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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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3 February 2014
Russia warns Ukrainian opposition as protests continue ~ link ~  This Ukrainian Crisis is far more dangerous than most realize and certainly far more dangerous than the globalist/Zionist mainstream news media is telling the public.  Stirling   

Russia to Ukraine opposition: End threats and ultimatums ~ link
Iranian commander: We have targets within America ~ link ~ Iran can play a low to medium level of warfare within America, Europe and the Mideast.  Iran can also play a all-out Doomsday war with all of its enemies using its massive Advanced Biological Warfare arsenal.  They are capable of returning death with death on the American homeland and in Europe/etc....keep that in mind when the demonic Netanyahu government and AIPAC demands war on Iran.  The Iranians seem to be growing concerned about the nearness of war as this is the second major warning in the last few days.  Stirling    
A top commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards boasted Saturday that his forces have plans in place to attack the United States from within, should the U.S. attack the Islamic Republic.

“America, with its strategic ignorance, does not have a full understanding of the power of the Islamic Republic,” Brig. Gen. Hossein Salami said in a televised interview. “We have recognized America’s military strategy, and have arranged our abilities, and have identified centers in America [for attack] that will create a shock.”

After failed Geneva Talks, US steps up threats against Syria ~ linkIn the wake of last week’s failed talks in Geneva, Washington and its allies are escalating pressure on Syria over chemical weapons and professed “humanitarian” concerns.
The shift toward a more aggressive posture toward the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad only underscores the fact that the Western powers remain committed to an agenda of regime change, whether by means of United Nations-brokered talks or outright military aggression.

Screw up: 8 Million Americans are on the List To Be Disappeared ~ link

US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew: US could default on debt by 'end of the month' ~ link ~ Not good...not good at all.  Stirling    

DOW sinks 300+ points ~ link 

Catalan President: Spain cannot block our independence vote ~ link  


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