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Breaking News
17 March 2014
Putin has 'Nuclear' Economic Bomb ~ link ~ What if the main point of this globalist/Zionist created Ukrainian Crisis is TO CAUSE Putin to use the "nuclear" economic bomb???  So that the One World Currency can be created out of the chaos!!!  Stirling 
On possible U.S. sanctions on Russia, such as excluding them out of the international payment system called the SWIFT system, Sinclair says, “The use of the SWIFT system (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) to create a difficulty, almost a prohibitive difficulty in doing business by preventing bank wires, that would be one of the possibilities.  Already, the BRICS nations are developing their own SWIFT system.  So, the mistake of using the SWIFT system, short of absolute war, is that it has created a competitor that all the BRICS will be using.”  Sinclair also thinks, “To sanction Russia is to forget that Russia supplies Europe with its gas supplies.  To sanction Russia is to forget there are many U.S. and European corporations operating within Russia right now.  I honestly believe sanctioning Russia is the same as shooting yourself in the foot.” Sinclair goes on to say, “When you think you can push an ex-colonel of the KGB, you are not making a proper analysis of the personality of the person.  The whole idea that Russia is only a regional power–where in the world did that come from?  Anybody that is nuclear capable to the degree that Russia is with its delivery systems is a world power.  We hear constantly Russia is only a regional power.  We hear lies.  We hear untruths.  We don’t have a clear picture to what is taking place.”  

On Russia countering Western sanctions, Sinclair says watch the “struggling dollar” and Russia accepting any currency for oil and natural gas.  Sinclair explains, “It’s struggling . . . because it smells the real teeth of retaliation for sanctions being in the simple acceptance of any currency whatsoever for payment for gas to Europe.  Believe me, they will settle in other currencies. . . . It makes energy cheaper.  Why in the world would anyone want to pay in dollars if they can pay in their own currency?  Russia could retaliate in a way that would have phenomenal impact on the U.S. dollar. . . . Russia has the upper hand.  They have it in their ability to turn the U.S. economy upside down and into collapse.  There is no question whatsoever.  Putin doesn’t need a nuclear bomb. He has a nuclear economic bomb that he can set off at any time. 

Pro-Russian Crimeans toast future with Moscow after vote ~ link ~ Flags, chants and music plus plenty of alcohol filled the streets of Crimea's main cities Sunday after voters backed joining Russia and breaking away from Ukraine in a disputed referendum. 

Crimea Referendum: Voters back union with Russia - with video ~ link ~ Some 95.5% of voters in Crimea have supported joining Russia, officials say, after half the votes have been counted in a disputed referendum.

Crimea's leader says he will apply to join Russia on Monday. Russia's Vladimir Putin has said he will respect the Crimean people's wishes.

Crimeans choose to join Russia in vote - Exit Polls Show ~ link ~ In massive numbers they want to return to Russia, yet this is not acceptable to the global banksters and Zionists!!!  So much for 'democracy'!!!  Stirling   

A total of 93 percent voted today in favor of leaving Ukraine to become part of Russia, the Republican Institute of Social and Political Studies said, citing exit polls from the vote in the Black Sea peninsula. The Ukrainian government, the European Union and the U.S. all consider the referendum illegal. About 1.5 million Crimean voters were eligible to take part, according to the region’s prime minister.

As the West threatens to ratchet up sanctions if Russia doesn’t back down from annexing Crimea, Russia has deployed about 60,000 troops along the Ukrainian border, the government in Kiev said. Ukraine closed border crossings to Russia and will mobilize as many as 15,000 volunteers in the next 15 days to defend the nation, officials said today.  

Israel prepares for possible attack by hijacked Malaysian airliner ~ link ~ What total can purchase hundreds of ex-airline planes on the open market, no questions asked.  This article earns the dreaded Five BS Flag Award!  Stirling

As the possibility--however remote--grows that Malaysia Airlines flight 370 may have been hijacked and taken to a hidden location, Israeli authorities are preparing for the possibility that the hijackers might attempt to use the Boeing 777 to mount an attack. 

According to the Times of Israel, Israel's Channel 2 has revealed that Israeli air defenses have been boosted, and approaching civilian aircraft will be asked to identify themselves far earlier.

Russian TV: Russia could turn USA into 'radioactive ash' ~ link ~ Yes...and we can do the same to them!  That is why it is called Mutually Assured Destruction...and that is referred to as MAD...because anyone wanting to do that, or taking the world to the cliff of a nuclear war is totally stark raving Mad.  Stirling    
World War III Is Close, Martial Law Is Even Closer ~ link ~ In a previous article, I stated that the World War III would commence in Syria, not in Ukraine. The Russians will soon invade Ukraine and McCain has publicly lamented the fact that there is not a real military option to protect Ukraine. Yet, this warmonger is calling for military intervention in Syria, exactly as I had predicted.

The window for the United States to save the Petrodollar from the scourge of the Iranian sale of oil for gold to the BRIC nations (e.g. Russia, China, India) is rapidly closing. If the Russians are able to invade Ukraine and consolidate their holdings, an invasion of Syria as a precursor to the invasion of Iran, can be seriously challenged by the Russians operating out of Crimea.

This would certainly open the window for a false flag event to take place in which Assad and the Syrian government are blamed and this will be used as an excuse for invading Syria. McCain has already been making pre-emptive remarks with regard to invading Syria in lieu of opposing the soon-to-be invasion of Ukraine.

Martial Law cannot be far away now - Massive car to car warrentless search in DC region - with photos and videos ~ link ~ The ‘Police State’ in America officially exploded into the DC Capitol Region as hundreds of cars were stopped in a massive roadblock and a warrantless car to car search ensued for alleged bank robbers and drivers were met by the likes of what we see below. One woman had to vomit and was ordered to close her door. The story unfolds below. Live cell phone video of ‘the event’ is also below.

The Shocking Secret USA is hiding from the Ukraine and the entire World ~ link ~ Chris Powell:  [LAUGHTER]  “Because the rigging of the gold market and the currency markets is really a bigger national security issue in the eyes of government now than virtually anything else.  The Ukrainian gold is very likely in the possession of the New York Fed.  Some people have joked that maybe the Ukrainian gold will be the next gold sent to the German Bundesbank in the international game of golden musical chairs.

The location and disposition of national gold reserves is a secret far more sensitive than the location and disposition of nuclear weapons.  The possession of gold enables the rigging of all markets.  The possession of gold and the control of the gold market and currency markets are far greater mechanisms of power than military mechanisms.
If you can control the currency markets -- and control of those markets depends on control of the gold market -- you can control interest rates.  This essentially means you can control the valuation of all capital, labor, goods, and services in the world -- everything.

That is the real power in the world right now, and that’s why the Fed won’t answer the question.  If you know how much gold an adversary has, it’s more strategic information than knowing where his weapons are.  That’s why the Fed won’t talk about it -- controlling gold is the primary mechanism of controlling the world.

Could the Ukraine be the Tipping Point for the Entire World? ~ link ~ Our sense is that we are at the tipping point for one of the biggest bull markets in our lifetimes for the metals and the miners.  The deep value is there from many perspectives.  Institutions cannot buy into the mining sector at these prices. Institutions have too much money relative to the market capitalization of the sector.  They will jump in later, but it will require much higher valuations before they can justify the change in their allocations.

For individuals, it is a historic but fleeting opportunity to build positions in the metals and the miners.  There is no doubt that some of what we have seen is related to the potential hostilities in Ukraine, but we believe that to be more of a catalyst.  The fact that the Chinese are focusing on the mining companies tells us that the sector is strategic and represents the value that we believe it to be.

Scotland independence vote threatens to derail 2015 UK general election ~ link ~ If there is to be a United Kingdom in the future then the British political classes had better END THE ECONOMIC DEPRESSION in the UK SOON!!!  Stirling   

'Britain' to lose nuclear weapons in case of Scottish YES vote ~ link ~ After a YES vote and independence...there will be NO United Kingdom.  The Armed Forces will have to be divided and there is no reason why nuclear weapons cannot be in that mix, although I doubt if the Scots will want them. Stirling 

Vice Admiral John McAnally has warned that Britain will be forced to abandon its nuclear weapons arsenal if Scotland votes for independence in September.
In an article published on Sunday by The Daily Telegraph, McAnally wrote that Scottish independence poses “the biggest strategic threat” to the UK’s military might.

There is “every possibility” that a unilateral nuclear disarmament would be waiting for Britain, whose Royal Navy’s fleet of nuclear submarines is based at Faslane in Scotland, said McAnally, a former commandant of the Royal College of Defense Studies.

Referendum may see Venice elect to secede from Italy ~ link ~ Blow Back from the current Global Depression and its effects coupled with Austerity Fascism on Italy!  Stirling    

Separatist battle in Canada rekindled with Quebec election ~ link ~ The desperation and anger from the current Global Depression has political impact across the globe as people want change and fast!!!  Stirling   


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