militia of Donbas and there are currently over 20 posts that have been set up on various roads in the region, the group’s Deputy Director Sergey Tsyplakov told RT.

The purpose of the posts is to prevent the Ukrainian military equipment from reaching the eastern border with Russia, averting further escalation of the conflict.“There are 10 to 30 people at each post and they continuously switch with one another,” Tsyplakov said.

The majority of the checkpoints have been set up alongside the police posts and “the road police is helping out.” But, in more isolated spots there are more volunteers taking initiative. “People are helping around with tents and firewood,” Tsyplakov added.

Russia vows vendetta for toothless US-led sanctions ~ link ~ Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who has been targeted by the US sanctions, treated the bans with derision, tweeting that the move by President Barack Obama must have been the work of a "prankster". The Russian market also dismissed the sanctions, with the rouble doing well on the day.
"So far the sanctions seem fairly toothless and much less severe than had been expected last week. From the market's perspective, the biggest risk was that the referendum would trigger tough sanctions against Russia that could lead to another cold war," Kathleen Brooks, research director at Forex.com, told AP.

Putin: Crimea similar to Kosovo, the West is rewriting its own rule book ~ link  ~  Crimea’s secession from Ukraine was just like Kosovo’s secession from Serbia, and any arguments otherwise are just attempts to bend the West-advocated rules that were applied to the Kosovo case, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

The statements came as Putin was addressing the Russian parliament to convince lawmakers to ratify a treaty, which would make Crimea part of the Russian Federation. 

Gorbachev: Crimea's referendum corrected Soviet-era mistake ~ link

Ukraine Turmoil LIVE UPDATES from RT ~ link  
19:56 GMT:
“The sanctions introduced by the United States and the European Union are unacceptable and will not remain without consequences," Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told his US counterpart John Kerry during a phone conversation on Tuesday, the Russian Foreign Ministry reported. Kerry earlier threatened new sanctions in response to Russia’s decision to officially incorporate Crimea into its territory in the coming weeks. So far, the US and Europe have said only that they will freeze the assets of a small number of officials, and bar them from entering their territories.
Instead of sanctions, Lavrov suggested returning to the constitutional agreements negotiated before Viktor Yanukovich’s ousting, and proposed that OSCE observers be sent in to monitor “provocations by radical forces targeting Russian speakers and citizens.”
19:54 GMT:
More than 600,000 Russians poured onto streets across the country on Tuesday to support Crimeans and celebrate the results of the referendum, according to Russian Interior Ministry estimates. The biggest demonstration was in Moscow, where police recorded an attendance of more than 120,000. There was not a single incident of public disorder at any of the demonstrations.

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