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Special Report: End of Days North American/European Mega-Storm Forms


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15 February 2014
Special Report ~ Breaking News
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A unbelievable linkage of the US/Canadian Super-Storm that has killed dozens, and caused massive damage across the United States and now Canada is merging with the British Super-Storm that is flooding the British Isles.  This is such a strange bi-Continental event, a truly Mega-Storm that has/is/will cover perhaps half of the way around the world.  And that "half of the way around the world" covers the most important Western nations!
We can no longer ignore the utmost seriousness that 21st Century climate changes are bringing us.  Many of us have been told all of our lives of the climate changes and other events that will manifest themselves during the Biblical Endtimes.  
The current North American Super-Storm has killed at least 21 people in Southern and Eastern states and is now hitting Eastern Canada.  The current West European Super-Storm has added massive amounts of precipitation to areas in the British Isles that already had experienced the wettest January since records began in 1776.  Princes William and Harry have kicked in to help stack sandbags and the entire British nation is in shock from the on-going damage.
Now, in an event that no one could have imaged, the two super-storms are coming together over the North Atlantic to form one damn scary MEGE-STORM.  A mega-storm that stretches from the Pacific to North Africa and the borders of Eastern Europe and still continues to grow!!!   
We need to begin to ask ourselves if a new Ice Age, or at least a new Mini-Ice Age, is forming.  Taken with the globalist drive towards the Third World War, the expanding and spreading radiation nightmare from Fukushima, and the current Global Depression slippage into a all-out global economic meltdown, we perhaps need to ask ourselves if we are, in fact, seeing the unfolding of the End of Days long predicted in Christian scripture.   
Tim Earl of Stirling   
[Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE]
See: London and New York storms are now COMBINING:  Meteorologists say two storms are 'holding hands' across the Atlantic ~ link  

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