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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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7 February 2014
US regime-change operation in the Ukraine is exposed in leaded diplomatic phone call ~ linkA leaked phone conversation between Victoria Nuland, assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs, and Geoffrey Pyatt, the US ambassador to Ukraine, has exposed the anti-democratic and colonialist character of the Obama administration’s intervention in the former Soviet republic.
The discussion between the two officials includes a detailed review of which right-wing opposition figures Washington is working to install in office, and how it is using the United Nations to rubber-stamp the operation. While Germany and other European powers have worked closely with the Obama administration in promoting the violent protests against President Viktor Yanukovych, the leaked phone call reveals tensions between the imperialist powers. At one point Nuland tells Pyatt, “Fu@# the EU.”

Victoria Nuland gaffe: Merkel condemns EU insult - with video ~ link ~ That Russia would release such a tape is indicative of just how serious this crisis is.  They are burning bridges and crossing 'do not cross' lines diplomatically.  Yesterday a very senior close adviser to Putin made a powerful public warning: He said that the events in the Ukraine are an attempt at a coup and that Russia has the legal right under international agreements to intervene in the Ukraine...That is like saying the tanks are warming up their engines for the drive into the Ukraine.  I believe that this is what the nutty globalist/Zionist faction wants, but others are not so demonic as to be willing to blow up the entire world for some old hair-brained scheme to 'steal and own everything'.   Stirling    
Germany's Angela Merkel has said a US official's apparent insult of the EU's efforts to mediate in the Ukraine crisis is "totally unacceptable". Victoria Nuland has apologised after she referred disparagingly to the EU's role during a conversation said to be with the US ambassador to Ukraine.
A recording of the exchange was posted online, with the US hinting at Russia's involvement in bugging and leaking it.
Germany angered by leaked call insulting EU's role in Ukraine Crisis ~ link ~US officials have not denied the authenticity of the recording, which comes as the EU and US hold talks to end months of unrest in Ukraine.
Chancellor Merkel fumes at US diplomat's curse of EU ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ Someone, perhaps the Russians, perhaps some other European government, or some faction in the American or Israeli intelligence forces, released the call's recording.  This was done to 'out' the drive to World War III by leading globalist/Zionist powers.  We are seeing more and more evidence of this behind the scenes battle week after week.  The future of the world lies with the outcome of this largely hidden battle.   Stirling    
Syrian conflict 'matter of homeland security' for America says Secretary of Homeland Security ~ link ~  What a lying whore for the Global Banking Cartel and the evil/nutty Bibi 666 Netanyahu government!!!  In fact this is such deep BS that it earns the US Cabinet member the dreaded Five BS Flag Award.   Stirling 
Kerry threatens Syria to appease hawkish US politicians - with video ~ link ~  This interview touches on the hidden battle within Washington and the power centers.   Stirling     
Israeli troops attack the al-Aqsa Mosque - the Dome of the Rock - clashes ensue - with video ~ link ~ Children and women were attacked and injured during their prayers.  This is just one more attempt by Netanyahu to further inflame the Middle East leading to a all out war.   Stirling    

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