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27 March 2014
Ukraine: UN condemns Crimea vote as IMF and USA back loans ~ link ~ The IMF loans are designed to rape the nation and all its people, just like they have in Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, etc.   Stirling    

The UN General Assembly has approved a resolution describing the Moscow-backed referendum that led to Russia's annexation of Crimea as illegal.

It comes after the International Monetary Fund (IMF) agreed to a loan deal with Ukraine worth $14-18bn.

Yulia Tymoshenko to run for Ukrainian President ~ link ~ This comes days after the leak showing that she wants millions of Russians in the eastern Ukraine killed by nuclear strikes!!!  You simply cannot make this up...and she is one of the people that the 'West' supports!!!  Stirling    
Turkey bans YouTube after PM caught talking about setting up a False Flag attack to give Turkey reason to attack Syria ~ link ~ Where is the global outrage???  Why is Turkey not facing a most serious UN inquiry and vote???  Why did the comments of the former Ukrainian PM, that she wanted millions of Russians in the eastern Ukraine to die in a nuclear attack not also a matter of a UN inquiry and vote???  The Turkish Prime Minister is one evil corrupt SOB!!!   Stirling      
Turkey on Thursday banned YouTube after the video-sharing website was used to spread damaging leaked audio files from a state security meeting that discussed possible military action in Syria. The recordings purport to show senior Turkish government, military and spy officials discussing plans to stage an armed clash in Syria or a missile attack that would serve as a pretext for a military response.
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan -- already ensnared in a corruption scandal and hit by a series of street protests ahead of crucial local elections on Sunday -- angrily lashed out at his political opponents for leaking the recording.

Leaked: Turkey officials discuss military strike on Syria after a Turkish False Flag attack on Turkey ~ link ~ This is how things really work...time for the Shepple to wake up!!!   Stirling   

The audio uploaded on YouTube plays the voices of Turkey's intelligence chief, foreign minister and deputy head of the country’s armed forces discussing the possible assault

On Wednesday, Turkish army forces fired several rounds of artillery across the frontier into a border region, which is administratively part of Syria’s western province of Latakia.

The development comes after Turkey shot down a Syrian fighter jet on Sunday.

After blocking Twitter, Turkey moves to stop YouTube ~ link 

Turkey blocks YouTube ~ link ~ These jerks are our NATO allies!!!   Stirling   

Turkey on Thursday blocked access to YouTube following its recent order banning Twitter after someone posted an audio recording in which senior Turkish officials are purportedly discussing a scheme to create a pretext for waging war on Syria.

The audio claims to be a recording of Turkey's foreign minister, its intelligence chief and an undersecretary of foreign affairs discussing plans to stage attacks on Turkey from Syrian soil to justify waging a counterattack on Syria, says Ilhan Tanir of the Turkish Daily Today's Zaman in Istanbul.

Turkey says Syria security leak 'villainous' as YouTube blocked ~ link    

Turkey's opposition party slams PM Erdogan over Syrian policy ~ link ~ The man and many of his top security officials should be facing international human rights charges!  Stirling   

Flight MH370: Thai satellite 'shows 300 floating objects' ~ link ~ This may be the plane's remains, or it may not be.  We need to see evidence, not just satellite date.  Stirling    

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