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Breaking News
16 March 2014
Crimea goes to the polls with a landslide expected for union with Russia ~ link ~ It would appear that the masses of the Crimean people want to return to Russia.  All the lying bullshit from Obama/etc. notwithstanding!  Stirling  
Voters on the Ukrainian peninsula have been given two options to choose from at the referendum, which has been organised in a matter of days. One calls for union with Russia, while the other offers increased autonomy within Ukraine. There is no option to retain the status quo.
Russian state television was reporting a huge turnout for the referendum and claimed there were "no armed men" at the polling stations.

State news agency Interfax quoted an international observer, Enrique Ravello, as saying he had seen an "unprecedented turnout". "There's no coercion, pressure on people. The referendum is being held peacefully, freely and openly," said the Spanish nationalist MP.

Crimea Exit Poll: Approximately 93% back union with Russia - with video and photos  ~ link ~ Of course this will mean nothing to the Global Banking Cartel families and their bought-and-paid-for political whores!!!  Stirling    
Polls closed at 18:00 GMT and officials hailed a "record" turnout. Preliminary results are expected within hours. 

The Crimea votes on re-joining Russia amid soaring tensions ~ link ~ Thanks to the global banksters and Zionists, the entire World is endangered.  We are in a more dangerous place then we were in the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, which almost caused World War III.  Stirling   

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he would respect the outcome of the referendum, but the European Union condemned the vote and said it would be deciding on sanctions against Russia on Monday.

More Ukrainian cities call for secession vote - with video ~ link ~ Too bad the nations of the 'West' can't vote on secession from the Rothschild bankster empire!!!  Stirling   

As voting continues in Ukraine’s autonomous region of Crimea, thousands hold rallies in the country’s eastern cities of Donetsk and Kharkiv, calling for a referendum to secede from the former Soviet state and join Russia.
According to reports, thousands of pro-Russia protesters took to the streets of the northeastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv on Sunday, demanding a referendum to become part of the Russian territory.

Protesters chanted slogans in favour of Moscow and attacked the office of the far-right Ukrainian nationalist group Right Sector.

Earlier, thousands of Russia supporters gathered outside the Russian Consulate in the city, urging Moscow to send peacekeeping forces to protect them.

Ukraine Crisis: The last days of a united nation ~ link ~ The Crimea was given to the Ukraine Republic within the USSR by Khrushchev in 1954, prior to that it was always part of Russia proper.  The Ukraine itself was a part of the Russian Empire and later the USSR for centuries!  Stirling    
While there was outward calm in Simferopol, military moves and strife further afield threatened the continuing dismemberment of Ukraine. The government in Kiev reported last night that Russian forces had moved across the border to occupy a strategic location in the Kherson region.

The foreign ministry in Kiev maintained that Ukrainian forces had scrambled aircraft and paratroopers to confront the “invaders”. Border guards in the area, however, insisted later that tensions had eased, with the Russians pledging that they had no offensive intentions and had made the move only to protect petrol depots against any “terrorist attacks”. The Foreign Office last night said they would be “very concerned if these reports proved to be accurate”, adding that Russia would be “held accountable” for the incursion.

Ukraine Crisis: Putin says Crimean referendum is legal ~ link ~ But notice the bankster/Zionist controlled 'West' is strongly opposed to letting the people decide the issue!  Stirling  

The Ukrainian Pendulum ~ link ~ The is a good article, do take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling 

A great European country the size of France, the biggest republic of the former USSR (save Russia), was taken over by a coalition of Ukrainian ultra-nationalists and (mainly Jewish) oligarchs.  The oligarchs who financed the Maidan operation divided the spoils: the most generous supporter, Ukrainian Jewish multi-billionaire Igor “Benya” Kolomoysky, received the great Russian-speaking city of Dnepropetrovsk in fief.  His brethren oligarchs took other Russian-speaking industrial cities, including Kharkov and Donetsk.

Washington sets World on War Path ~ link ~ Good article, do take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling

Why is Washington so opposed to Crimean self-determination? The answer is that one of the main purposes of Washington’s coup in Kiev was to have the new puppet government evict Russia from its Black Sea naval base in Crimea. Washington cannot use the government Washington has installed in Ukraine for that purpose if Crimea is no longer part of Ukraine.
What Washington has made completely obvious is that “self-determination” is a weapon used by Washington on behalf of its agenda. If self-determination advances Washington’s agenda, Washington is for it. If self-determination does not advance Washington’s agenda, Washington is against it.

As I have been pointing out, the propaganda and lies issuing from Washington, its European puppets, New York Times, Time, and the entirety of the Western media are repeating the path to war that led to World War 1. It is happening right before our eyes.

Obama Off the Ukrainian Deep End ~ linkThe neo-fascist coup d'├ętat that overthrew the democratically elected government of Ukraine has the President of the United States firmly on board. Obama's support for this illegitimate, unlawful transfer of power in Ukraine has reached schizophrenic heights as an Executive Order has proclaimed a "national emergency" in defense of the Molotov tossing, spiked bat-swinging Neo-Nazis of Kiev. As Secretary of State John Kerry threatens to escalate the East/West conflict in cryptic allusions, the world now awaits the possibility of World War. US warships, planes and troops continue to scurry toward the region.

What Obama has done is absurd. There is no more diplomatic way of stating it. His hypocrisy and support for clearly illegitimate and unelected Ukrainian leaders now threatens the freedom, and lives, of Americans who call out this insanity, such as yours truly in this very article.

Obama's official embrace of the ridiculous rivals his predecessors, Bush and Cheney. This is no coincidence. The architect of the Ukraine regime change plan was none other than Dick Cheney's former adviser and Obama's current Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland. The Project for a New American Century lurches forward like Frankenstein's monster.

George Galloway, M.P.: 'West created Frankenstein monster in Ukraine - video ~ link 

Right Sector Fuehrer: Kiev should be ready to sabotage Russian pipelines in the Ukraine ~ link ~ The leader of ultranationalist group Right Sector, Dmitry Yarosh, has threatened to destroy Russian pipelines on Ukrainian territory if a diplomatic solution is not reached with Moscow.

In a fiery address loaded warmongering rhetoric, Yarosh told his followers they should be ready to resist the Russian “occupiers.” The leader of the Right Sector made his address to the coup-appointed government in Kiev, as Crimeans made their way to ballots Sunday to vote to join with Russia or to remain within Ukraine.
“We cannot allow the enemy to carry out a blitzkrieg attack on Ukrainian territory. We mustn’t forget that Russia makes money sending its oil through our pipelines to the West. We will destroy these pipelines and deprive our enemy of its source of income,” Yarosh said. Continuing the bellicose rhetoric, Yarosh appealed to his followers, urging them to take up arms against Russia, if a diplomatic solution cannot be reached.

Russia touches US Achilles Heel: Petrogold instead of Pertodollar ~ link  

How Russia might set up massive inflation in America - video ~ link 

12 Videos showing why Ukraine fears and stands up to radical nationalists ~ link ~ You know one thing that the British people, across the political spectrum, feel very strongly about is how they stood up against fascism in WWII.  Now their Government and Opposition are supporting fascism in the Ukraine coup government.  That is totally shameful.   Stirling    

Ukrainian ultra-nationalist groups actively fought on Maidan to overthrow President Yanukovich. Now as the fierce riots in Kiev are over, they are unwilling to give up their violent ways, unleashing their “revolutionary” power against local authorities.

They hide their faces behind masks. They wear jeans and camouflage, helmets and bulletproof vests. Their arsenal is not rich, but it's quite powerful: spiked ball maces, baseball bats, batons, spades, and flames. Under the guise of "self defense units,” they attack activists without distinction in Kiev. 

Ukraine: Will we pay for Satanist Shenanigans? ~ link ~ Good One!  Stirling   

US to conduct MORE joint war exercises in the Black Sea amid Ukraine Crisis ~ link ~ War...war...war...that is all these demonic jerks know!  They will not stop until we are all dead!!!  Stirling  

The United States says it will conduct more war games with allied states in the Black Sea, as tensions between Washington and Moscow grow over the autonomous Ukrainian region.
Last week, the USS Truxtun, a US Navy guided-missile destroyer, conducted joint exercises with Romanian and Bulgarian ships a few hundred kilometers (miles) from the Russian forces deployed in the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea, where a referendum is to be held Sunday on whether to break away from Ukraine and join Russia.
The USS Truxtun will remain in the Black Sea to carry out more exercises with allied ships, its commander said on Saturday.

The US government feels the need to intervene in the Russian issue with Ukraine. If it wasn’t for an economic reason, nobody could come up with a valid argument explaining what the US has to do with a former USSR geopolitical issue. Is it really true that US policy makers leverage these “opportunities” as they desperately seek for GDP growth which they can’t find elsewhere?
Today’s Russia is not governed by an alcohol addict named Jeltsin. Putin, with his roots in the KGB, clearly does not feel any intimidation by the US cabal. By contrast, his answer to the US warnings goes straight to the Achilles heel of the US: the US Dollar based global oil system, also known as “Petrodollar.”

The US government feels the need to intervene in the Russian issue with Ukraine. If it wasn’t for an economic reason, nobody could come up with a valid argument explaining what the US has to do with a former USSR geopolitical issue. Is it really true that US policy makers leverage these “opportunities” as they desperately seek for GDP growth which they can’t find elsewhere?
Today’s Russia is not governed by an alcohol addict named Jeltsin. Putin, with his roots in the KGB, clearly does not feel any intimidation by the US cabal. By contrast, his answer to the US warnings goes straight to the Achilles heel of the US: the US Dollar based global oil system, also known as “Petrodollar.”


Time to send "Hanoi John" McCain packing ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this one.  McCain the super war hawk has feet of clay.  This is the clown that the globalists/Zionists ran against their other clown Obama for of the oldest Zionist tricks is to own 'both horses in a two-horse race'.  Stirling    

These are our questions to Senator McCain:
  1. Why did you have your service record and POW debriefing classified FOREVER?
  2. Did you provide military secrets to North Vietnam as stated by Colonel Earl Hopper of Army Intelligence?
  3. Did you narrate 32 propaganda broadcasts for the North Vietnamese and give interviews to communist papers as is stated at
  4. Why have you kept your Presidential Pardon secret?  Did you know that you are the only person serving in Congress with a Presidential pardon?
  5. Was Colonel Hopper accurate when he accused you of providing flight paths and altitude information to North Vietnamese gunners, to help them shoot down American planes?
  6. Are you aware that Colonel Ted Guy was in the process of preparing treason charges against you when you received your presidential pardon?
  7. Why did you work to end all POW inquires?  Why are you referred to as the Manchurian Candidate by POW/MIA groups?

McCain and Durbin to Obama: Send arms to the Ukraine ~ link ~ US senators John McCain (R-Arizona) and Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) have called on President Barack Obama to immediately send arms and other military equipment to Ukraine.

McCain, who lost the 2008 presidential election to Obama, said if he were the president, he would have already sent arms to Ukraine, adding one of the urgent requests of Ukraine’s new government from Washington is to supply them with weapons.  “To make it happen, all the president has to do is order it tomorrow,” McCain said. "He can have it done tomorrow.

Five Neocon "Solutions" that could spark Catastrophe in the Ukraine ~ link ~ The neoconservatives and the more aggressive hawks in Congress have turned their attention away from Iran and al Qaeda and toward their new (old) enemy: Russia.  
 Always desperate for a way to justify inflated national security budgets and aggressive military intervention overseas, hawks in the Republican and Democratic parties are pining for a sharp escalation over the Ukraine crisis. They’re looking to punish Russia in ways that could turn a political crisis into an outright catastrophe, and are turning back the clock to the Cold War in their demonization of all things Russian.

North Korea fires ten missiles into the Sea of Japan ~ link ~ Is China sending a warning about playing the 'Korean Card'?  Stirling    

The missile launches are a continuation of North Korea's drills which it calls a preparation for an attack, and a test of its own weapons systems. They followed South Korea's announcement that Pyongyang fired four short-range Scud missiles with a range of more than 125 miles (200km) into North Korea's eastern waters last Thursday.

Syrian Army seizes key rebel town ~ link ~  Syrian troops backed by Hezbollah fighters seized a key rebel supply town on the Lebanese border on Sunday, driving them from the area and scoring a major blow against them in the three-year-old-conflict.

Syrian forces enter last "rebel" bastion near Lebanese border ~ link ~ Capturing Yabroud would sever cross-border rebel supply line

Government regaining ground, initiative in 3-year conflict

Israeli occupation: Gaza's only power plant shuts down after running out of fuel - with video  ~ link ~ The Israelis continue to act like pigs in their treatment of the masses trapped in Gaza...the world's largest open air prison.  The treatment of those in the occupied lands are illegal under international law and beyond shameful.   Stirling   

New economic doomsday poll: 99.9% risk of 2014 Crash ~ link ~ Global risks are accelerating. This is our fourth major poll update of industry leaders: A critical review of their warnings from early last year when we first predicted a 87% risk of a crash: Bernanke’s Fed saw an “unsustainable bubble” ... Gross: “credit supernova” ... Gundlach: “kaboom ahead” ... Ellis: “Don’t own bonds” ... Shilling: “shocker” ... Roubini: “Prepare for perfect storm” ... Shiller: “Irrational exuberance is back” ... Schiff: “Doubling down” on “doomsday” prediction ... InvestmentNews’ warning 90,000 advisers: “tick, tick ... boom!”  

Flight MH370 watchers asking questions about Diego Garcia ~ link ~ During Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s bizarre and alarming press conference last night on missing airliner #MH370, he revealed that the multi-country search has now turned to a vast swath of the Indian Ocean.

Many civilian observers pulled out their maps and are asking questions about Diego Garcia. Nope, not a person named “Diego Garcia,” but Naval Support Facility Diego Garcia, which “provides logistic support to operational forces forward deployed to the Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf areas of responsibility in support of national policy objectives” on “an atoll of the Chagos Archipelago in the British Indian Ocean Territory, located 7 degrees south of the equator.”