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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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20 February 2014 ~ First Update
Ukraine Truce Collapses ~ link ~ The 'truce' lasted well less than a day.  The "protesters" are now using sniper rifles, as well as other firearms, firebombs, and other dangerous weapons.  The danger of an expansion of violence and the entry of 'Western' and Russian military forces is increasing by the day!!!  For Russia this is a matter of vital national interests! This could be where the Third World War begins!!!  Stirling    
West sanctions on Kiev blackmail: Russia - with video ~ link ~ The death toll from yesterday's battle may be as high as 60; 67 police officers are being held as prisoners by the rioters; hundreds of police are in the hospitals; thousands of people have been injured - many by gunfire.  Stirling     
Russia has said the threat of sanctions against Ukraine is an attempt to blackmail Kiev by the West, accusing Ukrainian opposition hardliners of seeking a civil war.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov made the statements on Thursday, as tensions remain high in the Ukrainian capital Kiev after renewed violence.

Lavrov also accused the European Union and the United States of having double standards on Ukraine by laying the blame on the Ukrainian government and not criticizing the actions of “extremists.”

EU Sanctions Imposed on the Ukraine - with video ~ link ~ Truly shameful...the Ukraine is the victim of a globalist/Zionist plot to overthrow the democratically elected president and government.  This is a continuation of the 'Color Revolutions' and 'Arab Spring' that have long since been proved to have originated by the CIA/Mossad/globalists.  This is a early form of warfare within what future historians will call World War III/Armageddon!  Stirling    
European Union foreign ministers have agreed to impose sanctions on Ukrainian officials "responsible for violence and excessive force".

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt tweeted that asset freezes and travel bans would be adopted "as a matter of urgency".

Ukraine bloodshed: Kiev death toll jumps to 67 ~ link ~
At least 67 people have been killed in violent riots in Kiev, the Ukrainian Health Department has stated. Doctors working on Kiev’s Independence Square, however, claim that as many as 70 people were killed on the rioters’ side alone on Thursday.

The death toll in the most violent wave of clashes between the rioters and the police in Kiev is likely to increase, as there are conflicting figures coming from the Health Department, city officials and the opposition. 

Kiev allows police to use firearms - Demands armed rioters lay down weapons - with videos and photos  ~ link ~ Ukrainian Interior Minister has signed orders allowing security forces to use firearms in mass riots. The move comes after three more police have been killed by gunfire and more than 100 injured in shootouts since Tuesday, according to the Ministry.

RT crews under fire, armed rioters/snipers take over hotel and fire from windows in Kiev - with videos and photos ~ link ~ This is no longer is armed insurrection...a limited civil war!!!   Stirling    

RT’s camera crews have been fired upon by rioters as they tried to film the escalating violence on Kiev’s Independent Square. Armed protesters have taken control of Hotel Ukraine, trapping members of the RT crew inside.


Mob lacerated captured police officer in Kiev ~ link ~ The reports of Israeli leadership of some of the "rioters" must be true!!!   Stirling     

12 Most dramatic Kiev videos showing true scale of Ukraine mayhem ~ link ~ This is what $5 BILLION in American taxpayers money buys!!!   Stirling     

Apocalyptic Maidan: Torn by deadly clashes, Kiev plunges deeper into chaos - with photos ~ link  

EU Observer: EU Ministers should discuss "Peacekeepers" for Ukraine ~ link ~ it is, the first call for ARMED INVASION OF THE UKRAINE BY EU AND NATO!!!  Stirling     

Huge blast rocks Syrian and Turkish border killing dozens - with video ~ link ~ The insane and very evil neocon/globalist/Zionist forces are determined to expand the war in Syria.  They are losing the war and once again are 'doubling-down' their efforts.  Stirling 
A huge explosion has ripped through a Syrian border post on the frontier with Turkey, killing dozens of people there.

The incident took place on Thursday, after a car bomb detonated on the Syrian side of the Bab al-Salama crossing, a Turkish official reportedly said.

Russia: USA and France planning military intervention in Syria ~ link ~ Make no mistake about it, that alone would bring on World War III.   Stirling    

Russia may call an urgent UN Security Council meeting to "stop the slide towards escalation in Syria", Russian sources told Al-Mayadeen channel. The source revealed that Russia had information that Washington and Paris are currently putting a plan for military intervention in Syria to stop the advance of the Syrian army.  

Israeli gunboats target Gaza fishermen off Rafah - with video ~ link ~ The Israelis continue to act as pigs toward the poor people of Gaza...the largest open air prison on earth!  Stirling     

Two Israeli gunboats shot two fishing trawlers belonging to Palestinian fishermen near the Egyptian international waters on Thursday.

Palestinian fishermen normally head south towards the Egyptian maritime border to buy fish from Egyptian fishermen as Israeli navy does not allow them to fish off the coast of Gaza.

The Israeli navy claimed that the fishermen were smugglers and tried to justify their action through this flimsy excuse.

 Officials: NSA considers EXPANDING collection of Americans' phone records ~ link ~ Sadly, as former President Carter has said, American is no longer a nation of laws.  The US Constitution is now violated openly and totally without regard to the wishes of the American people by the globalist/Zionist political whores in Washington!   Stirling    

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